Saturday, February 16, 2008

ALMOST HOME & home!!(part 7)

So, We made it into Greenville ,fairly easily.
Started seeing the beautiful southern scenery more and more...even though we were on the interstate.

Ri, got us a room with a jacuzzi(for more than we payed for any room),which Rory decided was a "POOL! " We stayed back and playing in the "pool" while Ri went off to find a friend of his-with only an address he had found online.Ri did manage to find him (and his wife)..and spend a great night chatting.While me and Rory hung out and rested. :)

The next morning-we explored Greenville-the small town in TN where Ri had spent much of his childhood.

House Ri grew up in(one of them) Lynn-(ris mom),
says this was her fav house.Ri thinks it was haunted

The church with the cannon ball -still stuck in the side

We ate the leftover cold chili-that Tata had made us- on bread-and it was DAYUM,surprising, good cold(thanks again Tata!),while Rory played in Hardin park, the park Ri had played in as a kid.

RI says the park is exactly the same-some of the paint is chipped,things are a little more worn-but its in great condition.

Rory had SOOO much fun,we were REALLY glad we stopped.There was still Ice on the stuff,Rory was a lil sad I wouldn't let her slide some of the wet slides.

Ri said he remembers catching crawdads in this lil creek-
He also remembered things being much bigger.


Yeah,I took too many pics.Ri told me stories about living,playing and school activities they had there.Rory ran and climbed fearlessly.

The park was filled with ducks and geese(and their poo) ..we decided to feed them some cheerios: -the big white duck marched up,stared me down,pretty much DEMANDING cheerios,he was pretty intimidating

You can see the hospital Sari (ri's baby sis) was born in ,in the background-and the school..and the public pool.

Rory chasing them

Ri drove us around the neighborhood telling stories about his childhood-and pointing out what had changed-and more often,what hadn't changed at all.

you can vaguely see the HUGE waterslide down the mountain -it was closed...but I bet its fun :)

We headed for home.We honestly didn't think we'd make it home that night. On our 1st pee break Ri saw a Krispy Kreme and got some.. Rory got a heart shaped sprinkle donut for Valentines day:

We planned a stop in Georgia perhaps,but then looking at the nav system saying 4 hours -4 hours seems just too we kept going.We stopped and got some HUGE burritos from Qdoba,with lots of dips and chips for Rory.The chips had a hint of lime flavor and she was NOT impressed.She ended up eating black beans with her fingers.The food was soo filling we ended up having a whole bag of left overs for when we stopped.-which we didn't...
Rory was soo funny at this stop in GA-they cashiers thought she was adorable helping Ri get drinks,and chatted with them for awhile:

Rory fell asleep at one point and woke up FLIPPING OUT -right around St.Augustine.. Crying like a 6 mo old.Her fits have got SCARY lately!-SHE WAS INCONSOLABLE-SCREAMING even.We were yelling to her "PLEASE,use words! help us" Finally, we stopped at a store-as much to get of the car as anything.and I begged her to come potty with me.(of course there was a line) -so I put her on the potty,giant poo-Poor kid!!!
I think the girl behind us in line ended up opting to brave the mens room.
She picked out some "real chips"-pringles- and felt MUCH better.

We made it HOME!!YAY! Ri's mom talked to us for awhile-hoping to hear us get home-but
Rory was crashed in the back seat.I carefully pulled her from her seat,but she woke up,
I said "do you know where we are?"

she said:
"my dark brown house!!!! I want to kiss it!!!"

We came in to a house full of balloons,and balloon animals.Mom and my fam had also left us vday chocolate ,plastic flowers ,and stocked m fridge with a few essentials along with our mail.-Thanks Mommy & sis'.
Rory was soo excited by it all she stayed up,all red eyed ,and exhausted for quite awhile.

--the next day we lazed about hoping people would come over-so we could tell them ALL about our trip.I even sorta dressed up( I shoulda taken a pic!)..we ended up going to restock our groceries.We went to the WD-where I saw Darnell and spent time getting the dirt on the latest happenings there.I get the feeling they would hire me back,in a heartbeat(they are hurting right now-and the main reasons for me walking out decided to walk out ,too)..I doubt they'd pay me enough though.
Gill and Melissa did come over for a bit,looked at pics and chatted.they were OK...they say they quit drinking,I hope they quit doing a lot of things.

Another lazy day today. Terahs mom-Deb- stopped in and chatted,She really wants to move back there,with Terah,THAT would be SOO awesome!!!
I can't say how great it would be to move to CO with Terah & them..just to have someone we know near by.
I really wanna go back.
esspecially in spring.
RI's mom came over with Haley .She looked at pic while Rory played with Haley-they had a good time,Haley is soo sweet-.I think Ri's mom claimed Sarah's present from Roswell -I hope she isn't too sad about it LOL!
We should have got her more-Ri had a really hard time finding the 'perfect' thing for her..and thus didn't get her much.
Jade stopped in for a bit,played with the kid,talked with us.He is a good kid.
Ri told Jade to tell his mom to stop in...we won't hold our breath.

I have been feeling kind of yucky today.roadtrip lag maybe?


tata said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chilli! I did think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself :)

I had so much fun on your trip! Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

Welcome home!

Thoughts and Things said...

Oh I LOVE those old parks! Omaha has a ton of parks that must be exactly the same a when I was a kid, the old metal ones! I love seeing all your trip pictures. :)