Monday, November 16, 2009

Of birthdays passed ,and birthdays ahead


I was plunging into tv and social hibernation when I ended my last post..
I ended up with a sick kiddo, and then getting sick myself- again.
UGH. Didn't we JUST get over sick?
How is that fair?
It is probably partially my fault. That last flu made me feel invincible- like I saw all the sick kids we were hanging out with last week , I heard the coughs and the sniffly noses-
but I was like- "meh ,we already had that nasty flu going around,we'll be fine"
... at least this sick hasn't seemed AS terrible. Rory just got stuffy and sore throat. For a little bit I worried over the possibility it was an infection and not a cold-
until I woke up with it. I ran fevers tho.I always run fevers.
Fevers and sore throats=fatigue and fatigue means irritability .. Rory and I have had all out battles and arguments lately.

almost 5 yr olds are like miniature crooked lawyers... Every "no you may not" turns into either Her asking for clarification,
OR her making me argue my case.
NO.This isn't a discussion child- I have a sore throat too,but you cannot have ice cream for breakfast!
And you know better than to push your chair to the freezer and get it yourself when I said NO!
My head may implode. I am sure of it.

Otherwise, my week was spent being antisocial as planned- all while spreading the vastness of my internet fame

I am totally famous.. the five of you who read this just have no idea.

Rory is net famous ,too..
but everyone knows that.
NO.That still doesn't mean we need to walk to the store to get junkfood that matches her outfit- I don't care how cool it is outside, or how much change she has( that she stole out of the change bucket)....

We did tackle counting that change bucket Thursday.
After a frightening trip out shopping- to get change rolls, and booze, and gifts for the parties we were going to Sunday. The trip included dragging a screaming child that was demanding a toy, out of Kmart.. she probably could have earned a toy if she behaved.
it was Kmart.
change counting rolls-dubbed coin-tainers,
baby shower gift,
screaming child...
how delightfully white trash!
If only Ri dipped ,and one of us was barefoot.

Less change than we thought in there, Even though it was mostly quarters. Sad :( .
But we had fun looking at all the different quarters.

Thursday night, Harvey stopped in to buy Ri's old cellphone for Hether. We gave him another phone for him too. Ri was going to help him and see if we could save the pics from the memory of a broken phone of his- but we couldn't.
Chatted a little but he didn't stay long.

Sunday ...
There is something weird about the fact that I know more than half a dozen people- as close real life acquaintances- that share NOV 15( if we count 14th or 16th its MUCH more)- as their birthday.
We will only slightly mention the interesting (perhaps significant ) factoid that is it exactly 9mo and a day from Valentines Day...
and move on...
Cool tho, that two of them that we are REALLY close to are ALSO both expecting baby girls this winter.
Coincidences are fun.

Amy's baby shower/17th birthday party-

I ran fevers all day Saturday ,and probably shouldn't have been leaving the house..
I almost called mom to have her take Just Rory. but I woke up from a nyquil coma and got dressed none the less.-
Trying to avoid close contact with people as much as possible , while abusing Lissy's stash of hand sanitizer.

We were a bit late to the party.. Mom had to pick us up,
drive back and pick up Amy and Aaron, Pick up Amy's freind Taylor... and Drop off Aaron
all before arriving at Lissy's house.
it is Amy's party it fits she is the last to arrive..
tho slightly unfortunate since mom had all the food.

Lissy made the cake
and did and AMAZING JOB!
Amys Baby shower cake

She based it on a basket cake picture she found! Which is even more amazing- She added the top and completely turned it into a bassinet. How cute is that?

Mom brought a bunch of stuff to make sammichs and that went over wonderfully- Everyone got a sandwich and there wasn't much leftover.
Rory pretty much only ate chips and crackers-

Amy and Taylor
-Amy looks thrilled.. huh..
Her and Lissy keep saying they are SURE she will have the baby way before her DEC 16th due date.
She has already dropped and all.
But, I am not convinced, sure its possible- but I wouldn't get my hopes up. It can suck for a long time when you feel "close".
Not being mean.. just that I learned that the hard way.

Rory played with Binky , built a castle and snacked

Binky was a little shy though

Lissy stole my cam and took lots of pictures

of me talking to my cuz and his wife
sisters do that.

I got a couple pics of Amy opening presents.. she got some reaallly cute stuff
For a winter baby Ri and I had scoured the baby section in search of baby sleeper jammies that we LOVED in Rory's first couple no avail. We ended up getting her a pretty baby towel and wash clothes.
Everyone else managed to find her those sleeper dress jammies.

And Aunt Marla made her a handful of gorgeous nursing necklaces.. we tried to talk her into selling them online they are wonderful.
ETSY! Aunt Marla, DO you hear me?!

