Saturday, February 14, 2009

"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing"

Soo that irritability I spoke of continued on through until I started my period... a little early.UGH, pms is rough when you don't realize THAT is what is wrong.
Rory stayed up a little late Monday night- by the time she crashed I had trouble getting to sleep, Ri was pretty exhasted though...

Tuesday was soppposed to be a nice day. Things don't always go the way you plan though.
Still somewhat sore mentally about stupid future plans and lack of resources I feel, on top of feeling like Ri just doesn't get it..- and feeling conflicted that way the because our taxes and Ri's 2 jobs had brought us some much needed money.
(Yeah, hormones can do some terrible things to your mind)
Well, we agreed to go shopping and get a few much needed items for around the house.We needed a few house groceries, and Ri wanted to price a stand mixer -for his homemade bread mostly, he also wanted to buy Rory her own pillow and blanket in hopes of getting her to sleep longer in her own bed.
Well, Rory was fussy and DEMANDING right off the bat. We went ahead shopping though, found a cute nice priced LPS blanky and pillow case.Found Ri a mixer(I priced a food dehydrator too but didn't like what wally world had to offer) . THEN the drama started.Rory started grabbing things- pointing at things, demanding things ...and full body screaming tantrums at the word "NO"
-- Now, what makes this situation(which has become far too common) worse, is Ri's insitance that she has never tantrumed like that when just the two of them go shopping.
So , Ri begs me to try on shoes.I do really need tennis shoes, and some were very cheap, and he takes her off to try and calm her, hoping she would behave for him. I can HEAR her screaming in a complete other section of the store.
Thats IT! I go grab her out of the cart and take her to the car.To let Ri do the rest of the shopping.
Soooooo ANGRY! So hurt so just shocked.. but we sit calmly in the car for awhile

A lady bug flew in the car for a little while.The car got hot, even after I tried closeing the windows and turning on the ac.
Rory PROMISED she would behave if we went back in, and understood we would turn around go RIGHT back to the car the scond she didnt. So we went in and found Ri- who was struggling since he had lost his list.
- Then she started back up demanding things as we were checking out.
I Scooped her up and said she could hold me or go back to the car. WHOLE BODY tantruming- I started to leave... then SHE BIT ME!!?! wth!!
I didn't even know how to react. Straight back to the car, telling her Ri was going to put back the things he had bought her.
She cried most of the way home, said I should appologize. I cried all the way home to.Heartbreaking. I feel like such a failure -
I don't even know what to do and I am terrified of her in stores now. :(
When we got home she ate pounds of everything in sight...I guess hunger was the actual reason for the melt down...but, I don't know I don't know what I can do.
Face painted with the make up from aunt val.
She was in a much better mood that night.
Ri and I cruised the net for food dehydrator reveiws and found the best ones- and he bought me one off of ebay :) I was over tired and gumpy still.
Ri made some bread.

I Was feeling a bit better by wednesday- well, mood wise- Aunt Flo had other concerns to torment me with than hormones and mood- ugh.
There was HUGE HUGE local news on every channel, and all over the net. A little girl in pretty much the same part of BFE as me had went missing Tuesday night.

It is a small community. I am sure I know many people from her family.I have heard helicopters everyday, and all day since, which is both somewhat comforting and slightly unnerving.. please send good thoughts, or prayers or whatever it is you do that she is found SAFE soon!!

Well- it was still a beautiful day, and despite my cramps and the feelings of wanting to sew Rory to my side, I put her pads on her followed her on a bike ride...

It looked like rain, so we headed home. I told her if it stayed clear she could play in the backyard with Noobie...
They did for a bit, but with the helicopters circling around the neighborhood I thought it might be best Rory come in.

I gave her a lollipop though--

It was actually 'sposed to be a special treat for being good at walmart...but when she wasn't we told her we didn't get it, and hid it away.

