Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everyone knows partying is followed by meltdowns, and irritablity

My 4 year old!!

Sorry it has been awhile- many mini birthday celebrations were had-

1st, Rory's actual birthday. Ri had to work on Friday - (her actual birthday), but had Saturday off, so we very loosely planned a small get together -got her a tiny cake, and Ri bought her her fav junkfood- cheetos for her birthday... -Which, I sort of spoiled her giving them to her for breakfast, along with some hot cocoa.

... Rian's mom refused to agree to doing anything with the rest of us Saturday, and insisted she come over Friday to celebrate while Rian was at work. (whatever.)

She got Rory a little mini cake- which Rory pretty much ate all by herself..

She also bought Rory a BIG stuffed pony , that Rory named Bella. A box of pastel Legos,and a balloon,A mask,some LPS stickers, and LPS panties.
She hung out awhile building lego people, and playing with Rory.She left before it got too late hoping to get home to prep in case it froze over again that night.

I put veggies and lentils in the crock pot for dinner. Hoping some real food would help combat the hyperactive, tantruminess,that artificial colored junk food tends to bring her.

She was sort of fussy and irritatingly hyper- but it was also HILARIOUS to me...
While I was chatting on the phone with Tata, she ran around in her mask singing "scary scary scary- with this whole silly dance move.
Child ain't right
Everyone called to wish Rory a happy birthday- she finally talked to Tata, but she shyed away from the birthday singing and well wishers on the phone ,otherwise- even telling me Seth was NOT Seth when he called.Poor Seth cheesed me out saying "she doesn't recognize my 9 yr old voice".
She got worn out pretty early..but still hyperfussy, threw a tantrum over me telling her she had to brush her teeth before I would cuddle her , She said:
" I don't like you! You are boring! It's easy as two BORING pies!!"
- I was laughing to hard to be mad, and eventually she gave in , brushed her teeth and cuddled me.

Saturday.. hyperfussy, artificial coloring filled ,newly four year old - apparently didn't sleep off the chemical reaction of junkfood abuse.
PLUS, there was the added anticipation of what we would do on her Dad's day off for her birthday, and whispers of presents.
We woke well before Ri, and she asked NONSTOP when she could have her presents...which I honestly didn't even know the location of.

When Ri woke up I ran off to wrap the presents.
I half wanted to wait and go out to eat or something for presents,but we really couldn't decide where to go - or what to do...and still child was acting crazzzzy.

We decided she could open her presents IF she took a bath.-Yeah, she took a bath. lol

I wish I would have got this moment on video, when she peeled the paper back to reveal enough to make out a little petshop toy ,her eyes got HUGE and she was shaking trying to unwrap the rest.
We got her that- and HUGE box of crayolas-

Which she has used EVERYDAY since,just loves them. Ri was so right, they were a great idea.

We decided NOT to go out to eat. Rory was being TOO fussy, and didn't want to leave her toys - or go anything, and honestly the last place I wanted to be with her acting crazy was a restaurant people are trying to enjoy dinner in.

Rory got a birthday card with money from Momo, along with instructions to go on a shopping spree. We needed a few grocery items - and the fussaholic was stressing me greatly.
So Ri decided to take them shopping for a little while, while we waited on mom to come..

Mom hadn't called me yet, so I assumed-wrongly- that they hadn't left Moms yet.
..Unfortunately not, and they ended up showing up earlier than I expected.

It was alright though it gave us time to set up birthday stuff while they were gone.

Rory came home with a belly full of Bk and some shopping finds-
Lincoln logs, and a little pet shop shiney fox& collector book- so, yeah- now she will need to collect four more LPS toys that have this lil pink symbol on them- to send away for a koala. - (pretty sure you will be able to click that to understand what I mean)
The collector book also came with a postcard she is excited to send to Momo as a thank you note.

- She came in to see Mom & Aunt Lissy with a pretty cake& cupcakes, ice cream- a toy shopping cart FULL of toy food, and toy money(which was a pain to assemble- all the boxes had to be folded and the money cut apart- but we had fun chatting and getting ready) .

Mom also got her four Little Pets(including a detective dog, with a teeny little playhouse), and some shoes and a dress.

They didn't stay long after cake, and Rory showed opened her presents and showed them all her new ones.
Rory fell asleep full of sugar , and surrounded by toys watching charlie and the chocolate factory.

We lazed around Sunday-avoiding any superbowl related- well, anything.
Ri decided to order some dominoes pizza for dinner.. I sat enjoying my greasy pizza, and odd clear natural soda from the local W/D, thinking I was glad to be OVER all the birthday stuff----
then Jade came bringing gifts from Mel(Ri's older sis). She got Rory a little pink toy bear(which has since disappeared ,oddly), some hair things, and some toy pots and pans for her kitchen...child is seriously spoiled.

