Friday, February 20, 2009

Of letters, food , picnics,and dentistry

Ok- I have uploaded the pics I guess I should blog about them..

We have had a pretty dull week . We have been eating pretty good thanks to our newly well stocked cabinets.Ri experimented with making falafel one night which turned out really well, another night he made a full out thanksgiving style dinner- mashed taters stuffing, breaded quorn patty thingys, and asparagus casserole
Plus, we have had loads of veggie sandwich stuff- to go on his homemade bread.. along with tons, and tons of fruits and veggies -dried or fresh for snacks- and Rory has been eating everything in sight like a champ, eating tons more than usual, I am not sure where it is even all going!! I guess she is growing, goodness!
Our schedule has been getting a little tweaked back to going to bed tooo late at night, unfortunately.

The satellite has been turned off- Rory has taken it rather well.YAY! She has been super crafty making all sorts of cards and pictures- and coloring that huge box my dehydrator came in.While I love the crazy crafty creativeness she comes up with,but I do wish she would let me throw away such things on occasion.
She is also quite suddenly fascinated with letters- their sounds, and shapes, and learning to write she taught herself how to draw the letter A, and P and B and E- maybe some more...
She has been picking starfall as the site she plays on when I let her have net time.(she is on there now learning the sign language for each letter while I type on dinoputers functioning keyboard)

Tuesday is really the only day that was different and I wanna blog about- Ri's day off, and Rory's big dentist appointment, that we were all sort of worried about after her reaction to her last dr apt.

Ri wanted to get up sort of early and go have a picnic while we were in Gainsville( where her dentist is , and FAR AWAY by the way) before her dentist appointment-He googled a few nice places in town there and decided to go to this garden.

Tuesday morning he was super sweet , he let us sleep in and made the whole picnic- and packed everything we needed.
Rory was not eager to get up and we got a much later start than we planned.
Then traffic was SLOW and terrible for some reason- I don't think I have ever sat so long at a red light.

We stopped and picked up some chips to go with our fruit and sandwhiches- let Rory pic out her own.

She picked classic lays. With the traffic and the late start we ended only having a half hour for a picnic before Rory's 4 o'clock appointment.
When we got to the garden we decided we probably shouldn't pay the 6 bucks a peice to only get to spend 15 minutes or less in there, and to just find a nice spot and have our picnic...

Oh, I did take this pic of the giant bamboo outside the garden- I wish I could have captured the scale of them- Imagine the dragon statue is the same size as Rory.
There was a sort of picnic area but it was dark and shady there- we headed for the big pretty feild near that and let Rory pic a spot.

Yeah, we treated ourselves to soda and chips.The veggie bologna sandwiches Ri made were really yummy too-We did mange to get lots of fruits and half a sandwich in Rory along with those chips.
I also made Rory brush her teeth after eating. We cleaned up and spent a little time playing tag and chasing each other before we went to her dentist- It was REALLY NICE. :-)

We were late to the dentist- traffic was terrible!!! It was soo crowded when we go there- ugh, afternoon hours are terrible at a ped dentist. There was no room for us to even sit.

Her dentist is odd- they ask parents to stay in the waiting room and only take the kid back.That made me nervous when they told us that 1st visit, but somehow it really seems to help Rory.She goes back there and gets to be a really big kid. The waiting room eventually cleared out- but for awhile there - ugh. Too many people in a confined space just seem ruder and nastier

Rory did wonderful!
She was scheduled for three fillings, with little expectation of them to be able to get them all done at once, they had even made her more appointments this month just in case....
She was AWESOME though and they did all three!!!!
They use laughing gas and have tv in the ceiling. She was soo happy they let her pick wow wow wubzy to watch and said they didn't hurt her a bit.
I also asked them to take a look and give us advice on they tooth she bumped that is turning grey- and they just said, "yeah she bumped it and killed the nerve, and it might change colors quite a bit, but not to worry unless we see a bump or abscess around it".
Rory was happy about that- and really happy when she found out she won't have to get any work for awhile!!
They gave her a balloon,a little notepad, and a sticker and said she was just wonderful. She loved the visit and has told everyone how good she was, and that it " they said it would pinch but it didn't hurt a bit" ( lately ,she doesn't even like to talk about her doctor or anything that is at all scary or painful to her, so that speaks volumes ).