The net has been soooo super slow and boring, everything has been pretty dull- So I spent most of thursday cleaning out of boredom. -
I also wanted to orginize the toys a bit to it would be easier to keep tiny things away from Lily(who I had agreed to watch Friday)
Rians mom showed up for a little bit , to drop of a box of legos(- can never have enough-) she found for Rory.. She ended up here a LONG time chatting about everything.It was nice though.

Not her bed.

Rory and I were soo bored we made lentil loaf for dinner and ,vegan PB filled chocolate cookies for dessert. Both were AWESOME. AND we tried out Ri's stand mixer for the cookies, which-by the way- ARE HEAVAN fresh from the freezer.
Rory was a SUPER helper, and helped me clean and scrub the kitchen when we finished.

Yesturday ended up being a pretty great little day Ri had to work all day- which sux, but otherwise- my day was NICE.
From waking up, with new kid movie DVD Ri downloaded for Rory, HULU shows added, caramel latte-
Then mom showed up to bring Rory a music box, with dancing ballerina, she wanted to give her as a special treat for getting her shots.Rory is SMITTEN with the music box, just IN LOVE with it- and Mom brought me tacobell food and soda! AWESOME! :) Love my mom :)

Sari showed up to drop off baby Lily- who is SO BIG now MY GOODNESS!!!! She almost fits Rory's clothes!!
Lily DID have a moment of seperation anxiety freak out. When she looked around the room and saw her Mommy wasn't here. Aww. Freaked Rory out...

This pic series completly captures the mood Rory had with Lily the whole time...
ugh. One minute she would be really helpful and cute, then next she was jealous of any attention Lily got and sort of annoyed by her hitting and pulling hair, whining and all that stuff babies do.

OMG- Lily pees more than I thought was humanly possible. I go to change one wet diaper, Rory wanted to help- before Rory and I can get on another Lily peed on my rug and her onsie lol, then as soon as we get on a fresh one she peed again. it was soo funny.

Lily took a little nap, I think Rory was releived by then-before her nap Lily was a little fussy, and Rory was telling me she hoped Sari would come soon! - then when Lily fell asleep she didn't want her to leave. Noobie had a similar reaction, she was thrilled sniffing Lily when she 1st got here, but then when Lily cried the dog dissappeared into the closet and didn't come out until just before Sari got here.

My dehydrator came - thing is HUGE - I think I scared the delevery guy- with baby ,tot, and dog in tow who thankfully helped me by bringing it in for me.

Sari&Rj showed up JUST after that-
Aww- Lily was sooo happy to see her Mommy.

They were in a rush to go out to eat for a early Vday celebration.
Man, rory was exhasted and it wasn't long after they left that she was winding down, and then out. I had drank too much coffee though, and had a bit of trouble sleeping between jitters and Ri's stuffy nose snoring.
This moring Ri went out on a HUGE cupboard filling grocery trip- I made him a giant list of things to buy.- When he got home we had to reorginize all our cabinets to make space. It is soo nice in there now though :)

My grandmother (Grammy the Grape) popped in for a second on her way past with her sister.. Probably as much wanting to check on her Great Grandbaby with all the local drama. Ri left for work - and I started digging into the fruit he left to find things to stuff in my new dehydrator toy- I have found sooo many cool raw food recipes, I am geekily excited.

This car kept going back and forth in front of my house- then stopped-I am thinking,great it's a solicitor of the kirby or jesus variety..but, then those types aren't usually carrying flowers and a balloon... So then I think they must be lost,until they ask "Are you Aurora and Angela" , I answered by saying "oh , wow! I guess the balloon is for you kid!"
"Happy Valentines Day love dad"


My parents are awesome.

Rians mom showed up shortly after that with a Valentines goodie bag for Rory- she decided to make her Grandbabies her valentine and had went to Mels, and our house with presents- A bobble head LPS poodle, and candy:

Rory insisted I get a video

Shortly after that the flower pot was removed from the truck and replaced with toys.

Aww! Sweet Happy Valentines Day!!
I'm should probably go clean or something-and check the news a hundred more times hoping they found that little girl.

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