It was casual and quiet a few close family members and snacks. Amy got a lot of great stuff :)

Everyone piled out, Mom and Aunt Judy cleaned up..

the cake waited for everyone to leave to fall.
Rory and Binky were the only ones that wanted cake. I am pretty convinced Binky wasn't about to leave until she got to taste that cake.

Baby Nico fell asleep before most of us left. Lissy was worried about him waking up with everyone gone. She wanted me to stay - I probably could of and had Ri pick me up..

but I was feeling sick still- and I didn't want to spread my sick anymore.
Rory wasn't thrilled about going home..
and Ri ended up calling me to say he was going to go out with Kalani(who's bday is also Nov 15) and surf for a bit ,before coming home to go to Ben's party.

It was late- and I was sick running another fever, by the time Ri made it home. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to another party. I already felt racked with guilt about the thought of spreading my ick to my family-.. Now to spread it to friends. ugh. plus. it was sort of late and I didn't know how mature of a party it was, to bring Rory too-
But we called, Ben demanded I come sick, social anxiety, and all(oh.. snap, I forgot he totally reads my blog!)- and said his cuz Emily was there running around, and would LOVE to play with Rory again.
I drank some nyquil and showered off my fever sweat and went.

Nothing says fall like bonfire- I need to find a place that sells vegan marshmallows.

Rory demanded we buy Ben a Green gift(she remembered it is he fav color)- so we bought a bottle of Jager ( we put in the freezer overnight)- he was thrilled :)

I snapped off a few random pics and handed my cam to Ben, he got pics of the crowd.. I should know most these people, and I vaguely knew most of them- as other peoples brothers or sisters ..look pics

I did recognize his cousin Jessica from school .. this is her bro and
and I know Bens Aunt and Wife and Mom

Aww the belly ! I am soo excited for them!

Rory chased Emily all over the yard they had a blast

And held the teeeny puppy.
Oh this was cool- they wrote happy birthday in 30 different languages on the ceiling

Ben even talked about framing this- can you spot Rory's name- she totally Hancocked it.

We came in and played barbies a bit while Ben's relatives watched what Emily called "the killing show"- also known as Dexter. There was some putnam county style drunken debauchery complete with myspace posing atop a hunting truck with shotguns- but it was pretty

I think Ben had a good time ushering in his big three O with his closest friends .

Caffeine and carbs wasn't enough to keep Rory going all night tho she started to get a bit tired.
Got some goofy pics with Uncle Ben

Lol - she loves Uncle Ben

I even had a cool convo about my dreads- Ben had bragged about them to his friends even -huge blush-
I am still forever amazed people think/say positive things about my hair, I always anticipate the worse.

Crazy tired!

The red cups!Though, I must confess Ri's only contained water

Emily took these pics- of Ben and his buddy from orlando, perfect angle to catch the decorations
We said our goodbyes and headed out- Rory barely made it home before she fell asleep.

Something Is wrong with my net connection. blah. Of coarse it is when I am almost done with this post.
Monday I fear we were detoxing from the cold and the intake of caffeine... Rory the lawyer was in full swing and my voice wasn't strong enough to debate every issue. Lots of time outs were had.. by both of us. I even went to bed feeling guilty about my short temper :( .
Ri saved the evening coming home and making veggie loaf dinner and dealing with her for a bit.Rory even cleaned and dusted while he did it.

and it appears we have another cat. It is FAR from tame. A gorgeous little russian blue looking thing, only a bit smaller than Sweets. It seems to have followed him home from the woods. It follows Sweets everywhere but doesn't seem at all accustomed to humans. The neighbors black cat has stopped coming around stealing food though. I have started calling him Bizzarro Sweets. He has a tail two times the lenght of his body and is the opposite of sweets in his demeanor towards people- and cat like tendencies. I am not sure BaileySweets has ever really been around other cats. We weren't going to feed it at first but we decided we couldn't let it starve. It is still a kitten.. I hope we can get it a little more friendly and find it another home,we really do not need another cat.

I have had this huge plan to once again revamp Rory's room- make room to accommodate the upcoming xmas /birthday presents she will get and just find the floor.. I have been talking about it for weeks but haven't even started..
I should really get on that today.
Happy Birthday to all
and to all a goodnight

--- OH-
At Ben's party Rory was brushing a dolls hair with a toy fork- Like Ariel-
Ben's cousin racked her brain trying to remember what the bird had called that in The Little Mermaid.'s dinglehopper.
But. I cheated and googled it.that's just how I roll.


The Godfather said...

you have got to have one of the cutest kids in the world other then my niece of course. and you ain't to shabby yourself young lady *wink wink

JnA said...

So how exactly do you find junkfood that matches your outfit? :P
Sorry you werwe sick, hope you're both feeling better soon!

Libby said...

that's the only pic you got of the cake?
you can't see the weave