Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tofu Chicken and Waffles for ALL!

Oh,um, Hi much neglected blog.How've ya been?

I have been busy and lazy all at the same time.
new tv shows.
I should have warned you folks- "new seasons of loads of my fav shows, Cya next summer!"

To top it off, I have still had a lot on my plate with Ri out of commission (he broke his collarbone sept 11).
Dinner , cleaning ,school runs(and now volunteering), shopping- and helping Ri around the house.
Mentally, 90percent of the time I have rolled with these punches and almost enjoyed the responsibility and combined with our friends and family coming together so strongly to support us through this whole thing- It has helped my mental state in so many ways.
..but there is still that other 10 percent of me that just wants to hide in bed and cry.
I don't get to see my bed often lately- I typically fall asleep on the couch next to Ri.

Ri is recovering SLOWLY- his 1st visit with the ortho didn't go fantastically, it will be a long time for him to heal, a long time of him out of work... and there is some concern the part of his bone that is sticking up might pierce the skin- and he MIGHT end up needing a plate put in.I didn't want to hear that.. I had one of those breakdown-cry moments when he told me.
and now , they are having trouble with medically needy health care thing- and we can't find a place that will take that..I fear medical debt.We have enough debt .thanks.

I am trying though. trying trying trying.In an odd way that is almost therapeutic. I just wish trying got ME money.

Ri was able to pull himself up to go to curriculum night with me(Jess watched Rory and they had an awesome time playing all sorts of games).
We met with the teacher and got to talk about some of the things they have done(found out Rory's vegetarianism came into play in an argument with her and a boy about hunting- eek.Rory is pretty much the class sweetheart though)
and also about what she will be doing... Soon they will start sending home homework
..I gotta say I was happy to see they didn't have homework,
So I am NOT thrilled she will have kindy homework-but Rory loves the idea, and I guess it can't hurt if it doesn't bother her. I also signed up to volunteer and help in class during station time. I come in on Tuesday afternoon- It is right after lunch so I can come to lunch with Rory and stay for part of class.I got to check out her class dynamic and how she is in school and meet all of her new "best friends"It was really fun, -- even if I spent all of Tuesday morning with my stomach in KNOTS over it.I get to go tomorrow too.. at least a bit least panicked this time.

Part of the panic was leaving Ri home alone though, and he seems to be a bit better on his own now
, his friends have stopped in to help where ever they can. Poor guy lives in his phone- so he texts everyone, begs them to visit. We have had game nights with Jay, Jess and Steve.( I lost the survival game- but I kicked ass at trivial pursuit 90s edition)
Jay has even taken Ri outside of the house a few times.
Ri went in to work (visit mostly) on the weekends at the Nalu's.
(Side note: As I mentioned in my last post, 5$ Raffle tickets are still on sale at Nalu's- they are practically giving away an AWESOME surf board AND gift certificates just to help us out ! Linky link will take you to their FB page, you should like them.everyone likes them :) )

Lissy and Boo came and brought their old pick-up truck so he CAN be a bit more mobile since he can't bike it. I also let them borrow our cam so they could take coool underwater pics at the springs-

If Anyone can relate to suddenly having to do everything on her own it is Lissy. Boo just left for training- He will be gone 'til NOV, then go to DC for the year. She posted a vid, I didn't ask her but I'll share it anyway:

Lissy came over Wednesday to take me grocery shopping and pick up Rory.. I really feared it would rain. I have mini anxiety attacks it will storm on us one of these afternoons...storms keep looming but so far i have only been sprinkled on a little...

We went to wallyworld to get a few things, I let sniffly allergy nosed Nico run a muck in the store while Lissy shopped. We were spies eluding capture from giant mommy Lissy.
We embarrassed her and waved at old people.
I am extra socially awkward when I have a kid with me- added bonus of really not giving a shit about other people."the kid isn't fussing ,is he? Good, then move, we're gonna make a TP fort on this aisle"
But, then I try to kiss his chunky cheeks and he screams.-sigh-I am that aunt.

Ri even hobbled around and cleaned up the living room while we cavorted through wallyworld.

We picked up the kid in humidity instead of rain
Pale Nico probably would have fared better in rain.

He was on the phone with his Dad- indestructaphone FTW

Rory was super excited to see Aunt Lissy and Nico pick her up.
AND to show off the bear a big 5th grader gave her..
... it has pit stains and armpit hair,and is dressed all punkrock and grungy.

We went and got Donuts.
we had coupons for Dunkin' Donuts so we HAD to.

or how about, Ri wanted them, and lots of milk ... to help his bone heal, yeah.
That's it ,that's the story I'm going with.



Libby hung out and let the kids run around the back yard for a bit. Nico was SUPER worn out by the time she left.

Most the week was same old same old.. well what has suddenly become the same
- making Rory a healthy lunch that she will inevitably trade for chips. Trying to make something for dinner we will all eat.
"Who wants frozen waffles?"
People stopping in to keep Ri company- Ri helped Mel computer shopping, and Jay became such a regular Noobs stopped barking at him, we spent some time trying to get Noobs and his dog Bullets to play, but they could never agree on when they both wanted to play or argue.Maybe a few more visits and they will both chill?

Rory got 10 bluebehaviorbears and got to go in the treasure box today. She hasn't brought home anything other than a blue bear yet, she is proud :) .

Lissy woke us up early Sunday to go to the flea market.

It may not have been the best idea

We are both pretty tight financially and had no real plans of shopping. The kids were both sort of fussy .. and well. its the flea market.
We explored but didn't stay long.
Came here to grub and let the kids play instead.
Ri had went to Nalu's so Noobie was happy we were home:
even if she is completely rotten for attention.


It was a bit too sunny and buggy out there so we tried getting the kids to color..



-Rory was still being a bit fussy.
Sometimes it is very obvious she is an only child.

Lissy watched the kids while I did dishes...
Dishes=Lilith Fair cd..
which means DANCE PARTY

I crashed and actually slept the whole night in bed last night- leaving poor Ri up by himself, instead of sleeping on the couch with him..
Damn lucky I did fall asleep at a decent hour though,
because Ri didn't set his alarm. Somehow I still woke up on time, a little early even.
and then I napped most the day.

Well. I am sure there is more.but it is almost midnight, and I have to go to bed. ..
...and watch some tv.

Wish me luck at Rory's school (again) tomorrow.
and just ANY luck.
I need some freaking luck.
Some healing vibes too- 'cause if Ri's bone breaks through the skin I WILL vomit.


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starriknytes said...

Sorry to hear the healing process is going slowly, but looks like you have tons of family help. It's fun watching your family grow up. The under water pics. are amazing as is the video. lol Good luck at school tomorrow, can't wait to hear about it. <3