Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crazier than Toucan Sam

What the hell am I doing?
Midnight,AND I just posted last night-
PLUS , I have other crap to do , like sleep. Tomorrow should be a busy day.
Sometimes, I swear my brain tries to fight on coming busy days by avoiding sleep.
As if I think , if never sleep I won't have to take Rory to school and back..,
then go back AGAIN to go to Family Movie Night with her..

Ri even wants to go on a long ride while she is at school.
(he is fruit-loops,I'm planning a nap.)

I mainly just wanted to share that I finally finished the wall art project I have been working on.
1st- i finished this wall:


The top frames I stole from Mom- I think she was planning on giving them to Lissy. Sorry Lissy.
The bottom paisley frames were on sale for quarters at goodwill-
and the middle frames (sigh- I don't know how well you can see them) I made those with craft sticks and seashells.
Yes. They are uneven. They are different sizes-so i did it on purpose to balance them

That's the story I'm going with anyway.

Oh.And that huge mirror in the left corner.. yeah,it's huge. Need a drill to bolt sucker to wall...
it needs seashells ,too :)

On to the Next step ,and the next wall.

Warning:Book lovers may want to look away.

Days of carnage

I had these old VERY dated Golden Book Encyclopedias with funky covers.
..and basically just started cutting frames out of them all.

All but one "boats to cereals"- because Rory loves that editions chapter on the body, with all the diagrams of bones, nervous system..
She is weird. I lover her.

Eventually I matched pictures with frames:

(yes, I framed the air guitar picture..I HAD to)

On the wall:
(the one on the top right is artwork by a friend of ours, from a LONG time ago :) )
I assure you ,there was a method- and I did plan out and measure the distance between each picture..
and staggered them with purpose
but.that's how they turned out.It's kitschy ,dammit.
Go with it.

and ignore that strange man on my couch playing with his phone. I don't know him

...nope. he isn't with me.
Not a clue. I think he is fruit-loops.I think I love him though.

and I did not leave that hammer there either.

Rory did put up a bit of a stink about which pink outfit was perfect.-She picked one eventually though.

.. My morning bike ride included getting sung "Good Morning America "- by the teenage boys at the bus stop near Rory's school? Lord knows.

Running Noobie around the block- and into the oldest dog I have ever seen in my life- who knew dogs got gray, wrinkled and started balding?!-Oddly , the dog liked Noobie.

Then, we were almost late to pick the kid up.. and I almost passed out cold when we made it to the extraordinarily hot parking lot after racing there. I should have jumped at Ri's offer to go alone to get her.lesson learned.

Rory's eye looks better , and she got her 10th BlueBestBehaviourBear.

Ri went out surfing, AND talked his surfing buddy into taking him grocery shopping.

I also drank too much coffee.(Obviously, huh?)
I did eventually put that hammer up....Not that I left it out.
I really need to go to bed, and steal my new comforter from that fruit-loops weirdo in there.



Anonymous said...

wow i really love the pictures :) fantastic idea

Tina Michelle said...

I like the pics up, staggered is cute.

starriknytes said...

I love your wall art!! Thank you again for sharing your family with us. <3

✩Molly✩ said...

great post. Neat idea to use those encyclopedia covers... not sure if I could have massacred those books though... I am sure Scarlett would love books like that, she is all about knowing EVERYTHING these days.

babyhellfire said...

we read them a bit 1st. A lot of sections were about places- and how things are made... and sooo much has changed into those places/and production. I felt like everything i read i had to add a footnote when explaining it to her. Some of them even had like..racist/sexist moments. it was pretty bad. .. yet still hard to scrap them. i am sucha book lover LOL.
I did leave Rory the one about the body. She will make me read the names of the bones over and over.

babyhellfire said...

and Thanks all :) !!!