Friday, November 6, 2009

This is what you call a candy hangover

I think I am going to need to ban candy.
No more artificial colors, way less sugar.
... right after we finish of the giant pile of Halloween Candy.

Child is crazy.
More on that later
Monday- Lissy and I decided to go visit GrammyGrape and wish her happy birthday- her birthday is Halloween. Rory thinks that makes her extra awesome
Lissy printed out some pics- of me and Rory and of Nico and framed them to give to her, and we stopped by the hardware stroe and Rory picked out a flower for her.
Grandad(aGrape) wasn't feeling well so he chatted but sort of kept his distance from the little ones

Only Nico caught me taking pics

We didn't stay long with Grandad sick. Lissy and Gram chatted about it a little-everyone is very worried about him, bit of drama there.
moving on.
We rode to moms for a bit. Poor Nico was hungry for REAL FOOD, and we figured we would raid Mom's fridge. From GrammyGrapes all the way to my Moms house he SCREAMED. Rory tried to sing "let it be" to him.. it didn't help, instead his crying turned to wailing
"mean,mama,mean,mama mama MEAN!" LOL when did he get so big- he ended that sting of words he shouldn't be big enough to say with "HUNGRY"
aww- sad baby but,I was laughing soo hard.

Mom wasn't home for awhile... so we chatted with Amy & JJ.
Talked to Amy's baby bump a bit. Let Nico crawl across the floor-
Look at him go!

"Did you make it all the way off your blanket, in search of something you shouldn't have?"

Rory and I napped on the couch a bit before mom came home.
We chatted with her some , ate mac&cheese and sweettaters before we headed out.

I was TIRED.

I have been soo tired lately.
...and I sitll didn't go to bed for awhile Monday- stayed up chatting with Ri. He has been showing of my Bender Robot costume at work. Everyone loves it :)

Rory HAS been going to sleep at a decent hour- especially thanks to the time change, but I am not used to it and have trouble being in bed at 10pm with her.
She has just been sooo sooo atrificially sweetened up
-I have proof , in the form of what was going to be a vidblog for my dready net friends

.... no wonder I have never attempted that before.

I also got some random urge to try on a dress that has been in my closet-
I think, I was thinking of a way to mod it since i knew it wouldn't zip..Thinking I had a nice top and could make it a skirt..
I couldn't zip it , right?

at least, I thought I couldn't...
Rory drove me way crazy Tuesday. Ri made me grumpy about it on top of it.

The cat came in and hung out a bit- then promptly peed on Rory's lap to show his affection .
Ri bought Noobs some dog food- which she hates... so she spends the whole day making that high pitched ear shattering squeal to complain.
grr grr grr.
Wednesday I spent most the day trying to convince myself to get up and going, to do chores and clean- at least move... and had no luck.
Until Terah called, she wanted to take Rory to the park with Lynnix. I could have had a break. Instead I jumped on the bike and followed them (Terah on her skates pushing the double stroller) to the parks..
WHO THE HELL has been closing the parks at 5pm?!
Granted, the park closes at dark and I expect that..
5pm is NOT dark. not even dusk... and really it is FLA- 3to 7 is the BEST ,coolest time to get out of the house.
I am unreasonably annoyed by the early close times of the playgrounds.

We came back let the girls play in Rory's room, and got a chance to chat.
Terah decided she would bring the whole crew over for a playground trip the next day(Thursday , Ri's day off). Rory even let Lynni borrow one of her beloved furreal friends toys to babysit for the night.

(this is my little deadend road btw)
The whole gang being Jen's kids she babysits- and hers,switching Val's son Seth for Nova though..
Which worked out really cool,because we ended up with two big boys, two girls, and two little boys-
Our plan was just to hop to the close playground- we put them on wheels and headed out
but the stupid park was locked -AGAIN!

We thought about heading to the far baseball park- knowing it stays open a bit later..
And here is where I REALLY wish I had one of those bike trailers to ride there.
Instead we split up, Ri and I took the girls-
and Terah took the boys
I bet she got a pretty awesome work out-
We beat them there , it was sort of crowded- but the girls didn't care
Love all the stuff at this park

Brad and Seth have mastered the climbing wall

these things are my fav
The bumpy slide is pretty cool ,too.
Rory loves the little playhouses
Lyric knows he is adorable

Rory and Lynni wanted up like the big boys --

So did Damien , but he barely needed help- even with his super cool monster shaped rain boots he still almost made it to the top alone

It was pretty dark- rounding up the kids was more challenging than we expected- Rory and Lynni kept running back to play while the boys started wrestling..
RI to the rescue
LOL- together they are probably near100lbs
So the girls joined the little boys and took down the big boys

Sooo much fun.
Now I really want a bike trailer to stick a few kids in and ride up to the baseball park(its a little ways to run) .
Terah dropped Brad ,Seth and Damien off at Jen's and we followed her to our house.
We let the kids play a bit. They were really good, we chatted and laughed.
There was a bit of a sleepy hungry blow out over sharing when they went to leave- but it was all good.
Hopefully we can do it all again soon :)
We ordered pizza for dinner-
OH and -after what appeared to be someone trying to steal his credit card , and many calls to the company-
RI ordered me a new cellphone, the samson rugby- it is supposedly indestructible..we shall see MWHAHAHHAHAAA ha. ha. I am actually more worried about it being loud enough. I am reaaaallly tired of screaming into my phone.

Been lazily putting this post together today-
I did paint Rory's face (She doesn't want halloween to ever end.)
and follow her ,facepaint and all ,to the playground for a bit..
they are gearing up for the annual "everybody is having a yardsale" party- I am not sure if we will go or not, Ri reconnected with his Aunt and is talking about going out some where with her.
Also, got invited to a b-day party Sunday, looks like it may be a good weekend.. maybe.
this post seems sort of dull after all the Halloween hooplah...
here, watch someone try smash my -soon to be -phone.

Well, Ri is home and we have to go buy groceries.

Peace and tofu chicken grease,

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Libby said...

I look old in that pic where I'm standing next to grandma. That really says something about my age, that even standing next to a senior, I look old.