Saturday, March 28, 2009

Of braids, Lil Mr.Cole,photoshoppin' skillz ,and other stuff

I should be writing this- but I am sooo lazy lately. I don't feel like doing anything. It is a good thing for you I am too lazy to drag any more pics into photoshop right now, and there is nothing good on-
Some pics of Rory helping me clean Wednesday:

Yeah, I put her to work. She decided she likes to wear her hair in braids. Tuesday she wore one braid, and asked me to do pigtail braids next time.

Ri let me sleep in most the day Thursday which was beyond needed. I was a total zombie. I slept so hard I woke up sore. Lissy had been calling all morning telling RI to hurry up and bring me over to see Nickolai -but Ri wasn't about to wake me up. We started getting dressed and making a list when I finally got up late afternoon.
We had Rory pick some flowers while we sat out front and wrote a list.

Can you believe I took her braids down, and brushed it out only for her to tell me to put them back in?? Well, at least I am getting a little better at french braiding(which I am terrible at)

Ri drove the backway into the neighborhood Lissy lives in, and I couldn't remember exactly where Lissy lived- until he drove past it- and I knew. We turned around and found it.. RI wasn't sure that was her house, but her cat in the window gave it away.

Lissy gave us the tour- it is smaller than I thought.- small rooms, but A decent size place- they are working on much of the house , and have turned one finished room into what they call "the apartment" .
OH- about that fish tank... when Boo got there he and Ri were talking while I cuddled the baby .. I didn't hear them say one of the fish got caught on the suction pipe and died , or that they flushed it until Rory told me. I thought she was telling me a story- until I repeated it to RI and Boo and they said it was true. I missed the fishy funeral. Rory was ok with it though.

Aww! I got to cuddle my nephew and take loads of pics-
He likes to be swaddled up tight like a little bean, Rory didn't like that after her 1st day, it is sooo cute- but don't let him get a foot out there will be hell to pay

he had his circ a few days ago and is healing really well-I am glad they were stl in hosp when he got that done- but I am really glad we didn't have to make decisions like that with Rory-

she held him for awhile too...

then she ran off because she found out aunt Lissy had chips
- but you know I had to keep getting pics

He is starting to look more babyish- instead of squishy newborny- Mom told me that before I went. Ri said the same thing as well.

Aww, check out those looong fingers, he has Lissy's hands.

Not sure what nickname is gonna stick for Nickolai ,yet.Plenty to choose from. They like Cole(or Coal, or kole - not sure they agreed on how they want is spelled yet)- I told her it should be Cole like Mr.Cole 12 monkeys style :) little Bruce Wllis nod,because we all know Lissy worships him ;)
I think I may need to call him Lil Mr Cole for just that reason. Lissy says some have taken to call him Bourgie like BooJr. And Wes(his godfather) wants to call him Cola- Lissy said that was one of the factors in adding the k to Nickolai , to NOT have Cola in his name, which is why Wes decided he loved it.

I dunno why my hair looks nappy- I think over washing, forgive that.

We even got to watch a boy style diaper change, compleate pee accident style diaper change- where he soaked the bed! hehe.
We had planned on going to the park right next to their house, but we got there so late-my fault- that we didn't have time. We will have to plan for that another time.

Lissy's IV bruise- ouch

We were getting ready to go to the store, Rory did NOT want to leave, Boo tried to joke "If you stay here I will put you to work on the house" - fail.. she was all for that.

So he gave her a hammer and nail to work on the bedroom floor ,
She was like " I have to stay now mommy!"

The store with an overtired hungery child was no treat- and included me taking her to the car while Ri checked out. Sigh. 4 yr olds are hard work, she has been more stressful than need be and hard to handle.
I should have been cleaning Friday- but instead I did the kitchen and played online or in Photoshop- but I learned some nice Photoshop tricks-

Hey Lissy , do you like your make over??

The PS techniche tutorial I followed to get this pic - told me the next step for a dreamy baby pic was to make it black and white- How could I not show that beautiful blonde baby fuzz though???
Ri's mom stopped in unannounced - seeing my messy house, but she didn't stay long and it was an alright visit.She has been talking to Sari(sis in law) again and they seem to be getting along, so that is great news.

Oh- and while cruising the net I found a pretty good site on the on going drama involving the local missing 5 yr old Haleigh Cummings ,so if you did come here by googling my typo in search of updates - worth checking for updates , and can give you more links to more info- if you feel like adding such stress to your life, that is. Please, keep praying or sending good thoughts to that family.

Today, I woke up to a sweltering house , the digi thermostat wouldn't work! changed the batteries and mashed the reset button- the damn thing read "no" before going blank again! NO! I need air! Ri said he noticed it when he left, but he didn't open the windows- :( house was on fire! Muggy and trying to hail out.ugh. I called mom and she decided to stop in here with JJ. JJ touched the thing and it started working. WOOHOO- but wth?
Yay- at least I have ac.. and yes I left it on through "earth hour"
Rory has been sleepy and fussy since she woke up- dunno why she got up then, but oh well, maybe I can coax her to a decent bedtime hour, Fingers crossed, right?

wow- feels like this week/month is flying past.
I am off to pretend to clean the living room.


North Carolina Mom said...

I think I've said this before, but whenever I see pictures of your daughter it reminds me of when my oldest was my only child. There is just something awesome about having one child to focus on, and something nice I would imagine about being the only child! your daughter is beautiful.

babyhellfire said...

Thanx! I think you have said that before ;) , I am really enjoying having just one to focus on... I thought I would always feel the need for another child, but since having her i have not. I can't imagine it.Rory seems to adore being an only child and thankfully she does have plenty of children close to her.