Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hilariously Jaded

HI again!
I figured I would blog a little bit about today before I go off and do stuff tomorrow and overwhelm myself with things to blog.

I haven't been sleeping well in our odd sleep schedule bit of time I get the chance.. surprisingly it's not entirely insomnia caused by the dawn breaking...I am TOO hot, not that it is too hot- just me. Night sweats- something fierce- as soon as I get sleepy even.Perhaps it's the humidity, or allergies I am also sneezing up a storm, I hope I am not getting sick .
Well , that kept me up all morning ..long after Ri got up and ready for work.I took a bath, I tried everything to cool off. Rory got mail this morning, a new pink toy shelfhamper thing from a friend online(thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou)- I hung it before she even woke up ..she isn't too impressed with how high the top shelf of it is.Thing is huge.

I did get to sleep for a little bit- the sound of the power company finally cutting down that dangling tree limb woke us up.Though somehow it was really neat to watch them cut it down around the wire.We snacked on fruit and sat at the window..oh, how easily we are entertained ,huh?

It was finally not raining...Rory begged for a bike ride
-we ran into Jade(ri's 14 yr old nephew).Who begins every meeting with the most shockingly inappropriate thing he can think of to say "I have a 16 yr old bisexual girlfriend" ..and "I saw some kids smoking in the locker room today"

he's a good kid though..and Rory thinks he is hilarious.

My camera foiled Jade- he took this pic with my cam upside down, but it rights itself
(i was distracted by people coming in the park)

Got home and jumped in ANOTHER shower- it was sooo hot I was dripping.Rory came in and joined me. While the dog drank twenty bowls of water.

Oh, I checked on out little garden today- and we have wee little seedlings!! Rory's chamomile is doing the best, the little pot was so full of little leaves i almost thought it was algae!
I handed the net over to Rory , put on the radio and cleaned up a bit.Not as much as I meant to though..didn't vacuum or concur the laundry pile-sigh.Instead I coaxed the net back from Rory with a RocketPop and laid down half asleep all evening cruising the net,until Ri got home.

Been messing around with photoshop some more

I thought my tangly hair would make good mermaid hair..but you can't really tell.I plan on trying the mermaid pic again.

Tomorrow( now) it will be 10 YEARS since we 1st kissed.. ten years we have been together! crazy.
He has the day off . We need to head to St.auggy to get the oil changed. Hopefully,Lissy(and fam) she will meet us up there, we can hang out and be touristy.
It should be a very nice day :)

(Val took this pic on my birthday-i'm fairly certain it was the night of- almost 10 yrs ago...and yes that makes me feel old)

Well, its 6thirty in the morn, I need some sort of sleep... off to go be a zombie


Anonymous said...

ooh what a pretty pretty mermaid...not digging the zombie, tho, creepy...but well done..and did you grow chamomile from a seed? i've been looking everywhere for a chamomile plant for my garden, i failed spectacularly at growing it from seeds.

babyhellfire said...

yeah, well spouted a little so far, wouldn't even call it a plant yet.. we got a pack of seeds from lowes. threw them in my compost dirt in a pot they are doing really good, sprouting already.. At this rate I will be able to give you a plant.

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome