Saturday, September 4, 2010

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend. ~Doug Larson

I should really get in to the groove of posting more than just on Saturday. Sorry about that.
This whole school week thing will probably become more casual in no time....
but that doesn't guarantee I will find time to write inane clever things here,
especially with the new fall tv line up coming.

Everyday I'd wake up- get the kid up and dressed, make sure her lunch is together feed her, then hop on the bike with her.
-You'd think that then I would have this large stretch of childless time with which to clean, or blog and all that..
Instead, Friday evening snuck up on me with this huge mountain of undone dishes and mess like I have never seen!

I did catch up on some tv shows, and spend time with Ri -
Monday we rode all over downtown St.Auggy , we stopped and got a cupcake downtown and had a really sweet afternoon :)
- he even tried to get me to go over the HUGE Vilano Bridge- but I didn't make it... I was so overheated I almost puked every where. I have a pretty iron gut as far as nausea ,but overheated nausea is a whole other beast. it felt terrible..
My bike was not cooperating either(later my fender went crash, into my tire and I realized why it was having so much trouble).
Monday was a bit hard for me though-Rory had been a little under the weather Sunday, I really went back and forth about letting her go to school.. She just had a little sniffle,and hadn't run a high fever, but I felt like I was waiting for her teacher to call all day.

I have been playing with the cam a little more:

I tried out the Macro mode- the macro mode on the old PIMP cam was way nicer,but for whatever reason I rarely played with it. Ha. Just something I would do, get a camera with weaker macro setting and suddenly show interest.
That was last weekend even, I think.
I kept trying to get vid of the bike ride to school but it was shakey and noisy and not a good watch. I will figure it out one day,maybe, and take you with us.

I am really enjoying the early ride there, and even the warm ride home surprisingly.
Rory LOVES it. She just thinks she is SO COOL, on her bike.
The morning ride back, when I am usually by myself I get to go super slow and just enjoy being up so early , in that little bit of cool air. By nature, I am such a morning person I really feel nice about that time a day. It is sort of wonderful after years of nocturnalness to be up at that hour and not be BEATdown, dead tired.
When I am with Ri we usually run the dog around the neighborhood and get a decent little ride in too :) .
I think he is secretly trying to make me lose weight like he has.

The afternoon rides have been sickly hot though. I got a wicked heat rash under my dreads- had to start using dandruff shampoo.. thought I had lice for a second, that was a frightening thought.
Plus, there is the whole anxiousness of the ParentPickUp cliques . I almost drew you a picture. I am not sure I have the words to describe the scene I wait in for the 5-10 minutes until Rory's class comes out. Most the parents are MUCH older than me, most of them are in shoes I couldn't afford - If they aren't the somewhat intimidating plastic fantastic, super polished ,heavy make-up, business women, super-mom, on the go type;Then they are probably the soccer-mom extremely social breeder type(The ones that all know each other and have three other little ones in high end clothes , and all of their kids are already involved in hundred of events and heavy weekly schedules of activities together). .Not there is really anything wrong with either of these parents - I could see even being friends with them...
I just feel very,very,very out of place... with the bike,the dreads, the beatup jeans, and the random humorous t-shirt.
I am starting to get to know a few other parents though- it is getting a little less intimidating. Promise me i won't turn into a Stepford wife, okay?

Rory's BestFriend since day one, in school is named Rosie- I have talked to her mom a bit in the wait and she seems really nice and down to earth. I am really grateful for that.

Rory says she is part of the "good girl group", her and a few of the girls are best-best-best-best- friends- the have a "super secret laboratory" under the playground and play all sorts of silly games, and tell jokes at lunch(which Rory hardly eats any of usually).
Her BehaviorBear has stayed Blue all week-,which means she has made "right choices"- So I guess she is doing pretty great. they don't really have homework- once a month or so she brings in the class snack (she brought oranges for orange day and was super thrilled), and occasionally little things for projects. I like that their schedule isn't so extreme. She even gets a naptime, few Kindergarten classes seem like Kindy anymore.

I will say, on rough/long days, she comes home and is a complete nightmare..So I do believe Lissy was right when she told me Rory saves all her grumpiness for me. Then crashes SOO hard at the end of the night. The other night she even fell full out asleep on the potty. Snoring and everything all slumped over, poor thing.

