Saturday, January 15, 2011

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” -Mother Teresa

Friday Week Catch up :

but a bonus vid of all my FB pictures for those of you who waited

We had a pretty good week until Friday.

We battled the freezing freeezing weather. I know, I know I have NO right complaining about that- Florida is the ONLY state in the US that Didn't get ANY snow. But, dammit it is Florida and we STILL had hard freeezes and it was nasty wet cold. So I'll complain if I wanna . Florida's wet cold is made of evil. Some snow would have been almost nice.

We managed to beat down/hide out from the cold pretty well though, even played Wii ..On the back porch

Jess & Steve had an old big tv in their room and brought it to us! I guess they got tire of playing games on our tiny tv screen. So we set it up on the back porch Monday afternoon for a bit
- Somehow it didn't even rain on us (though it was raining everywhere else all over town)..AND I even bundled up and picked up the kid on the bike and beat the rain.
We need a new entertainment center to hold that behemoth of a television
Tuesday , I helped in the classroom- and the kids were MUCH better behaved than last time. Getting back into the swing of things after the winter break , I guess...Sucks thought because now they have it again and have a fourday weekend this week.-sigh-.

Lissy called me.. From the road. She had mumbled something about wanting to travel to DC and take the baby to see his Dad. She got Steph to tag a long and just up and left! I admire her ability to just take off with a kid. Of course, she JUST made it out of GA in time for them to shut it down because of the snow. She should be on her way back now and hopefully she makes it through safe and sound.
Here is a pic of them in DC- Very cold looking, I wonder how Nico is doing in the snow...
The positive about her being stuck up there is that they got to attend an ICANHASCHEEZEBURGER gathering AND got me a signed book! Squee!

While you are sending that relative some safe travel vibes
- send Dad some good health vibes, He got some bad news from his doc recently(still needs some more testing).So lots of good thoughts needed .
__----- After note- Lissy just called she is home safe. :)

Wednesday was a pretty alright day-
I bundled up and had to ride the bike in the FREEEZING cold-
We waited at the playground for Ri to get off work and take us home, instead of riding Rory back in the cold.



...Thursday was even colder though- So, I begged Steve & Jess to ride me out to pick her up. Thank goodness they did just the walk from the car to the school was wet/wind frozen.

I gotta say having Steve & Jess as local friends has helped us out in uncountable ways. They've been there when we have needed a hand or an ear. Jess makes a damn good scrabble opponent and even through we never knew each other growing up, we grew up with so many of the same people we have had countless nostalgic convos.

I should have known Friday would start crappy when I woke up SCREAMING with a charlie horse.
In the interest of not divulging too much personal matter here- I will say the day continued to be painful from there out.
The past year we were blessed in SO many ways , by so many people
-but, it almost seems a reoccurring theme that we give out so much of our love,trust and faith in other people ,just to feel like some of those people don't even notice and still manage to think the worst of us.
As though, despite all of effort to be good to others ,and just be good people -we can still be judged as a monster.
It reminds me of what Rory's teacher tells the kids to say to someone that insults them "It hurts my heart when you do that" .
It does indeed, hurt my heart.And Ri's heart.. I've never seen him so down.Plus, it makes me VERY angry for Ri. I am obsessive enough to always assume people think the worst of me..
it is new for anyone to think anything ill of Ri. He is a damn good person in so many ways that it is almost shocking someone would think otherwise.and it hurts so much more from people we love.

At least, Steve and Jess were able to jump over and just be here for us when we needed a shoulder.My friends and family have been here for us in so many ways over the years I at least know we ARE blessed with love and we will always have THAT in the end.
I don't know how we would cope sometimes if not for the love we have in our lives.
I guess I can never think everything is perfect though, seems there is always something that comes up to remind me that things are NEVER perfect- there are at best perfect fleeting moments- perfection in life is not attainable.

Well Anyways,
I still have the stink of Friday's depression on me- I am going to go shower it off and hope that Sunday is better.



Anonymous said...

WOW! Busy week! Love the vids and pics. Sorry your Friday couldn't have been better. You are very lucky to have the support of good friends and family around you. Thank You for once again sharing your family with us sweetie. <3

Flames said...

I am so sorry you had a crappy Friday :( Honestly, I don't know why anyone could think ill of you. From what I can see you are an amazing family. You are also a beautiful family- inwardly and outwardly. You know what I love about this post? Your final thoughts about your bad Friday. Despite the fact that things happened that day that hurt your heart- and from the sounds of it there are things that have been piling up over time hurting your hear, you ended your blog with a positive note about your bad experience. When something happens that hurts your or makes you angry, it's so easy to talk about all the bad things about it but you gave it a silver lining by talking about how blessed you are with the love you have for each other and your friends. More people, including myseld, should live life with an outlook like this. I think everyone should make it a point to consider two good things every time one bad thing happens to them. <3