Sunday, March 22, 2009


HEY!!! As you can probably guess my lil sis Lissy had her baby-- but you must wait for all that just like we did ,and hear the whole story, in my fatigued, poorly typed , and badly punctuated blogging style .

..hey where are you going?! No scrolling! You will get to the pics soon enough :p

My last blog ended with me headed for some benadryl and sleep- car seat in the living room , just in case we needed to ride to see Lissy while Ri worked, and just waiting on a phone call from Lissy.I guess that means I should have thought to put my phone near my bed.
Instead, I woke up to someone banging on the door, it was Val, Ri had sent her to wake me when everyone tried to contact him because they couldn't reach me. Lissy had started having regular contractions and was on her way to the birthing center! Val only popped in to wake me up and headed out(she was on her way to palatka, and I can't thank her enough for stopping in for me) , leaving me frantically search for my cell(which was buried in the couch cushions ,right under Rory's sleeping head.) .

I tried to call back all the people that had called me,trying to get ahold of Lissy figure out what was going on.
I got up and dressed and waited for info, trying to figure out if Ri should leave work to take me to the birth center. Got a hold of Lissy for a sec she said they were sending her home hoping she would dilate more and telling her to come back later.
So I went back to in hand.
I spent the day editing my myspace profile while Rory ran around the house playing with her little pets.She helped me make the most simple blueberry cobbler recipe.(which Ri thought was AWESOME)

Got ahold of Bo and Lissy in the afternoon, to see if I should make Ri ditch his night job, but said they were once again coming back home from the birth center.
I guess they DID end up staying though, until later that night- to the point I took a shower with the kid and restarted getting ready to go so we could load the car and go once Ri got home..but no, they sent her home again.Telling her it would be soon, get some rest , come back. Mom stayed the night with her. She said she was up most the night contracting , trying not to wake Mom or Boo.
I was starting to fear she would birth in the

When RI got home we had a super quick small dinner-I was up till 5 am with Rory, long after he passed out on the couch.

I barely slept... I am not even sure why not. Stress and allergies mostly, I was worried about Lissy too , tbh, not quite sure what was going on or if I should be around or not.

Ri was off Saturday morning - but he was scheduled to work his night job.Boo called in the afternoon to tell me they had been at the birthing center all morning, and that Lissy was progressing quicker now- but that were going to move to the hospital because the midwife was there caring for another mother( I do not want to imagine how much that must have stressed Lissy- that really sucks).

I wasn't sure what to do.. should I go, with Rory and all, or stay home awhile longer, or not? Lissy had been adamant she wanted me there, but much had changed since the water birth she had planned, and Boo seemed to be encouraging me to wait till it was later- as much, just in case it would still be a much longer time.
Ri was just like "screw it, get dressed, we can get Indian food while we are in the city"
So we headed out. Stopped to let Rory buy a little pet from the dollar store with money she had saved up, it entertained her for the longest time in the car, and later the waiting room so it was a good idea.
-Dang, that was a long drive, I felt bad for the thought of laboring Lissy traveling there. Rory slept most the way. Woke up when we got there and got incredibly lost trying to find Labor&delivery in the huge labyrinth hospital.
Boo had to come out and find us. The nurses started to stop us because children under 12 besides siblings aren't allowed in the L&D rooms, but Rory introduced herself and batted her eyelashes and all the nurses said- "we didn't see you".
We chatted for a little, watched Lissy breath through some contractions,but she was pretty much still stuck at 5 cm.
We made sure they had our numbers to call us- about EVERYTHING pls. and headed out.
Hungry in search of indian... which included some faulty info from our outdated GPS. We went to this cute restaurant that Ri had heard was both voted the best in Jax, and the "worst indian I have ever had" by different people. I think Rory loved the place, it was painted pink inside with beautiful art on the walls- she batted her eyes at the waiter when he told her Arora is a common indian name and that he liked it.-she liked the waiter she smiled everytime he passed it was very cute. Place was empty when we got there and ordered. it filled up fast- and the food was awesome! Rory tasted everything and ate really well (between flirting with our older Indian gentleman waiter , and playing with her new littlepetshop toy).

We called and checked - but Bo said not much more was happening yet.More contractions, harder. We went on to the mall.Let Rory run a muck walking in a few stores, begged Rory to behave and stop demanding things.ugh. We finally got her to behave with offers of a cookie when we left. She both behaved and was eager to leave when we finally decided to head out.
When we called after the mall Boo said it seemed like Lissy was progressing more, baby was close effaced , but Lissy just wasn't dilating more. - he said Stef and Wes were also in the waiting room waiting. I told him we would stop and grab a pizza for him and mom and head there.

We waited in freezing little room for HOURS- the whole night- With Stef and Wes.. watching bad tv. WHY, WHY , did I not bring the laptop?!?! jeeeez. Mom did pop out and have the tiniest bit of bread stick that Rory forced on her. Every couple of hours I would call Boo, he told me they had given her Pitocin to try and get her to dilate more, she was refusing pain killers along with it-brave girl.

