Thursday, January 6, 2011

"There is nothing constant in this world but inconsistency. " Jonathan Swift

Oh! Hi. insert generic myspace style bathroom mirror picture..triple,cause I have a 3door med cabinet..
and , apparently, still live in the year 2003.
Pretty much nobody uses myspace anymore.

Looks like it is time for me to blog some stuff.. mostly , since I have other stuffs I should be doing that I don't feel like doing.
We've been.. well..
we've been both busy and yet not,just trying to get back into our groove.

Let's go back in to time before forward..
Last Wednesday I was rushing to the middle of nowheresville with Lissy-one of our aunts from up north had come down so we met Mom there to say "hi!" quickly.
GrammaGrape gave the kids a few little things. Lissy and I raided the dollar store of half priced candy and then we hung out at Mom's for a bit before I got a ride home.
That was in my last vloggy post a little.. but that is pretty much the summation. If I had got around to writing this sooner there would probably be more cute stories. Well, maybe I'll get back to you on that if one comes to me.

In my last vlog there was also some footage of us going out on Ri's day off( or maybe it was before/after work? ) . We rode our bikes all the way to the beach. Rory did such a great job on the long ride. It was a little cold but a really great little ride. We tested out the firepit one of those nights and had s'mores with friends- Rory only ate a couple and didn't like chocolate on hers. Jess showed us the proper way to not burn a marshmallow, and Noobs begged her fuzzy butt off.

We also celebrated the New Year :) . Rory tried but wasn't able to stay up for midnight- we did drag her out of bed to show her the neighbors fireworks ( the burn ban didn't seem to stop the neighborhood from lighting the sky up).
We shared a bottle of champagne with Jess , Steve and Jay- it was gross. I had a sip and asked for a beer instead.

Lissy & Amy stopped in for a bit over the weekend bringing me my camera charger-Hey! I was only mildly panicked without it. It gave the kids another chance to play.
Not too much worry on that front though,Rory spent pretty much the entirety of her winter break hanging out with the boy across the street,playing video games...those are educational , right?

On Sunday it was Seth's Birthday- He wanted to go to the Japanese Steak House in town ,
they picked us up to celebrate with them.
I took some vids, but no pics..
Good thing for you Val does things like that- She just got an awesome new camera and caught some great moments (hopefully she won't mind me sharing:
Brad, Seth and Rory
That is the hat we got Seth for Xmas. Safe to say he loves it. :)

I was half worried about the Steak House , not knowing what they had veg, but they had tofu-
and LOTS of fried rice with butter.Luckily, I am not vegan.
Our chef
He managed to do all his quick cooking , food tricks WHILE watching the football game

The kids were captivated

Rory didn't love the amount of eggs in her fried rice, but she had a really great time.
(I thought the amt of eggs was perfect..but I am a glutton for punishment)

This pic is perfect. How on earth did Val manage to get a shot of Seth in between bites is beyond me - he argued with Val when she said he would be fine with the kids portion, but then he wolfed down the rice before the guy had barely started on the meats, AND had an extra helping of steamed rice.
Rory on the other hand sweetly ordered the kids portion(she loves ordering for herself).. she also ordered chicken which was sort of new, but i think she just wanted to be like the boys.

onion volcano and train - always amusing

Ri ordered tuna and got it soo pink I thought Val would be sick-lol it was really good tuna though, I even tasted it.
A sidenote though, dude used the butter from Cameron's(the Vimo driver-and all around awesome guy) shrimp to cook my tofu, I might have cringed more if i was allergic like my sis.Hey, at least he didn't use steak juice.
We all loved the food and ate more than we probably should've.

I love this pic. Classic Rory and Seth pic, it doesn't matter what Seth says he is Hilarious to her
Brad seemed to somehow always be hiding behind Ri ,or ducking out of photos.I think Val should start following him around with the camera, he is far too camera shy.

-Ri had worked Sunday morn, and we still hadn't had time to get Seth a birthday present, we will have to find some hours in the day to get back to that :( .
But we had a really great time. I am amazed Seth didn't walk out of there with a huge bloated belly, boy can eat.
Rory wanted us to go to Val & Tom's with them- but she had school in the morning, so we had to go home ( the boys had one more day off before winter break ended in their school, I think they planned to go home and play video games all night, poor Val ) .

Now we must start getting back into our groove.
Monday I did the whole school run, and it was COLD AND WET. ugh. I thought the cold had passed a bit. We raced there- Rory was SOOO eager to go back, she was racing out the door, I had to beg her to wait and not go too early.
She had been soo super crazy those last days of break I was eager for her to go back too.

On the plus side, I noticed when I helped her class Tuesday- She isn't the only kid all crazy after winter break. The whole class is louder and rowdier than usual. She even gave them 5 minutes on the wall during playground time.Tuesday was busy for me, I oddly liked it though. Ran the kid to school in the wetcold, then ran the dog (she loves the wetcold)
- hung out with Ri for a bit, Tuesday is HIS day off,
then ran back to school to help the crazies, than home and back again.

My days are blending though. I haven't quite fallen into the groove enough to remember :
which night I stayed up beating Jess at scrabble,
or which night I bribed the kid to do her homework and went to bed early with my monthly illness,
and which night I stayed up loosing horribly at wii games with Ri's buddies..
somewhere in there.

So far this week feels like a month. Day and night are like 2 days worth of junk.My brain is overloaded.
Hopefully, I will catch up.
Or maybe I will stop guzzling coffee and go to bed at a normal hour regularly- fat chance.

The RAIN finally came down Tuesday night.. So I made Ri get out of bed (grumpies and all) Wednesday morn and take the kid to school. It was clear enough Wednesday afternoon for me to think I could pick up the kid.. but it rained on us on the way to stop by and see Ri- So we ended up hanging out and having him drive her home.
I'm torn,
We NEED rain, badly..but my transportation method does not. plus, it is cold yucky rain.

At least today was nice, all be it a little cold. Rory even got to play a little at the playground with her best friend after school ( something I think they planned all along as we showed up at the playground at the same time. LOL).Right now, it is a little chilly- but it didn't stop Jay and Ri from taking a late night bike ride through town.

Despite her cranky whiny attitude at home , it seems Rory been doing really well in school this week. She has started writing her numbers backwards , but we have been working on it.She has been working on her -at and -an words , she is so close to reading on her own. She got 10 bluebehaviorbears and got to go in the treasure box, she picked out a pink jump rope (and , when she isn't practicing jumping on it - she has bragged to everyone in sight about it).
She has been going to bed and sleeping well-waking up well . She DID have a bit of a melt down the other day, and fell asleep in her bed when we put her there for timeout-but i think she is falling back into a school schedule already.

My mood hasn't been much better, I feel as inconsistent as the weather bouncing between high anxiety, grumpiness, and giggles and positivity.
Hopefully , as we get back into a routine , and 2011
my mood, AND the weather will find a comfort zone somewhere outside of extreme

Well, I could probably ramble all night.. but it is almost 3am and I have to be up at 7 to bike ride to school.
Forgive my late night grammatical errors.



Anonymous said...

Oh no sweetie you're beginning to sound a bit like me *going to sleep to sleep at 3 and getting up at 7. LOL I promise you that will do nothing good for your mood or anxiety
Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the Japanese Restaurant. I could eat the fried rice all day long. Stay warm and dry until your next post. <3

Tina Michelle said...

Good for you keeping up with the biking. I am happy to hear she is liking school so much. Hope your moods and the weather work out for the better.