Friday, November 30, 2007

Batshit crazy

I soo need to chat,I think I have been annoying as hell to everyone since not being on the message board as much.It's funny too I think I have talked to more people and had MORE of an internet related social life since letting that habit go.It's "me", not watered down by internet message boards.I'm like a kid with a cute knock-knock joke... funny until I got annoying

We DID finally manage to get the xmas tree up an decorated.Rory REALLY enjoyed doing it.She loves to hang up the ornaments-but she tends to put them all on this one branch.Once we plugged it in and turn the light on she said: "We need presents!" Last night while she slept I wrapped a few of her presents.Hiding them in plain view,MIGHT be the best plan.This morning she happily helped me wrap a gift for mom ,and SEEMED to comprehend she cannot open them now(after asking 1 hundred times).I am still a little nervous that one day I will come out of the bathroom to find she has opened them all. I tell her they are "presents,they could be clothes and she says "Nope,they are toys!" Too funny.It has been SOOO hot it seems silly to see Rory running around the tree in a Hawaiian dress LOL

I have been drinking coffee more as well.I blame my sister coming over and wanting coffee.
I am sure that has contributed to the chattiness, as well as not really sleeping.Rory is suddenly lost any sense of schedule,and she sleeps at odd times, when I'm not tired, of course(surely the caffeine isn't helping) :(.

Speaking of Rory ,She has been great, and terrible.
One minute, she is scary fussy tantrums over EVERYTHING and screaming "I want my daddy".
The next she is so big and happy-go-lucky. So independent, wanting to do everything herself.
The same is true of her speech;one minute ,she is speaking so clearly with impeccable vocabulary skills,the next she seems to be speaking an entirely new language.The new words are pretty cute though.

I have a vid,but my computer is so fried I can't upload it to know if you can hear it. :(
& now of coarse my camera is busted.Its a simple fix-but it requires taking the camera apart and I can't get the last two screws out to do it ARG!!!!I am really hoping ri can. I am so stressed about my camera not working.

Yesterday morning, I had a dentist apt, and yet ANOTHER filling.Rory was excited to go out with her Dad "just two" -it was too murky to go to the "bug" park as Rory calls it.She sounded liked she really enjoyed walking around wally world with him, though.Ri said they looked at toys and he couldn't beleive how much she wanted and knew all about from tv.TOO MUCH TV!! She wants the whackAmole tower and she even told him "it's like a carnival in your house!" from the commercial-gasp- .LOL .She also told Ri she wanted an I -dog....Yes,and I-dog! Can you imagine a three yr old thinking she needs an Idog?!?!

The mandarin orange tree is starting to produce some fruit already-way too much actually,it really needs a trim.Rory sure loves the teeny tiny oranges though :)

Anyways-I am a little frustrated about my sisters right now,So i am gonna end here today:).

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