Rory played with more energy than she should have had before finally cuddled Stef-

and fell asleep.
Me and Ri decided to sneak downstairs- and all the way past the smoke free parking lot for a smoke, letting Stef watch Rory . -Found a much needed throw sized blankey in the car too- sweet!
We came back up- I read the book I brought, watched bad tv, chatted some more- pretended we could sleep on the slippery hard cold chairs, and started to wonder if we would need to take Rory home and leave before the baby came :( .
Ri had to work in the morn and it was getting well past midnight.
FINALLY,Boo came rushing out to tell us he was finally there, he showed us a picture - Nickolai Orion Solana was born at 1:19 am March 22, weighing 8lbs 5oz and 22 inches long(yeah , I bet Lissy was really glad he wasn't the almost 10 lbs they had predicted).- here is a pic Boo took

They had to take him to the nursery immediately because both he and Lissy were running fevers, - though then she knew at least , that with the fever she would have had ended up going to the hospital (instead of the birthing center) either way .. She did get a tear- 3 stitches. :(
She said they were telling her for soo long not to push- even though he was effaced and bearing down and she felt the urge she wasn't fully dilated,or dilating.she said that was the worst and made her scream worse than the contractions. Eventually her midwife told her go ahead and push if you have to, and it was only a few pushes.Boo said he actually jumped up and down when he was finally born.

Lissy was upset she didn't have him when we went in, they said they were going to take him for an hour to check him out and monitor him and stuff. They brought her a picture of him, stef recorded some vids-

Ri ran out to get food for everyone-
- he was back before Nickolai was.They said it was the best burger ever(whataburger), but i do think starvation was a factor.
Rory again got past the nurses with cuteness.and "not really being there". All of the nurses there were so nice and chatted with all of us, a million convos, and laughs I can barely remember..

They finally brought him back and the nurse(maybe Lc?) started to shoo everyone out of the room to help Lissy breastfeed him the 1st time- but Lissy was like "No, they are staying if they don't like it they will look away!", :) and just got ready to nurse him without a bit of modesty about it AWESOME , and Nickolai latched right on like he had been doing it for months, - I have never seen a newborn nurse like that- he even stayed on that side for awhile, burped switched sides and nursed even more-

Yes, Lissy was right he has very blond hair.

Looking at his long long fingers

There was no getting him to let go once he got to eat.
Rory says she loves him and he is sooo cute!

Stef rubbing his head .

After he finally finished nursing their nurse Edith (who was adorable and hilarious and I failed to get a decent pic of)- tried to help Boo wrap him up... but he did not like his blanket being messed with.OOOooo he has a temper.

Boo only got to hold him a second before Mommy stole him,and helped Rory hold him.

Mom said even while they were holding him he started sticking his tongue out again to nurse!

-We were hiding out behind the curtain while the took Lissy to pee

While,Rory was practicing making baby burritos with Boo and Grammy.

- and then Nickola got right back on the boobie-
She looks TIRED
I know you are thinking, I am some huge breastfeeding advocate so I made this all about the boob- but no,as proud as I am of Lissy I really tried to get some pics where he wasn't nursing, and only got a couple. That boy is all about the boob. I hope they continue to have that much luck ,and a smooth road. Breastfeeding can be sooo tricky for something so natural.
We left after that, we took mommy to her car at Lissy's house too- all that long way home. Mom and Rory slept in the back while me and poor Ri tried to stay awake.

I knew Rory would be up all night-er day- after managing to fit in so many naps through out the crazy long day-but after getting home,playing a little bit and munching on mangoes she passed out, and I followed... happily, despite the way going to bed at 6 am is usually hard for me.

I woke early that afternoon to her yelling from the bathroom, she needed her butt wiped. I was sleeping crazy hard to not have heard her call for me the 1st few times... and not even know she up. Ri had left for work much earlier, after getting just enough sleep to make him more groggy.He spent the day downing energy drinks to get by.

I woke up and zombied about the house for a few hours- I think I half heartdly made Rory cereal - and stared into the simpson dvd before I finally moved made coffee and had grilled cheese.
Got my hair did at Rory's barbershop- put claymation, and paper costumes on Little pets watched some tv, cleaned the kitchen made laundry soap... I had a lot to do today and I barely put a dent in it.

I talked to Ri's mom and told her all the good news... and chatted about news stories. Talked to mom some- had to tell her how well the pro-pest control stuff worked.

I also got to talk to Lissy for awhile.She said everything is going well , he was a bit sleepier today- she was able to get some naps in, but she also had to wake him to feed him a few times.

Rory started getting way way way over tired and irritated frustrated by it from 9 on. I put her in a time out a few times. I took away two thrown toys.. I told her I was on the phone with aunt Lissy who has an actual baby that was less fussy than her.. and wound up swaddling her like a baby burrito and laying her in her bed to watch jungle book. She didn't crash though, instead she asked me to make her oatmeal. She felt better after she ate... even better after Ri came home and we made setain hotwings, and a bunch of frozen veggies(which I WILL post about along with lactation bar recipe one of these days . ) . Rory ate really good- and got past fussy tired, into the over tired ,goofy giggly hyper active tired.. that lasted until well after Ri fell asleep on the couch.
-She has been asleep a LONG time now...but I dunno why I am up.Sigh.

Well anyway.. Boo said Lissy should be able to come home sometime Tuesday- I can't wait to see her, and hold Nickolai, and get loads of pics of him.Rory either, I think she has asked about him every 10 mins since we left the room.
Forgive me if this post is long and rambly- night all... or um Good morning



2manyboyz said...

I'm one of those weirdos who loves birth stories. Thanks for sharing your sister's and all the pics. Glad she has so many loving family members to support her. That little man will be in good hands.

sandra said...

Congratulations! Baby boy is gorgeous. He weighs the same as Andrew did at birth. Your sister looks AWESOME. I loved it whenever my sisters would have a baby, what a feeling! Make sure to smell that wonderful addicting newborn head whenever you get a chance... HUGS

North Carolina Mom said...

Congratulations Auntie! He is gorgeous and so is your sister! I love the picture of your sister holding him and they are looking at each other.

Libby said...

Sorry, His crazy slob of an ex is stalking your blog sis. I can't believe she's this obsessive that she's posting my Delivery story. That's ok, I think it's time for legal action.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.