Monday, February 9, 2009

It is a nice day, even if I am not a nice person

Hey! The weather has been SUPER nice lately- well, if you can get your immune system to cope with the drastic temp changes- since it is now sweltering above 80deg in the midday sunshine,yet still dropping at dark.Yay..FEB weirdness.

My grumpy irritableness mentioned last post has stuck around a bit- but the nice weather and the quality time I had the last few days helped combat it. I am feeling a bit too stressed- worried about the road ahead, more than I should probably be, and yet I still worry.
Plus- 4 yr olds are demanding. cute...but BOSSY. I need more patience.Do you think they sell that in bulk?

Plus my phone being toasted on top of everything -ugh- just made me mad.

Friday-Ri had to work all day(both jobs), and left me with his phone.
Rory and I had a pretty great day though.
I made grilled cheese for breakfast, and according to Rory that made me the best mommy ever.
Then I started up cleaning the kitchen -with hulu queued up to watch the daily show. Rory turned off the tv and played happily with her toys instead of tv. I set her up with a lovely little tea party. The weather was so nice Noobie stayed out all day on her tie out with the backdoor open. When the kitchen was finished I put on veggies for lunch , we ate in the kitchen with tea and had a little cafe. I even took Rory's order for her.
A bee came in and startled us for a second, but it just stole a sip of tea and flew back out, Rory said it was a nice bee.

It was so nice out I talked Rory into getting dressed and going for a bike ride before sunset:



We played in the park for just a little bit, knowing they would soon come close it.

Then rode home. She is getting sooo good!!
We stopped to watch all the birds all over the ground in the neighbors yard.

Rory got caught in her 1st bit of traffic - the at&t building has been pretty busy lately. I had to pull her off the road to let cars past..

She raced me the rest of the way home, and won. I am going to need a bike myself to keep up.. I wonder how hard that would be to manage with pulling leashed Noobs??

We came home and Rory was sooo good - a little sleepy from her bike ride. I finished up cleaning and decided to mop in the kitchen. Rory helped and scrubbed some for me.Then set up her pets in the kitchen and danced to Pink while I cleaned up the living room a little( ugh)
We went the whole day without tv on. GOOD- soon we will be turning the satellite back off, I am hoping it won't be terrible for her.

Ri called when he got off work- from MY phone!HOORAY- He was going to buy me another -little cheapo phone at wally world..but decided not to. He bought Rory a little pet , after she was soo good, and bought a cheapo dvd player for the bedroom-( to have when the satellite gets turned off.)

By the time RI got home Rory had JUST fell asleep, and my phone had cut off and decided not to work :(

Lissy wrote me and asked if she could stay the night Sat- she didn't want to stay at her fiances parents house while he was working all prob.. Rory was excited about it anyway,but said she would prefer a campout to a sleepover.

We ate some frozen pizza and went to bed.

Ri had Saturday off and we had been planing to go see Coraline

- but a little afraid it would be too big/scary for her-I had read some of the book to her,and figured if anything the book would be scarier..
We also haven't been to a theater in YEARS. The last time Rory went she was a baby and I nursed her until she fell asleep through the whole movie.- AND price, OUCH! No wonder we never go see movies.
(-yeah, we got our tax return, and are spending a little money, we also paid off a BUNCH of bills,- and have tons more bills and projects to get to. )
Coraline in 3d would be an hour drive- (in any direction really) to a nice theater..I had sorta planned to go to an early 2pm show, I thought that would be a better time for Rory's mood, and better because Lissy was coming..

Ri did not wake up early enough, and get ready fast enough. I got a little too frustrated about it. .and about not having groceries enough to make a decent breakfast before going.grr.

Rory woke up thrilled she had a littlest pet shop snail, and super excited.

We finally got pulled together and out of her to head to JAX for a 3 pm showing. Ri also wanted to go stop in the mall and see what at&t store said about my phone.
We left the back door unlocked for Lissy in case we weren't home when she got here.
- and went to bk, which yeah- crap food- I didn't really WANT to do, but ,well yeah I did at the same time.
OH, the local burger king has the WORST parking lot/drive thru set up I have EVER SEEN- holding up traffic from the road on back of the building AND the too small drive thru blocking the entire parking lot- just ugh.At least they have awesome veggie burgers,and
Rory was REALLY happy with her chicken nugget kids meal and pink panther toy.

After the long ride to jax we made it to the theater-whoa! crowded. I was sort of afraid it would be because of being Saturday-but I really didn't expect to see the theater so crowded, who knew people went to movies anymore??

before the movie, the previews were in 3d and even they looked awesome.I can't wait to see some of the others, like the new Pixar movie.

Coraline was beautiful and great. I almost felt like I had seen it though, because I had read and seen so many previews, and clips. Ri said expected a bit more from the 3d- but it was still just a gorgeous movie. Funny, and spooky- not to much to freak the child out badly, but enough to have you on the edge of your seat.Very sweet, too. Rory loved it. She asked a few questions, but did great not talking throughout the movie- which I was worried about, but it ened up being the other children around us in the theater yelling and loudly a bit irritating through the movie-lol.

