Saturday, January 22, 2011

A min from our week-Vlog

A little late- and I didn't film much.AT ALL.
It has been a rough week, I almost didn't do a vid at all but I wanted to stick with it.

Rory has some stuff nose thing going on and was home all day being WILD yesterday ,as well -but she is in good spirits.
I still haven't planned or figured out much for her birthday- but I have had people offer support to just visit and be here for us, and help her have at least a good day that day.So much is up in the air about what we will be doing from one day to the next I am not sure I am ready to plan as far ahead as Sunday yet.I am sure it will be ok. We will do something small and we will know we are loved and hopefully she will understand, have fun with it and be ok with that.

Ri has done a few things here and there- and applied everywhere. Hopefully things will improve drastically soon.

Still not much news on Amy, but that she is staying in the psych ward.

Hopefully I will have more updates- and GOOD ones next time
for now- thank you all SOOOOO SOOO MUCH for your support and love.
It really means soo much to me. We are really blessed by the people in our lives.



Anonymous said...

That was a minute full of smiles :D I hope things are 100% better by Rory's B-Day. *hugs* Thank you once again for sharing your family with us. <3

Kel Ward Photography said...

Adorable video! It's amazing what a good group of friends can do for your life, isn't it?

LindaN said...

All hopes for you and.. if you just remind me on plurk perhaps would like if shared a happy-bday the swedish version to make her day? answer in plurk