Sunday, July 26, 2009

A rockstar goes surfing , and her mom has attacking hair!

..and other musing.

Rory is a rockstar!!!

When I run on little sleep, I feel like something goes off in my brain that makes me really chatty- in an odd sort of stream of consciousness way... and yet I don't blog all my weird thoughts..

Like, why do gas stations need balconies?

and why do old extraordinarily large women wear poorly fitting strapless muu-muus?...or why do they even make such things??

What foul creature invented the snooze button? ...and how can Ri press the button and fall asleep for five minutes in between loud ear shattering beeping??

Why is it ,that I always get a song with obscene lyrics stuck in my head?
... and consequently find myself randomly blurting out/mumbling said lyrics??
"I'm a triple rectified ass son of a bitch" OR " I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one"

Why does nephew sit in the hot yard instead of finishing up mowing and getting it over with- so he can come into the AC and hang out?

How did Ri and I get sun burnt even after applying loads of sunblock... and how did Rory manage to NOT get burnt?
...and how does her hair get soo blond in the sun?

What in the hell are my neighbors up too driving soo noisily around their yard that my dog keeps freaking out??

WHY do so many people assume dreads are dirty?! Hmmmm?
My hair is cleaner than anyone who washes their hair straight with chemicals.I do not use honey, wax, peanut butter ... or much of anything on my hair. There is not mold, fungus , slime or anything really on my hair. ... though there are a lot of loose hairs and they will sort of attach themselves to anything they can tangle with if given the chance.... I am starting to feel like my hair is a climbing vine and the loose hair is really fierce tendrils...
reaching out to attack and tangle into anything it can.
I wonder if it is some weird plant that eats people or something.

I can't even remember all such thoughts that passed through my head and probably came out of my mouth -to Ri, who probably now thinks I am insane, or an asshole... or both.

Not been up to a terrible lot. Thursday was pretty nice.

I had dentist appointment I almost forgot about.The dentist appointment sucked. I didn't get any sleep Wednesday night..So,groggy and nervy for the dentist. Where I got to overhear the bubbly blond assistants disgusted by my hair- then suffer a terrible long filling in between back teeth- that put my jaw and lips in a weird pain. ouch.... and then my hair grossed out the poor girl even more deciding that the clamp to the dental bib should become a dread accessory.
We followed that with a long ride to St.Augustine to the beach.

Rory rocked out

Made a pit stop downtown so Ri could pick up loads of that blacksoap he loves... but they didn't have the raw kind.

The beach was crazy nice - we picked up a surf board to borrow from our old neighbor -even got to poke around what used to be our old beach house, they have changed a lot it is crazy. Rory was amazed that we lived there once(it was when Noobs was a pup ,before Rory was born).

Rory thought it was soo cool to walk to the beach from there. Ri even caught a few waves- but he doesn't like that board. Rory wanted to play in the sand and be buried most of the time... the waves were pretty strong when we 1st got there but got a little better when the tide went down behind the big sandbar
... and I didn't bring my camera ...but I it was probably for the best with all the sand and water that got in everything.
Ran into a whole bunch of Ri's coworkers.. somehow we ended up on the same part of beach they were doing surf lessons. I think they even caught a photo of Rory surfing. Rory decided before we left the beach,that she had to get on the board.She is trying to work some deal with Ri that if she gets good at surfing he will get her a pink and purple board.

On the way to bring back the board Rita(our old landlord and neighbor) wanted us to visit with Rory.
Rita is like our Jewish mother. We chatted and reminisced and left with a huge bag of food and a book for Rory.

Rory played with cats. Poor Snowball is in his teens I was surprised to see him still hobbling around.. and still super sweet, but looking like every old kitty starts too look.

The dogs scared Rory at 1st . They barked and came running downstairs - she cried even.Rory is used to dogs, I was surprised it scared her so bad.
... and then the poor male dog felt bad he had scared her. He loved her immediately, and just would not leave her alone, he wanted her to play with him- though he was a bit rough(he nibbles when plays).
So she just sat down to watch tv, and he curled himself around her instead.
...the female was thoroughly confused what the big deal was.
We were chatting about the awesome local discount groceries, that are filled with damaged products from the whole food store- and she was saying how she loves it for being able to find all the specialty kosher stuff cheap..
Rita made us try knishes with applesauce- we had a pretend holiday.

Years ago, when we got Anubis (Noobie) they went and got a puppy from the same litter. and named her Mitzvah- Misty or Mitsy for short..
They were pups together when we lived there fought terribly but loved each other like sisters do.
She died from a snake bite though- I snapped a pic of her memorial on my way out.

I changed Rory into my Beatles shirt for the ride home- to keep her warm, it fit her like a night gown and looked soo cute!

We stopped and raided the discount grocer. Filling up on loads of organic cereal and not so junky junk/convenience foods in damaged boxes or with close dates.
Came home and showered and rubbed as much Shea butter and aloe on us as we could. We got soo burnt. Rory has a little redness under her eyes(where I am always afraid to get sunblock) but is not burnt at all though.
We stopped in and hung out with Val...because for some reason all Rory wanted to do all day was visit her and hang out. She wanted to raid her cabinets and chase her dog and cats, I think.We stayed until I passed out sitting upright at Val's table. I was beyond groggy between the numby weird I get from dental work , and the insomnia.

Seems OCD is causing me a fair amount of insomnia lately.. the end of the night i just fear the routine of getting ready for bed ,and put it off for hours after Rory is in bed-stopping myself from getting much rest.

Besides that not much
.. me and Rory kicking around the house. I love the games she plays with her little pets. She has also learned to write and type her name and is pretty proud of that.
Saturday, Ri finally got Jade to finish mowing the yard- Ri also cleaned up the front of the house. and we got around to the shopping list we had been putting off.
The yard looks nice ,and my kitchen is stocked.
It has been pretty stormy , on one hand I love it and it is nice.. on the other I would have liked anther bike ride today .Noobie spent the day pouting at me about it too. :( .

Well, this was longer than I intended, and I have stuff to clean.

ooooo- ONE MORE THING.Lissy posted a vid of Cole that is too cute- baby velociraptor


LindaN said...

Your tired chatty thoughts make sense and sorry, but your description about your hair's "own life" made me giggle :-)

babyhellfire said...

Glad you can decipher sense in them :).
LOL s'ok I find it pretty funny myself.It is so weird and crazy.I do worry about people being grossed out by my hair, I know a lot of it is ignorance but I still feel bad about it.