Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am certain that under the sea of toys there is still a floor.

It's time I clean the house....which means I am going to pop in the memory card and start a blog
Lissy( fueled by Mom's input) has put this idea in my head for another blog.. I am thinking I may start working on it this week. Fairy tales, poetry, stories and photoshop imagery(sort of like this post of mine.. it is the pics that will take sometime, but HOPEFULLY I will get around to that and have a new update for you soon.

I think I have already expended my energy for the week and it's not near weekend yet.
Rory's stomach sick sent her flying into even worse nocturnamode. (which you should know by now is HELL on me).
I am a raging PMS bubble-someone/thing must have sent my cycle shifting longer... which means I had a whole weeks worth of PMS-raging symptoms and hormones-, and worrying that it might not be just pms-before my period showed up TODAY with all her baggage.
I am just not happy now, if my cycle is irregular it make charting my ovulation much harder.add that to late periods and you have me obsessively freaking.
Ri is getting a vasectomy dammit, that is all there is to it, we can no longer rely on this loose method of BC.Or maybe between the bleeding and the fits of hormones I will rip my reproductive parts out?

I know, I know you SOOO wanted to read all that.

Sunday-Rory woke up crazy crazy late and I got up grumpy- Ri called and said he was having a shitty day and wouldn't be getting off work early either..
in an effort to turn it all around I showered and then started exercising. Rory and I did ab Pilates exercises and then yoga, where I did yoga and she climbed on me .. push up pose is much harder with a 4 yr old on your back. Then I cranked up music. Rory was fussy so I did silly dances for her, I even busted out my old tap shoes to show her that I remember some stuff :) . Rory decided she prefers ballet, and put on her shoes and danced, it was super cute.

Lissy decided to pop in and pick up the baby stuff I had put aside for her. she made it here right after Ri got home. Rory was being a bit over demanding but she had fun cuddling mr.cole.Lissy is talking about letting us watch him one of these late nights since we are up when he seems to be up.

We were exhausted by the end of the night , she still stayed up till past dawn somehow. I am thinking I might be better off flip her schedule now :( .

Monday - Ri took everything out of the car and laid the backseat flat so he could hopefully fit our bikes in it...Rory woke up insanely late in the afternoon again. Val called and asked if we would like to go hang out. I am not sure why, and wasn't sure I wanted to.. but I was like "yeah Rory needs to get of the house, if you want to pick us up"- Seth was in a day camp thing, Rory played with Val's dog and cats while we sat around chatting. It was nice to have some adult convo.Then went and picked Seth up from the bus stop.

Rory just wanted to be a tv zombie most of the time.Seth looks too big in his glasses . Had to coax Rory into her bathing suit, and she demanded that she did not want in it..until She got outside in her suit, like I knew she would.-sigh.
Seth and Rory had a blast playing but were also both being fussy and not sharing - you know the sort of fights kids have. It was funny tho-0h and laughing soo hard hurt my sore from working out abs soo bad!) .
Val and Tom made dinner they had pork chops while we had potatoes and peas . Rory had snacked most the day but she ate pretty good.Then talked about crafting with Val and gave her an idea

Rory had sooo much fun doing this she is still talking about it-

We stayed pretty late Seth fell asleep , and Rory was battling staying longer. I was hoping RI could pick us up on his was but he was still pretty far when we were ready, so I asked Val to take us home. I surer thought Rory was sleepy and she would go to bed as fussy as she was- but she did not... up all night.

Ri came home with our bikes YAY! His Coworker rebuilds - or makes bikes from old junk ones, and has a charity of sorts , giving away bikes to people in need. Ri had wiped the viruses off his laptop , we offered to pay as well for the bikes but he wouldn't accept it.
The one Ri got is a bit awkward he says he might trade his friend for a dif one he had.
Ooo I really like my goldy beach cruiser thing. I am soo excited to have a bike. Now I have to figure out how I can ride it with Noobie and Rory. I don't know how Noobie will do.. I am hoping Ri can be the 1st to try that LOL. I am thinking we might have to order (or find out if Ri's buddy can fabricate) one of those adapter things to turn me and Rory's(or just my) bike tandem for Rory to ride with me... we also need a bike rack for the car.

- So yeah, I was sad to wake up to the power blinking because it was storming So HARD Tuesday(and today for that matter).
So no playing with my bike. I guess the power was off long enough for the neighbors to complain-
I made Rory wake up to watch the crew trim around the powerlines

Yes, we are nosy and easily entertained."Coooool! Cherry picker"
-They came out and did it again the next day- they are serious about getting all the branches hanging on our lines this time.
Just been super lazy rainy days hanging around the house..staying up way to late and waking up way too late..Rory making a mess of the living room...

and being fussssssyyy! I am not sure how to deal with her demanding disobeying unappreciative 4yr oldness...especially when she is tired or hungery which feels like always.She keeps time outing herself.Because even she knows when she is being bad and rude and goes to her room instead of being lectured-sigh-.

How long until preschool?!
-total joke people.I am terrified about that.

Today somewhere between writhing in pain,abusing the laptop, and hiding in the shower I made black bean soup.Turned out pretty good.Ri came home with soda and junk food dessert. I am soo glad he is off tomorrow- did I say that already..oh well, tis true.
Well, 4 am time for coffee and cleaning



Anonymous said...

mirena birth control has been working fine for us, might be something for you to consider instead of a visectomy, thats pretty permanent and you guys are still very young. -sari

babyhellfire said...

Very permanent .We want permanent. and I do not want hormones.

there are about one hundred reasons - many I have been pretty open about here.Yes. we are young, but we also have a child and do not need to bring another into the world-with our shit genetics-
when there are plenty of others out there, and when neither of us enjoyed the pregnancy-labor- newborn part.
The only reason he hasn't done it is fear, and he even knows that. I am done waiting for it though.he needs to get it done.

✩Molly✩ said...

I enjoyed reading this :) I know ALL about daughters who like to NEVER go to sleep. My Scarlett is EXACTLY the same, and only 2.5...

libby said...

OOOO! yeah! you don't want hormones very, very bad. I like my birth control, it's ten years. You probably wouldn't want that tho. There is always a chance it could slip out of place too.