Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lots of words that prove I suck at communicating ,OR...

....the blog post in which I only took pictures of the back of peoples heads?
the blog post where I bitch and moan about everything and nothing?
the blog post where I apologize for being a complete asshole this week?
the blog post where I contemplate suicide over the death of Micheal Jackson-HARDLY!(though there are people doing that) and post long remembrances of the celebs who have died?
the blog post about how I have searched for shoes that fit Rory in a dozen stores and haven't found any?
the blog post where I whine about my bladder/uti/yeast/kidney (perhaps all of the above)or whatever sort of weird infection that has made my lower body ache?
the blog post where I ramble on about how I hate to be "that sort of woman" and hate more, people that make me feel the need to become "that sort of woman"(don't worry you don't have to understand that one, no one else does-sigh- )?

I don't entirely feel like posting anything beyond that opener tidbit of tmi... I guess I should though..

Not much been going on this week- Been hanging with Lissy.
Ri had some extra time off between bad weather and his 10yr High School reunion(which is was completely indecisive on going to- I did NOT want to go- , last minute decided he would just show up - a situation which he didn't explain to me and left me to call worried, to be told he was there, and later still there but on his way home, and MUCH later..still there,it's not funny or cute ....-double sigh-)

Well anyway. Thursday
Momo(Ri's gram) DID stop in for a minute and chatted, played with Rory brought us asparagus casserole , brownies and pie. She brought Rory some bath stuff and some stuffed bunnies (which she has not put down).Momo is a great lady :).

Ri and Jade finally DID manage to find the backyard under all that overgrowth and junk. I feel a lot better about that.
Friday (after Lissy came over and helped me consume some of that yummy pie from Momo and let me play with the baby-sorry no pics :( ) .. a NASTY storm came through and knocked out our power.Ri wasn't feeling too great anyway and left nalu's -called in to cowboys and came home. The power wasn't out tooo long thank goodness.
..but Friday night was when I started feeling like ass. I think I may have actually slept in the bathtub fr a little while as all my girly bits and lower body ached. I should probably make an appt, and I might if I continue to feel yucky- but for now its cranberries and water's enough to put me in a very very foul mood enough that was not happy saturday-even though Ri bought pizza and let me nap all day, while he got up with Rory who has been a tiny bit less nocturnal
..and a bit overly bitchy by Saturday night when, I am glad he had fun,
but felt very forgotten, and somewhat like a domesticated house cat (see, its irrational and makes little sense)
- and irritated about the exchange I didn't want to have, my lack of ability to communicate it..and the fact that we have had this same conversation before and I still feel this way so it seems a waste of effort to have it again.

He knew I was irritated he had no idea why( and yes,yes that does make my irrational irritations worse.).I feel bad for him. I am a huge bitch- I know that.

Sunday he worked all day and I zombied around the house.,,spending loads of time in the tub trying to feel better.
Rory drove me insane with the "ask one hundred million questions about every little thing" game and then threw a huge overtired tantrum for hours ,and decided she couldn't possibly sleep till her dad got home. GRrrrrr. -angry

And despite going to bed LATE I woke up to Rory and Noobie staring down at me..
and Ri telling me to go out with Lissy.He begged her to get me out of the house thinking it would improve my mood.So ... Lissy came and got us.
We went shopping a little - watched how fast pocket change can disappear.Hung out at Lissy's for a little while Rory played with the cat - who is already somehow visibly preggy! (and Lissy is already telling Rory she can have a kitten).We went to kmart ,then stopped in and chatted with Aunt Marla about all the fam drama for a while before heading back to Lissy's-
Boo was supposed to go out fishing with his family but decided not to.
They coaxed me into a walk in the dark to the river

She had so much fun racing up those stairs- and Boo chased it it was cute. Shoulda thought to video it
Ri met up with us on the way back
and we caught the train .
OMG- How did I manage to not get fat fat baby pics?!?! I musta been too busy playing with him and talking to him.

I was starving had barely ate all day and talked Ri into stopping for burger king on the way home :)
Rory ate an ENTIRE chicken nugget big kids meal!whoa.

Yesterday, It was stormy and Ri's boss decided not to open.We hung out- decided to go to Val's
Ri ended up coming back for Rory's bathingsuit, it cleared up enough the kids were playing in the pool.Rory had a blast splashing with Brad and Seth.Val told us she likes the local chinese place.. we hadn't been thrilled with it since the last owners got bought out- but decided we would try it again. It was really yummy- mmm and Rory always eats soo good when we have chinese food for dinner. We grubbed on leftovers all day today too.

Rory woke up today wanting to go on a bike ride... but I could barely detach her from Alladin .
Once I finally got her and Noobie out the door the bug bites and the mugginess were too much for us.. we stopped in the nearby park where all the equipment was too hot to play on and just decided to head home

..well, after collecting a flower.

We were imensly lazy most the day. I am still a bit grumpy-..but the sunset looked cool tonight

and I finally feel a little better physically.
Ri has tomorrow off and we are trying to figure out what to do with ourselves.

OOOhhh - and we heard he people who were interested in renting the house might not be anymore :( . My hopes weren't too far up on the whole deal yet,but it does sere as a reminder to keep trying to get out of this shitty bfe town and horrible house... I mean, this wonderful house , in a quaint neighborhood that just isn't right for us anymore!,yeah.

Well , I am going to go google some such nonsense.maybe even shave my legs or clean up or something I should be doing instead of typing

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