Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby showers don't have actual showers,but they might have a good duck fight

After my last blog post I started getting things together for Lissy's babyshower saturday-
My attempt to get Rory excited to go failed, instead she had what can only be described as an anxiety attack over how other kids would be mean, and not like her clothes and not share candy. :( she told me she thinks other kids are mean, and don't share.
..and that she would not wear her party dress because she wanted to wear the outfit she picked out. ok on the outfit(though I hoped she would change her mind), and I told her I was sure she would have a great time and not to worry about it- and let's not discuss it anymore.She was pretty tired and feel asleep before Ri even got home.

Saturday,Poor Ri had to work at both Nalus and Cowboys again(he is usually off at nalus on Saturdays but picked up a shift).
Lissy called to wake me up , I took my time getting ready before I woke Rory-who was actually really chipper and sweet when she woke up. She snacked on that cereal I made, and apple chips- and picked out her outfit that she had begged to wear, her bathing suit cover up dress, under her new pink tshirt, and jeans, she also helped me pick out her hair things and put her hair up.

On the way we passed a horse pasture with a white horse , Rory fell in love and we started talking about horses--- which turned into Rory saying she wanted to ride a pink pony. I tried to explain that would be hard to come by.

We had to stop in kmart for some soda for the party, and mom wanted to look at shoes she had seen there to go with Rory's party dress(I brought it in hopes of getting her to put it on)-- guess what we found out front:
Sooo cute!!
It made her very happy and she was very behaved in the store. We didn't find the shoes mom had seen there before but another pair of what Rory calls" pink ballerina shoes"(and loves dearly).
...but she still didn't want to change out of her outfit. She looked realllly cute though .
The party( I stole some pics from lissy).
We were late arriving..

Steph did such an awesome job decorating! there were duckys everywhere and Lissy's bathtub cakes were soo cute(and Rory says yummy- even with berry flavored jello on carrot cake)

-- and all thosee balloons were filled with candy- I am REALLY amazed they got sooo much candy into the balloons! Rory told me today that popping the balloons was one of the coolest things at the party.

Rory played a little with Bianca, had a girly convo about shoes - anf found out Binky doesn't like chocolate so they shared candy pretty well(see Rory other kids are nothing to stress about :) )

Steph is the hostess with the mostestest

Present time- Rory had to help.. Lissy let her, but probably regretted it as she struggled to keep up with what came from what package.

Steph & Wes got Nicholi a cute shirt:

Mom just had to get some Butt paste

I think Lissy made out pretty well don't you??
A few people left after presents. - and snacks and cake.
..So they decided to pull out the pinata

Who does that candy filled duck think he is?... he is asking for it.

Rory was realy excited to beat him with a broomstick -but that was one tough ducky, and she only managed to get him to spin.

Maybe someone bigger can get it?? Like Bo:

lets get him really dizzy 1st , out of fairness to the duck(or maybe for our own entertainment)

The duck is down...but not out
-don't lose the string

Round one:ducky

Let the preggo try!

Where is that darn duck?

OH! There he is!

Rory thinks the trick is a stick
everyone knows you gotta take off the feathers to get to the meat...

That is one resilient duck..maybe another big guy can get it, Wes?

Steph tried tooo... and the the srting broke, but the duck stayed intact. Most halarious tough piniata ever.
I lost count of what round we are on, but that duck is still winning.

- we must take out that duck.

The guys find some cable wire and hook it to the porch... that duck will have to break before the string now-

The duck is bruised...but not out.

Maybe some girl power:

LOL! She knocked down the entire cable wire!!

...and the duck came down unharmed.

Rory wants the candy, time for duck football.

she was gangsta stomping that duck
Who taught her to scratch and claw in a fight?


Hooray! Melty squishy beaten chocolate!

That will show those ducks not to keep candy from us.

Some more presents

Rory mingled and handed out bubbles

(I love this pic because you can see the guy behind me on the phone- I laughed when he admitted to the caller he was at a babyshower.)
They joked they were giving him a bubble bath- Rory got it.

I think she stole a few hearts
She likes big kids.

after much sleepy from duckfighting chatter we headed out -packed down with super pimp goodie bags.

-but then had to turn around when we realized Rory forgot her poodle- and how could she sleepily boogie to southern rock without her poodle?!

she fell asleep- mom and I left her in the car with Amy for a quick pitstop at the dollar store- filled with people we vaguely recognized.
..including the grandmother of the missing girl(please keep Heleigh in our prayers/thoughts)- and our cashier was Dads 1st girlfriend LOL.

We went to Moms for a little bit- played with the kitties and the fat dog, chatted with the fam,and ate creamed potatos and some ice cream(and MORE candy!). Jay drove us home- where Rory bounced off the walls with a sugar high for a little while-and I caught up with tv on hulu and kitchen scrubbing.
I am certain Rory had a great day- she has LOVED looking over the pics today.

We had a pretty lazy day, Ri worked all day again.
Rory has a little rash of some sort on her privates(it is so red it gave me a fright when I saw it , I thought she was bleeding) , she is very upset about it. I gave her a nice oatmeal bath(that I thought she would never get out of) -and let her run around in dresses with no undies around the house.poor thing :(
She asked for more potatoes like Grammy's , I wanted some sauteed mushrooms -too use up some of the ones going to waste in the fridge.. we ended up putting them together and having some cream of potato and mushroom soup-YUMMY!
...and candy dessert.

Rory is asleep now, and Ri is FINALLY on his way home from work- he only works at nalus tommorow afternoon, and is off Tuesday , yay!
I am gonna pick up the kid and brush her teeth,and get ready for bed myself.
- I should probably go over this making sure I typed it all right ,and stuff ....oh well
night folks



tata said...

The baby shower looks to have been a success - and very fun! Congrats to your sister :) The whole duck pinata sequence was fuckin' hilarious!!!

Ms. Burrows said...

Wow, that's a lot of pics! Looks like a blast. Love all the duck stuff. My oldest keeps asking about pinatas. She was at a party with one once, and she still goes on and on about it, lol. Maybe for her next birthday.

Glad you all had fun and it went well.