She seems soo big and brave for other people,as soon as we make it to the parking lot her eyes tear up a little. (she did that last time too aww) .
She was soo proud and happy when we gushed about how well she did though, and we told her we were going to go get her a little pet to celebrate. She was groggy and a little fussy and didn't want to go to the store at first. So Ri told her we would just go to the one closer to our house.

..and she fell right asleep.

OH! The ride too and from gainsville is so , i dunno odd to me.. I love staring out the window most the way there. The weird ponds that are decked out like beaches behind houses that claim"for sale: water front property" .
All the trees, Gainsville itself which is the collegey of college towns.
--and this place...

It is just bizarre. It is bizarre because around it are regular houses,with regular trees and grass- and then there is the moss covered place that time almost forgot- until it planted a highway in its front yard- OH AND, it actually looks like someone lives there... queue spooky music -

We stopped in wally world, and took Rory to the toy section.
She found the teeeeny teeny(think old school polly pockets) pet on the go set she has been wanting- We tried to coax her into a cheaper set with a sticker (for the koala) . She wasn't interested.
We also picked out some vitamins for her, and got the dog a bag of food
- OH that had a new salmon flavor she went crazy over!-Sometimes I think my dog thinks she is a cat....

Rory LOVES her toy.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of her quietly playing with it even.

Both Wednesday and Thursday Jade(older nephew) stopped over on his way home from the bus
-wanting Ri to download music for him to a new mp3 player he got(Ri worked Wednesday morn- but I put some bob marley we already had, on it) ,
and perhaps he was avoiding some drama at home for a bit- ugh- inlaw drama there has been much of that lately , lets not go into that......
Thursday his mp3 player was broken, and he needs a new battery for it. -sigh.teenagers. We probably couldn't download anything into it in that state anyway.

Ri was home (but barely alive after a rough night on little sleep,and some weird halucinatory type dream he keeps trying to explain to me)- and then only for a bit before he had to leave for work.
Jade left pretty quickly after.

I got Rory dressed and we headed to the park, it was a super nice day (with a forecast of rain)
We didn't stay long. Rory found these HUGE star confetti pieces all over the ground and collected as many as she could carry and was eager to take them home.
She stopped and said hi to the neighbors on the way past- --
I think the flower delivery guys must have stopped at their house first, because she mentioned to us " So you are the ones who got flowers!" LOL
OHh! crap that reminds me -I let Rory check the mail,and she got a valentine from Momo with money <3

Rory stayed up WAY WAY TOO late last night,then of coarse by the time she fell asleep i couldn't. I will never learn to get my brain off at 3 am.

...but that is about the cutest thing-
Poor Ri had to work again this morning. Somehow after staying up that late the kid was up before noon.
I started making cereal and apple chips in the dehydrator, Rory decided she LOVES cinnamon apple chips and homemade fruit roll ups!!
She helped me make the dough for the cereal and says it is very yusmy too-so there is hope it turns out yummy.
Oh! reminds me while we were making dough Rory had a huge freak out saying she needed her purple apron.. I do not know that she has EVER had a purple apron- she threw such a huge fit I decided to call someone else to talk to her. Lissy answered so she discussed it with Lissy, and was over it...
but the mystery of the purple apron- and wth that could be still boggles me.

Speaking of,Lissy's baby shower is tomorrow and it is getting really late. i should start getting somewhat ready for that.

Peace and tofu chicken grease,

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TopSurf said...

What a great day. My daughter's dentist has the same policy no parents allowed. I felt the same way as you when we first went there. Now she is 12 and it worked out wonderfully. Nice post.