When the movie ended we stopped in the arcade for a second. There really wasn't anything playable for Rory(though she was interested in air hockey)-she was overstimulated , sleepy and fussy from the movie.. Ri decided to play the claw machine for her and try to win something. She threw a huge tantrum wanting this green stuffed dog wedged unreachable in the corner, and didn't understand that we couldn't get it..he DID win her a grey bear, which she finally accepted but fussed about. ugh- stresslevel meter rise..

We made it to the whole food store- terrified to even enter the building. Rory ended up falling asleep barely in the door. We couldn't find TVP (out of stock) which was the main reason we came...but we got a bunch of freezer filling veg main dish convenience foods, and some xylitol. - a few other things that weren't too expensive.
I saw some xylitol candy in the little tube container I knew Rory would love.. got Ri to buy it and woke her up offering it. It made her very happy.

Ri asked about buying a Wii & fit with our tax return money, and if we should get one if we see it tonight..I would really love one,but there are far more pressing concerns I want to worry about with that money 1st.He said I was right, but that it sucks.I hate worrying about money- hate it hate it .
I got really upset because I just didn't feel like he understood how worried I am about things, and was just blowing them off I am freaked-admittdly more than I should be,but not that it is not about important things..- about what the next few months holds, and how we are gonna make it there.
-ugh- my voice got tight again-

We headed for the mall, to ask for phone advice at the at&t store- they were pretty useless, as was radio shack, and everywhere else.Lissy called while we were walking around, saying she was at our house, playing online and petting the dog.
Ri tried to encourage me to get some tennis shoes, which I do SERIOUSLY need- but in an anxiety "everything we own is falling apart, I hate spending on anything else, especially for crappy me" mood shoe shopping with my terrible hard to fit feet sounded terrible. So we rode the escalator(which Rory loves) and made our escape- and headed home.
Rory playing her new "are we there yet" game all the way home.
Rory was happy to see Aunt Lissy and we chatted about the movie and other goings on- Ri made a really yummy dinner.With Quorn ,fresh peppers, tomatoes,avocados frozen veggies and rice-ate way tooo much.. then made coffee,making Lissy some extra milk latte . Ri also made some really yummy crumbly oatmeal rasin cookies- at Lissy's preggy request.
Tired- but Rory wanted to stay up with Aunt Lissy-, Ri had to work Sunday morn and nigh, so he went to bed. I stayed up all too late chatting before I put sleeping Rory in her bed and fell asleep.
Sunday- Lissy spent most of the day here. Coloring and playing with Rory, Drinking coffee and chatting with me.
Val called and asked is she could stop in to bring Rory her birthday present- saying she didn't want to stay long since she had a cold. She got Rory dress up stuff, Hannah Montana play make up , Rory couldn't wait to tear into- a gorgeous Sleeping beauty princess dress (I told Rory she can wear it to disney world :) ) . and a super cute flapper dress.
She also brought over some girl baby clothes for Lily from her sis' baby. Sari will be happy about that..hopefully.
Rory spent the rest of the day giving out make overs to herself and me mostly.
Lissy went online to show Rory what a flapper is- and I went to show her how flappers dance I found a video- and she picked it up instantly:


Bo came to pick Lissy up around dark- I had loaded her up with some fatty clothes and my old sorta broken breast pump(figuring in the least she can use it for parts if she gets an avent pump) .
Rory was a bit sad to see her go.

- Ri got off of work- and called me from a cell again..but this time it was the new craptakular candybar cheapo he bought from wally world, for the time being. It is simple, and I really do not need a phone for much- but gah, it sux.hard. It is shitty to talk into.
Rory was over over over tired by the time Ri got off work, and fuss fuss fuss...managing to push all of my buttons in her attempt to keep herself awake, I was nauseous all night ..and Ri was sick, said he was sick all day. Sniffly and yucky- and had had a pretty shitty day at work .
In a totally selfish way, I just wasn't in the mood for him to be sick. When I went to bed I heard Rory squirming in bed, I tried to soothe her thinking she was having a nightmare, then I thought to ask if she needed to potty, in her half sleep she nodded - I thought it was so big she was waking up to potty, not that I can even remember the last time she wet the bed...or if she ever really did(she wetting her dipe at night long before she even potty trained).She is just too big...

We had hoped to go to Disney world with Ben Tuesday(tomorrow) - but we hadn't heard from him..

Today- I woke up instantly irritated again..- Rory had woke up and crawled into our bed,with me overtired she had spent the entire morning climbing on me and wrapping her body in my hair. I slept poorly and was sore.
Ri only has to work at Nalus. So he got to wake a little later , and he gets home a little sooner.
He left a little early so he could stop by a produce stand and get some yummy fruit and veg for us.
We did hear from Ben, he is busy tomorrow, and Ri is still sorta sicky sounding- So , no disney tomorrow :( . I am not sure if we will do something else or not.'s hot today! I decided to pick up the crap in the backyard a bit.. and coax Rory out to play.
it is like THIS hot:

The water from the hose WAS a bit chilly, she laid on the blanket for awhile waiting for the sun to warm up her water.
For lunch we had tomato slices, butter beans, and mandarin oranges.. oh, and left over oatmeal cookies.

Is it just me, or is Noobie lookin' really chunky??

I have a HUGE living room that needs to be cleaned and vaccumed BADLY (shedding dog!).

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