Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week in a min- and getting ready for a Six year old

HEY! Friday vlog post- there you are... it's only Saturday night. Cut me a break.
I have been sort of hiding out from the internet..
I would like to claim I have been hermit-ed away socially all together as well, but that's a lie.
Real life has had me ,SO, so socially done in the past week.

Rory told her teacher Ri lost his job- teacher told the woman who runs a program in the school for community outreach.
Telling me they could get Rory clothes and help us in anyway they can. Which was super sweet.. but did make me regret letting her wear my jacket and her oversize skirt to school that day,Dude she HAS clothes... I hardly ever have to buy her clothes because we have soo many relatives that love to do so. The woman from the school was very helpful,though, in looking for jobs with me, so I am still grateful that they have been there for us. I have called a few part time places with her help and Ri has had a few other places to put in apps....
...Unfortunately, nothing but a higher than avg dose of social anxiety has come of our efforts.

Ri still doesn't have a job. there were a few places that said to try back in FEB so we are just waiting it out..
This years tax return is going to getting us through the month. We are down to nothing- but the timing is decent for that at least.

With the exception of Rory's birthday coming when we are soo broke. We scraped up enough to get her a few things. Cleaned up the house and decided we would just sort of have an open house birthday gathering - inviting anyone that wants to stop in tomorrow afternoon. Our relatives have all chipped in to get us food , and supplies. Thank goodness.

I joined Lissy for a a trip to the hospital to visit Amy -- which was all sorts of stressful and awkward.Amy did seem almost herself though.
She IS out , and seemingly back to normal and home now.I guess that is good news?

Helped out in Rory's class again Tuesday and that went well. Rory is doing really awesomely in class- she got her report card and is doing great in everything. She is starting to read on her own - she gets really excited when she sees a sign or a label with a word she knows.

Mel stopped in with the kids a few times- and Lissy took me shopping to get a few things for Rory's party.
Jess & Steve have hung out a few nights- we played scrabble while the boys rode bikes ( Mwhaha ,My winning streak continues!) .

Welll- I am sure there is more- but HOPEFULLY, I will get back to you soon with updates about Rory's Party and turning in to a BIG SIX YEAR OLD KID-
If you want here are some links to her last few BDay posts :

Rory is Five!

Rory is FOUR!

-the 2nd one is full of Baby pics and memories too <3

If you live nearby you are welcome to stop in - Gimme a call ,
wish the kid happy birthday- or just post it here.
I can't thank you enough for the support and love. Rory's birthday will be small- but she knows she is loved and that people care, even though it has been a tough time for soo many of us.



Joye said...

Happy Birthday, Rory!!! Hope you have the most exciting time!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Rory!! Hope she had a wonderful time at her party. I'm glad so many in your family and community are pitching in, and helping out. Thank you for sharing your family with us sweetie! <3

RB said...

Happy Birthday Rory! I hope it is as sweet as your mom says you are!

LindaN said...

Happu birthday Rory!
This is what it would sound and look like here in Sweden and when watching this i sang along and used your name in the hurray's!