Thursday, Ri was off work again- so after we dropped Rory off we rode toward the beach to look out at the GIANT Hurricane Earl waves. It was crazy looking. Ri even went out in that yuck a few times. The waves were insane.

We took the kid for Sno-cone Thursday afternoon
..I felt bad because I had accidentally left my cellphone in her backpack-Don't ask me how I have NO IDEA. I didn't really think she would be in trouble, but maybe embarrassed, I know I was embarrassed.

Rory thought that that was a perfect after school treat,and has been begging to go there since school started.
.. I had tried to take her Wednesday but the place was closed. She was not pleased- but I let her play in the playground until Ri got off work so it wasn't so terrible.

She is going to start expecting some sort of afterschool treat every day, I can feel it- she had even had Ice Cream on Thursday, because we turned in a summer reading log she got to go to an Ice cream party!-We didn't even know!

AND On Monday the Ice cream truck parks right next to the school.. So Ri just HAD to buy her one, and she rode home riding one handed dripping ice cream all over.

Friday morn, after dropping Rory off we went to the beach.
The Earl swell had died down a little, plus it was low tide- IOW, I was ok with coming along.
I don't typically DO big waves. that's just for crazy people... ones who know how to actually swim, or something.
..Finally got to test out the waterproofyness
Ri tried to surf a bit- I didn't get any great epic pics of him doing so-

Soo many waves-
too many I guess.
Ri played with the cam a bit and got some really epic pics

It's an eye!

I love this pic!!

He took some vid too- I may some day edit some music over the annoying water crashy wave microphone noises..but not tonight. ..crap this morning.

This has been the longest Saturday ever! It is 2 am Sunday now gah.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to clean up this dangerzone all day,-but while it was still way wreck city ... Suprise inlaw visit from Ri's dad. He brought us a hot pepper plant. pretty cool. I was the whole time like
"please . don't judge me ,please please please..This school week has been soo hectic!"
Thankfully it was a short visit, and if fueled my urge to clean more.
I am finally making some headway with the new shelfy organize bin thingy I bought for Rory's room.With very little tantrummy yelling fussing help from Rory.

Ah,yeah- we made this trip last weekend to FINALLY buy that bed for Rory, but it isn't on sale any more- So now I am on the look out for a decent priced twin frame again.sigh...but they shelfy thing was super cheap. lol.

Ri's been super slammed at work-with the surf and the holiday, and things are looking up all over in that aspect. I think he loves his job and his boss/coworkers- what more can you really ask for?

I may even have the chance to really look around for work... it will probably be hard to find a place that I can only work VERY part time during Rory's school week,though.

Sometime next week or so I am hoping to go to lunch with Rory at school. I know some of the other parents come in(ALL THE TIME) , but I still feel weird about it. I still need to join the PTAO ,as well...should I. I guess I should anyway.

What else? Hmm, well there are all sorts of local activities going on for the Labor Day weekend-but I don't wanna go out in that mess- So I probably won't lol.

Last , I really want to thank everyone for the awesomely awesome comments,
or reading this, and support on my last few posts -or just anywhere over the last few weeks in general. I know I sorta said it in my last post-..but,
I'd been super ridiculously stressed out and the support I received from people was so overwhelming and awesome.
Some of you just said simple nice things and probably without knowing it- added to this huge support net I felt from others.
I don't know. I needed it. I got really overwhelmed.I was so far OVER whelmed I was on the moon-or something clever(it's 2 am -gimme slack) ..
..and you were all there for me, some of you probably without even realizing it.Hell, if you even took the time to read this you can be considered part of that feeling.


and -Ri is a goddamned trooper ,too- for dealing with me like that last month.

Well, before I get any freaking sappier,or even more incoherent I am going to bed.


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Joye said...

Another fantastic blog!!!

I so love those pics of the beach!!! The one of you in the waves is just so beautiful!!!

I'm glad to hear you made it through that school week, :) I remember back in the day being that mom you are today!!! You'll do fine, just keep being yourself!!! For that right there is what people will begin to adore you for!!!

Don't underestimate yourself. You are a beautiful and talented woman who has already raised a wonderfully independant, loving, and beautiful five year old!!!

Have a fantastic week!!!