Friday, February 29, 2008

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship." buddha

"The time has come " the mommy said,
" To blog of many things:
Of guests--and trips--and nature walks,
of a child who tantrums ,and sings,
and why waiting rooms are filled with stress,
and whether pigs get wings ;) , :

So-Yes,yes-It HAS been awhile.
Come on! - I needed the down time.
So ,we've been home a little while-I have to think were to start my updates from.
We went to Miranda's birthday party-she just turned 4 -Rory got her a littlest pet shop toy,but wondered if "maybe she will share it with me". Yeah,we are going to have to get Rory some.Mirandas party was fun.Rory and her get along soo well.We should hang out with them more.

Momo (Ri's WONDERFUL grandmother) came to visit ,bringing Rory s few birthday gifts,and looking at pics.She brought Rory a throw her mother made.,,and again complmented us on doing soo well with Rory.

Ri went back to work-and it wasn't long before he was looking forward to his day off again. Rory spends the days Ri is at work fussing. When I tell her "no",to some DEMAND she cries for "dada"
-Oh,and she has been calling me "M other" lately.We think after the old "ask your mother"joke was said too many times..

We went to visit Ri's dad -on one of Ri's days off..They got Rory some little dolls for her birthday-she is in love with them ,and they watched most the slideshow with us :)
-Sorry, to those we have tortured with slideshows. forgive us :)

We rode in to St.auggy after visiting the In laws-We stopped and had burritos at Naloos(sp?) and then went hunting for chilli peppers.We sooo should have bought some when we were in santa fe!! We were CRAVING them.We walked around downtown-which was oddly MAD crowded. -but found nothing.LOVE walking around downtown.
We ended up buying chillis at WD of all places.Ran into Peggy in the produce section she cooed over Rory.They updated the store-but its still the same.LOADS OF ORGANIC stuff now though.
--I told Ri,I miss st.Augustine again.And i do-every time we go, there is part of me that REALLY misses it.The good, and the bad of it-is still soo much better than here.Which is the clencher:
Do I miss it because I really loved it,and it is some fantastic place?
Do I actually miss it ,just because I am comparing it to Putnam? -on that scale I could miss hell,and purgatory because Putnam is so shitty.

So, My mom found a lump in her breast awhile back- it was tiny and everyone seemed certain it was nothing.Then suddenly it became the size of a golf ball.She went in to have it examined and they said it IS cancer, and they needed to take it out. I didn't really get to talk to mom then..Libby called to tell me.
I don't know how to write out my feelings on that,and maybe I am not ready to so I am gonna skip the emo part that would go here.

The next day Mom came to pick up Me, and Rory ,to go on a nature walk with them-Mom Libby ,Amy and her friend Stephanie to the Bulow Plantation Ruins State park:

1st we went to subway and got some lunch -Rory just wanted chips of coarse.
It was really fun to hang out-Mom swears I went to this park,and I probably did as a kid ,but I don't remember.

Lissy booob exhibit

the tree canopy was filled with birds and really neat! We got there close to dusk and couldn't stay long we will have to go another time

Amy and her friend were pretty entertaining.And Rory was grammys baby all day,she wouldn't let me get her out of the car,and she only went potty for her .Cute ,and fine with me.
We stopped for lunch at a little beachside picnic area

Lissy and Rory explored and we ended up finding little conch shells-THAT ACTUALLY HAD CONCH! Mom says she's lived in Florida her whole life ,and never found a live one. We didn't think they'd survive the trip home so we left them there..but were tempted.

The next morn Ri was off ,and mom had surgery,so I arranged for to JJ to pick me up on his way to the hospital.We left at around 9 thirty-after i stuffed my menstrual face with burrito and filled up a backpack with waiting room entertainment.-RI managed to borrow the sims from Scottie to play on his new PSP.
I honestly,wasn't sure what to expect ,or do,I was just along for the ride-I felt like I needed to be--even if I didn't. Mom had to have a few smaller prep procedures before surgery and was there before us.Me,libby and jj,came into the waiting room were Aunt Marla ,Grandma ,and Grandpa were-just before mom & dad got there.She seemed really nervous,but not as bad as I'd expected.Surgery took FOREVER. In that time me and Libby did laps around the entire hospital-spending some time with aunt marla ,jj and dad,and some with the grandparents in the waiting room.
At one point ,dad got in an argument with a crazy lady in the waiting room-she was asking for it.She had went nutty cause Grandad had sat in one of the dozen seats she was occupying,in the teeny room-(what kind of person flips on a 90 yr old?,and she just kept repeating how "he didn't have to be rude" long after he left-until Dad snapped told her to STFU and called her a heifer) It was funny...we didn't go back to that waiting room.
The doc came and told us Mom did excellent-the lymph showed no other signs of cancer-and they cut around the lump to get all of it out. The doc did mention genetic testing because grandma and mom both had the same kind-still not sure if he meant I should get it.Probably.
Mom came out with freezing hands looking exhausted.We all drove home.
It was a long ass day.
Rory missed me ,Ri said,that she went to the window to wait for me to come home.She was clingy when I came home.
When I got home Ri's buddy called from the pizza place and offered us dinner-we decided instead ,to get pizza,wings and stuff for Dad & everyone.Mom looked better than I expected and she sounds like she is healing well,now.Rory just loves to go to moms house and play.I think it is one of her fav places-I am not even sure why. She was tired and decided she was ready to go home that night though.

It rained torrential on the 26th-and then got COLD!! record low for this time of year.
We've been staying in mostly.

Rory has been TANTRUMY and whiny! It is HARD to deal with.She balances it with silliness,and for that I am greatful..3 is HARD!

Click to see (because the damn vid won't Upload here!)
to see Rory being Hannah Montana:

Haven't been doing much AT ALL lately.BORED BORED BORED. Yesturday,Noobie decided to escape again.ARG! It couldn't have even been five mins before she was out the fence-and I can't even find her escape point.Damn dog.She stayed out ALL DAY!I was cold and felt kind of sick -So I didn't want to chance
She IS a good dog, and I don't worry about her,really -I worry about rednecks with guns,pitbulls,traffic, ya know. She spent they last two hours in the yard -before finally sulking into the house. I am tempted to never let her out off leash again.
Last night, Sari and her boyfriend came over and chatted.Rory had slept all day so she was up late.Our schedule suddenly went back to screwy just the last couple of days.Sucks.We wake up at like 2 pm. Oh! We got Rory's new car seat! The britax regent-so we shouldn't have to buy another car seat at all -this thing IS MASSIVE-she is still on the smallest setting-even though she is outgrown her other convertible seat! We should have got this and save the 1st hunderd bucks.
Oh-and we let her pic the color-so its the pink one...suddenly my little tom boy only wants to wear pink and is VERY aware that SHE is a girl.-sigh.

If all goes as planned we should go to Disney World with Ben soon.Keep your fingers crossed.

I am trying to remember all the hilarious, and adorable, tidbits Rory has said in the last month-but this is the problem with trying to catch up I lose that stuff .Makes me long for a rewind button..and yet,not.
Heres Some pics of me & Rory today too:

Well ,I have dinner to make.
I will try to get back into the blogging swing of things.

If Rory ever stops playing on ( AN AWESOME EDUCATIONAL WEBSITE) and gives the net to me .

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