Friday, March 6, 2009

Cramps are keeping me from coming up with a clever title imagine how thought out this blog post will be.

Not much to post-well ,no that isn't true maybe there is,but not much I actually feel like posting.
Too little sleep, and too much irritability
- what's that , I sound bitchy PMS, you say ? Nah, you wouldn't say such a thing you would know better than to talk smack to a nocturnal chick during shark week.

-wait, pause to yell for the child to turn music down. JEEEEZ she is only 4,RIGHT?!?!?

I have been watching way, way, too much tv online while Rory makes a mockery of anything that once resembled organization in this house.
Lissy has visited a few times- once bringing me coffee with Boo, and today bringing me a gallon of milk and the last sticker for Rory's LPS collector koala.
On Lissy news- they decided to name the baby Nickolai (not sure on the spelling they are going with) Orion - CUTE huh?? so, may have influenced her a bit about not sticking with Nickolas Elijah , I am a name ruiner. She wanted to let Bo be more involved in picking the name- by just going with Nickolai (which she was going to call him) and letting Bo pick a middle name. ALSO, they FINALLY closed and moved into their house Yay- but it needs some work, and poor Lissy is a ways from being able to settle in and really nest, like you know anyone with only a few weeks to go wants.

Made a few yummy dinners this week-This one is worth mentioning , we had plans to make stir fry, but didn't realize we were out of soy sauce until we had all the veggies in the pan and the tofu dried out! Ri tried out the Thai green curry paste he bought and we had thai dinner instead.

SOOOOO good- and evil spicy. Rory had a plate without soy sauce.
OOOHH! Check out who found an apron shirt in the vintage baby clothes me and Lissy had went through the night before!! YES, she also found the famed purple apron.She is very content now she has three mini aprons to help cook in. She has been a great dinner helper- and eater. I think with all the food in her lately, and the sleep she gets(at irregular times) she will probably be 7ft tall sometime next week.
She liked her stir fry dinner,and makes weird faces when I take pics now....

I was soo stressed about the messy messy house- that I wasn't able to keep clean with Rory's constant mess making that Tuesday I stayed home to spend the entire day alone cleaning , and sent Ri to the store with Rory . I reorganized the entire livingroom. Putting her little pet playsets ALL in her room, and FINALLY finding my tables underneath the piles of crafts all over them.I put all the craft stuff together in the living room..but it didn't last long. She DID,however, start playing with her toys in ehr room so that is pretty cool.

We have been eating a lot of sandwhiches this week too. Ri bought cheese and raided the discount bread section, and Rory has even ate sandwhiches,told ya she is seriously easting is she is eating entire meals where foods are even touching and such.

Thursday was Ri's other day off this week.. he made it his goal to give me a great day(I did mention I was sleepless ,depressive ,irritable pms wreck- yeah, well you can't fault him for trying to help). He let me sleep in, which I really needed.He fixed the tub/shower switch which has been stuck halfway for damn near a year,(it required him buying a tbar thingy to turn of the water on tuesday), and he ordered all the " hooray for FLA pest control" crap we needed... but I was still sort of grumpy, and grumpy I was grumpy- and just depressive.

Rory spent Thursday morning coloring and decided she needed to take a picture she finished to one of her grammys - We decided to go to Rians moms and make her dinner..

Rory colored MORE-

Ri made "chik'n" pot pie ((soooo yummmy!!!) ,mashed potatoes,and biscuits- and his mom made cornbread and cake.
we had a really nice time. She gave Rory cats too!- furreal friends white tigers- they respond,meow, and do everything a cat does, except eat pricey food and pee on the couch. We were worried Noobie would try to eat them, but she doesn't care about them at all.
Rory stayed up way too late.... and then I couldn't sleep. House full of sleeping people/critters and I was wide awake.

I did make some neat things with the dehydrator Friday, some raw food oatmeal cookies, a couple pizza crusts made of mostly seeds - which was great covered in satteed veggies,and another banana crepe thing. Rory did grub on the pizza yesturday...but she has seriously been a bottomless pit.
Last night she begged me to make peas, of all things.

Oh- so, I have no way to segway into this I will just get right to it. I have blogged before about The story of G and if that gives you any idea, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before G kept heading in that direction and finally hit rock bottom, go to jail,and lose his kids. Well ,it happend the other day. A local thrift store called him in for an apperant DUI- when he parked too close and passed out in his truck out front with his kids in the car.. he& M made a scene that everyone in the neighborhood witnessed including sis in law(Mel)'s hubby , he was charged with neglect of the two kids they had with them,they found cokaine in his car,and a straw to use it..he has a lot of charges against him.Ri talked to him last night, he said his parents have custody of his four kids and only allowed scheduled monitored vistiation and he and M are staying in a hotel for the time being.UGH, just UGH. I am glad the children weren't hurt , I really don't know what else to say about it.

Today was a gorgeous gorgeous day- after Lissy, and aunt flo woke me early I couldn't get back to sleep. I tried to get Lissy hooked on my new fav tv show (United states of Tara) , and she left Then, I tried to get Rory to spend sometime out side. She has a bad hangnail on her baby toe that has caused at least three freak outs( I think it is the little bit of blood she sees as much as pain,she felt better when I told her the blood was trying to make it better). I finally talked her into both shoes and picking flowers to get her out there in the beautiful spring weather.

.. but not for long at all, before she was back in the kitchen with me while I cleaned.

I think she was testing me. I hope I passed

She asked for my email adress, you know you really shouldn't give those out.

Then she started playing with her crafting sticks in her hair.. and I had an idea

(pretend my floor is cleaner and you can't see my laundry basket)

She says it is Mulan hair

One thing is for sure, things are never dull with Rory...
Well, Ri is home, Rory needs a bath and I am megacrampy. LATA

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North Carolina Mom said...

Very cute Mulan hair! (I thought I lost your blog address, but then I found it!) Hope you are all doing well!