Sunday, March 15, 2009

You can stop and smell the flowers, but you can't sleep here

Ahhhhhhh!!! I am soo procrastinating typing this, and as I do the list of "crap to blog about" gets longer and longer.
Hereeeee goes-
I know it has been a few too many days. No new shocking news, a lot of the same. Spring is here, sprouting out all over giving Rory a mild little irritation every time she gets near the plant life, and bringing some HEAT.

Overtired fussy sleepless child has been a challenge, along with the realization that my (and ri's ) black&mild smoking habit has become too expensive ,and too bad a habit and we (ri and I ) have been quitting,- AND the stress upon realizing how close Rory is to kindy age and we DO NOT want her to go to THIS failing school district ugh ugh ugh. Stressful hooray .

Well ,despite it all we've had some nice times.
Tuesday we took in some of that nice sunshine

After lounging around in the sun and the kiddie pool I talked Rory into a bike ride
Saw an odd kitty enjoying the sunshine in a big empty feild

neighbors Azaleas look gorgeous

That nice day turned sour when my stomach spent the night flipping upside down.. maybe more inside out. For future reference:
coffee + xylitol sweetener + aunt flow= a really really powerful laxative.

On the bright side Rory DID sleep that night and so did I, a whole 12 hours even.
Oh sleep , my long lost friend. I love you when I find you. ..

Wednesday- and most everyday this week, has been blissfully TV free for Rory... but shockingly TV filled for me. I have caught up with soo many tv show addictions with the interenet.- but DUDE hey,I am able to clean the kitchen, do laundry-whatever- while the laptop plays hours of mindnumbing pauseable tv, and Rory fills the living/dining room with Little pet toys and creative games she comes up with.

I braved making cooking all those different squashes and gourds Ri had brought home- threw them and the aging sweet potatoes in the crock pot, and made a really yummy soup.

...though it seemed sort of wrong to have soup on such a HOT night.

Rory took this pic of her toys cuddling her new kitty
She also built a big duplo block doggy day care.

Ri was off Thursday -We thought about going to the Jax Zoo but were both too tired, and lazy. Rory, again, was up all night :( , and Ri was just exhausted from working alll week
We decided to take a nature walk at ravine gardens instead.

Noobie had fun- and got FILTHY!
We forgot to pick up a bottle of water(or bring a cup)-then, they were sold out of water in the machine -crap- . We grabbed a plastic bottle out of the car and made it part of our adventure..which may have been a mistake as we halfway got lost twisting through trails ,LOL
whoa , the azaleas are really in bloom!

Fairy houses?
We finally made it to the playground, which is the stop after the water fountain - I left Ri and Rory and took Noobs on a run for water.I expected to have to run back with water for them, but turned around to Rory all red after running SOOO FAST with Ri all the way to me. Aww she is soo big.

-though that meant I had to carry her the rest of the way..

Rory took these pics

From my shoulders..

I took this one

Rory BEGGED for red juice - she had seen the ad for it on the machine when we tried to get water, so we got her some before we headed out.
And, somehow Ri talked the filthy wet dog into the riding in the back home

I love the peek-a-boo doggie.

We left dinner plans up to Rory , she decided we would have PIZZA. Yum :)
She was tuckered out pretty early from all that.
She tried to fight sleep soo hard , her little head was bouncing up and down...but then I laid her down and her eyes popped open and she was up all night.
I do not think I could have been more grumpy and irritable...grrr.
I am not sure when we ever got to sleep Friday, I spent most of the day completely zombiefied, and grumpy.
Rory was overtired why machine the whole day..didn't help.

Somehow, Ri found the energy to wake up and give the dog a much needed bath on Saturday.Which means there is a trail of fluff through the house ,a vacuum bag full of what could probably knit a large sweater, and a very fuzzy dog in my house.

Then,Nana& Pop stopped in to visit. They brought Rory a few nice things and chatted a little before Ri went to work.
Rory spent the day painting with the set Nana had brought her.We also went outside and picked orange blossoms, there aren't many yet this year,but they smell amazing... the only thing those poor old trees are good for, I hope they bloom A LOT more so I can make a bunch of essental oil this year .
I spent most the day uploading pics on myspace, speaking of, it seems like everyone is catching up with me there lately. -hey strangers- it is nice to get contact with a few people. i need to stay in better contact with them though, forgive me for that I am terrible at keeping in touch.bad, I am sorry..
I made mannicotti for dinner,turned out awesome. Rory even grubbed. Though having girl scout cookies and ice cream to bribe her with may have been a factor.

Rory unfortuantly stayed up far too late.... uh, then she did fall asleep and tried to lay down with Ri,only for my itchy noise sensitive ears to bother me too much, and him to suddenly begin to snorem WTF? since when does he snore? It was only unbarable because my ears have been so yucky feeling. I hope I am not getting sick.

Today, despite my sleepy zombie state I cleaned..still trying to get dog fuzz off of everything. How does she shed soo much after a bath?
Sort of surprised we didn't end up going anywhere during the weekend...and waiting on Lissy to go into labor.
I noticed water spraying outside, it looked like the AT&T building had a sprinkler on.. but it isn't a sprinkler- it is a big busted water main ,spraying into the road in front of my house. It is sunday so no one came in and I really did not know who,if anyone to call.. I probably should have called someone.Seems weird to make a service call to At&t for them to service their own substation LOL. I did see my neighbors stop and check it out, considering my neighbors consist mostly of meddling retired men if there was anything to do about it they probably did...but as it stand at 7 am that thing is still spraying.

Rory fell asleep REALLY early at 10 or so..I rushed to turn off all the lights and lay down myself, but mostly just layed there wishing I could sleep ,and not understanding that I couldn't.AHHHHH.. Until Rory (of course) woke up after midnight, bright eyed. -sigh-
On the bright side ,Ri came home with loads of groceries and made us a huge unhealthy fried foods and italian soysage sub dinner. yumm. Rory ate loads too and had ice cream dessert.

Well , good thing Ri only works at Nalus tomorow afternoon.

Well, it is 7 am - the trash just got picked up,
I have a childs teeth to polish..maybe there will be sleep,maybe not..
at least I can smell those orange blossoms


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