Thursday, March 19, 2009

I could go for a good yawning cry, too

Somewhere in nowheresville Florida it is nearing 4 am ,
a 4 year old is yawning in between crying,
her mother is ignoring her typing away on a laptop(which is precariously balanced on a pillow on her lap because the heat from it was causing a hideous rash) .

I can't fix overtired.I wish I could because damn if I am not hallucinating.Although, tonight it is her overtired in place of my own. WHY did I not let her fall asleep at 8 pm like she wanted.. I guess because I didn't want a replay of the other night when she did that- woke up at midnight and stayed up past dawn.

---the crying is continuing all through the typing of this-----
Yawn ,cry , throw body around tantrum, yawn, call for me, cry, play for a second ,ask for something in an attempt to stay up , say the word "actually " four or five times ,
wash, rinse ,repeat.
She has been REALLY tantrumy lately.VERY disobedient and then crushed tantruming over time outs she gets for that... at least this tantrum is just from overtired, THIS as annoying as it is bothers me a lot less.

So ,yeah -There is that . I have been napping but not really sleeping. Between Rory's frequently changing schedule, my inability to find sleep after staying up past 3 am,and a really annoying seasonal allergy reaction that has me wanting to find a way to itch the inside of my head.
Still Rory watching very limited amount of tv , while I, on the other hand, watch mass quantities of internet crap throughout my zombiefied cleaning routine.
She HAS watched and thoroughly enjoyed Dr.Horrible's Sing-A-long blog( I may find time for a vid post on that later.)

Sometime this week Ri's buddy from up north came down for sprng break.Ri has spent sometime hanging with him and another freind Tristan, the last few days when he isn't working including much of his day off thursday. Which is cool, I like that he gets to go out and hang with his freinds. I miss him a little though.

So anyway,
I could barely tell you what day was what - I will be lucky if any of this is coherent- but, sometime in the last few sleepless days I was up alone at dawn and decided to walk Noobs a couple circuits around the 'hood- I am pretty sure it was the wee hours of st.paddys day,I wore and obnoxiously green and blue shirt

One of the neighbors houses burnt down, which was shocking, because I have heard nothing about it.. I didn't see any local news coverage of it. (News coverage in my area is ,very understandably ,bogged down with coverage of the local 5 yr old Heleigh Cummings)
---but wow.
The whole place was charred up, I WANTED to take more pictures but I was being stared down by children and their parental units at the bus stop. I was trying to be a little less noticably creepy.

I was working with Noobie to practice better leash manners. Which included a lot of stoping,turning around, changing directions, hand motions,and yes lots of talking to my dog as if she was an adult human... I probably failed the "not looking creepy" attempt.

Noobie found roosters.

MOST of the houses on my street are emptying out.. but this one has been empty the longest. Everyone we know wanted it at some point or another and asked the realator about it..the realtor bought it crazy dirt cheap, it has problems and she isn't really selling.

I wore the dog out, but she IS getting better on the leash.As long as we keep it up. UGH, surely it will start raining or something and a few days will wash away all that hard work.

Rory woke up fairly late and happily picked out green clothes st. paddys day. She was upset there was no parade,bummer. Just another lazy day around the house.
Then, she was MORE upset when the sunset before she could take a bike ride I explained she could go bright and early the next day. BUT it was another early day off for Ri - nice to have him make dinner, even if allegies,caffine and sleeplessness had me not enjoing it to the fullest.

... she took me a little too seriously and woke up as Ri left for work at 8 am(giving me a second night with about two hours of sleep if you are keeping track).She wanted to just jump on her bike in her pjs . I managed to talk her into picking out an outfit and hairdo, and breakfast to give her fuel. She picked honey mangoes and toast.
She wanted to carry her pinwheel - she was thrilled when I fit it on her bike

Noobie was doing really great walking- on the way back at least-especially after realizing that acting up on leash that day could get her poor paws run over by a training wheel.

Rory had more fun riding than at the park!

Yeah, at this point I spent the day hallucinatingly sleepy. Around 9 she passed out - considering her early rising i figured she would stay out and rushed to lay in bed ,sleep or no,with my ringing itchy head.

Nope she was up at midnight. With Ri making us dinner.
Once I FINALLY did crashed that night I got to sleep in- Ri's day off he let me sleep in WAY late! :) Then took Rory on a quick trip to the store to get stamps- and a few little things, mostly just to take her.
He had asked her the night before what she wanted to do on his day off and she wanted to go visit someone .(one of the grammys or aunts) and he had agreed to go visit his buddies that night and didn't want to take her to visit anyone, so she agreed to go shopping instead.

Jade(Ri's 13 yr old nephew) came over the second Ri left. He wanted to know if Ri had a memory card for a psp.Ri might be abl to help him get stuff for that, but he wasn't here. Yet, Jade hung out and spent a ridicoulus amount of time here, most of which was spent playing with Rory's toys -by himself for awhile even( Rory was being lazy fighting a nap n the livingroom). He left when his mom called and told him to come home. She told me she thought he was going to a freinds house,not here- and that she think he was just hanging out here to get some time away from his younger siblings.(probably).

Ri came home later than he intended, bearing reece eggs . He made us french bread pizza for dinner and chatted for a little bit before he fell asleep sitting upright ,and I sent him to bed.

Lissy posted earlier that she is laboring more- wonder f I will get picked up for that tommorow, better grab Rory's carseat.

Well... Rory has finally passed out hogging the pillow on my lap, and this lean is getting uncomfortable.
Night folks.

-- oh yeah, I made this playing photoshop.. I know it isn't summer but it feels like it


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