Monday Ri had to work at nalus- but not until after we got Rory in to the Ped, for her 4 yr check up...
that was actually pretty tramatic. She was doing pretty good,- did an eye exam , and checked everything out - weight height- which were more than I thought, she is up above 30 lbs now- but, a little more shy than normal..
Then they did a finger pic blooddraw, the poke,Seeing the blood, and the finger squeezing sent her right into her shell. She was really sweet and helpful- but you could see in her little face she was scared.She did go pee in the cup no problem, and took the time alone in the bathroom with me for extra hugs
- the tests on everything came back normal and great. ..she was too shy to really show off when the dr asked her questions. :(
.then, came shots. Aw, that was brutal - much worse than her reaction as a baby.She screamed the whole time. I felt terrible. They gave her four Dora stickers for her shots,and five cute bandages (one for the finger prick)- she was so upset.We asked what would make her happy- and stopped at Bk for a kids meal...
yes- she ran on crap food for a whole week... I do look foward to getting back into healthier food eating.
It was a disgusting rainy day the rest of the day. Ri went to Nalus - said it was pretty dead. It was a good day to hide inside feeling groggy from shots. They didn't seem to make her too yucky feeling. Before long she was back to running from new toy to new toy crowding my space with them again. I made laundry soap and cleaned up a little.
I have been trying to orginize Rory's toys- find ones to give away or toss- but I am at a loss. Her things DO need to be scaled down so we can have space back , I am just not sure how. -sigh-

Tuesday- the rain stopped , but the wet wind did not.I made some butter beans for breakfast. I felt grumpy and bitchy(cold wind gets in my ears, and hurts ) - but Ri wanted to brave it and take the dog out, so we decided to walk to the lake.

The sky was freaky blue
-so was the water..

We played awhile - and ran around the park before we headed back home.

Came home and lazed around a bit- before Ri started thinking about Thai Food---
then found out there was a thai food place in St.Augustine. I half heartedly tried to convince him we didn't need it that night. but hell, Thai food sounded good...

So, we packed up the dog and child, with plans of walking around St. George street at dusk.

Rory was getting sleepy in the car. We started pointing out landmarks in an effort to keep her awake.. we point to Bulls*hit farm and told her they make chips..then, Ri bought her some from the convenience store...
-gosh, I feel terrible confessing the amount of junk we have splurged on this week.

We walked around a bit downtown in the cold-

Noobie was sooo good letting people pet her , and being super sweet.
IT was coooooold though! We didn't stay out in it as long as planned. Still nice though.
cheesed me out for some reason

The food took a long time, the natives were getting restless

Rory takes great pics.

The food smelled So good- but was way tooo hot. It was burning my lap, and STILL steaming when we made it home.
I did not like the green curry- too much coconut milk.uck. the rest was ok. Not great. Pretty good though. Rory didn't seem terribly impressed.She did taste everything in hopes of getting a fortune cookie( I have some in the cabinet) for dessert.

Rory crashed out.
My head was killing me! The ear ache I had got from the wind turned into a bad headache- I drank too much coffee too- sudden new habit in the cold weather. Ri made bread and barely stayed up long enough to get it out of the oven.

Yesturday was SUCkY!
RI had to work all day- and we didn't have any black&milds left... I realized how bad my readdiction to smoking has become when I actually fully contemplated walking in the cold to the store with the child.- I didn't- but it was bad. I felt gross.
Rory loved the bread Ri made, and we almost at one whole loaf .
I heard the squerrells in the attic all day, at one point went out to look only to see them crawling in there.UGH. Something must be done about the fluffy tailed bastards.

Ah- well I got loads of cleaning and tv watching done trying to get my mind off of it...on top of eating more than I have consumed in months.

Rory was super crafty and drawing me the most amazing pictures with her crayons.
She brushed her teeth like a really big kid, and fell asleep before Ri got home.

-- Today got off to an even worse start. I woke up just ungodly irritated with everything,and nothing- before shit even started going wrong.

Then firefox crashed on me(it is back now)-, my cellphone which had got a teeny bit wet last night threw a hissy fit and decided it will die over it,
and just every goddamn thing that could be broken or damaged decided to be that way.
Rory was good- unintentionally pestery . "No, I do not want to play", "please, don't pull my hair when you cuddle", "you know how to wipe your own butt when you pee"," I can't get you food until you tell me what you want" , "you cannot have more cheerios and milk - you still have a bowl you didn't finish" sort of things...but that is pretty typical. I am just grumpy, and I know it.

Rory begged to go out and ride her bike today while Ri was getting ready for work. He told her I would take her when he left- but I didn't want to take her in the cold(fearing she would want to go clear down the road, then get cold leaving me to carry a bike and 4 yr old home).. ugh.
So she fussed broken hearted, and we both ended up taking her just in front of the house for a teeny ride right before he went to work.

So anyway.
I think we are planning on going to Disney, maybe this upcoming Tuesday.The weather person says it will stop being a humid wet cold snowless hellhole by tomorrow.Maybe there is hope for nice comfy temp weather, that doesn't include rain?
Well I have crap to clean..
Stay warm folks.


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tata said...

Sounds like Rory had a great day :) I'm glad she let me wish her a happy birthday.