Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself as a liar”

Hey- want some vegan brownies???

Rory decided today she needed goodies, to put in the basket on her scooter and ride around the kitchen with. ..and not only do I encourage it ,I help her make brownies.
Yeah,I am that mom. It made her happy. alright, and I wanted them too.

Quick note on my dreads-
My hair is shrinking- it is soo short and frizzy!! crazy crazy frizz halo, loops and lumps sticking out all over- and yet I have been hearing nothing but good things about it from people lately. Weirdly

and I wore it up today.

Been chillaxin' (I really need to stop saying such a stupid thing) lately. Not a terrible lot going on- for me. Catching up on my net addictions.

watching the laptop with my fuzzbuttbaby Noobs-while Rory put finger prints on my camera and filled the freshly clean livingroom with dolls and blankeys.

Today, after putting it off for a long while , I actually got on my bike and rode up and down our little dead end road along with Rory on her bike..
We even braved coming back and getting Noobs.

It was NOT as hard as I feared keeping up with Rory's bike and Noobs, while biking myself. Though I doubt I could manage a camera too, even if I wanted to.
I am still not ready to take such an act on the( actual ) road though.
Maybe soon.OH! and Rory's training wheels came loose( I swear I tighten and retighten them every block I don't think they are meant to go her high speeds) , I could hear them rattle as she raced next to me, and she stayed perfectly upright she is almost ready to get them off ! Wow.

Seems like all Ri's high school buddies that missed the reunion are now in town. That has kept him pretty busy when he has been off work.

Saturday(and I know, I am totally skipping around instead of my typical rewind)
we were invited to the beach .
An old friend of Ri's had came into town and rented a beach house."Friend of Ri's"
OR" obnoxious asshole guy who made fun of me in school". ..yeah
I am starting to wonder if such things go hand in hand.
Not the 1st such old friend of Ri's to want to hang out.
I was nervous. Last time I saw him he spouted off some really rude crass shit to me-
,right in front of my then new BF Ri, and Ri's redneck easily roweled up buddy.. who I then had to stop from killing him. Fun stuff.
Anyway, George invited us - and a couple of their other local buddies- to the beach.
He had came down with his girlfriend and her daughter who is Rory's age.
So now, lets add meeting new people to meeting up with people that used to make fun of me ,and bathing suits . Great . social anxiety is soo fun.

Ri's friend Tristan has proven before to be a really good buffer between such douchebags.. I dunno how to explain it, Tristan's form of douchebaggery balances theirs?, or perhaps he just gets made fun of instead of me...- so I was sort of really hoping tris would come, but no one could get a hold of him.
Ri's other buddy Kenny did come , and rode with us there.
Which did prove sort of entertaining because apparently George used to tease him too.

( and I hear it later started a bit of drama over with a rumor that Tristan sets off kenny-who is openly out of the closet- ' s gaydar ,
which somehow got back to Tris and had him a bit defensive about his masculinity later :o
- all in fun though they probably all laughed it off. )

Soooo. yeah. saturday. Long car ride with Rory up early, for her.

It was sort stormy drizzling the whole time we were on the beach- but nice.

Did I ever tell you Rory loves the name Bailey, and has toys named that- no?
Guess what the little girls name is??
Yeah. They hugged each other right off the bat.
Fast friends. Also competitors.
and bossy and argumentative.
Aww. You could tell how close in age they are.

I was told she was scared of the water. Rory is not. I was hoping it might coax her to want to try. Instead,Rory showed off about it and tried to swim off after Ri, into the deep water even.
It did not help Bailey, then a big wave came swept away their castle and really freaked her out. .. and we were all laughing too hard at how cute it was to soothe herWhen Rory started building a mermaid tail she did copy that though. aww Mermids.
I had a nice time chatting with her mom .
She is very preggy . Watched Ri and George swim . kenny sat on the beach saying he attracts critters too much for him to go in ocean water. Animals do seem to love him?

It started to actually rain and a storm was headed our way..
SO we headed off to get pizza.
Really awesome food. We each ordered a different app and shared. Rory even tried calamari and loved it.(I don't eat things that smell like that)

Rory and I had stayed up an entire night and day and were both more tired than hungry.

We went back and hung out at their beach house. Sat outside before the storm watching the girls blow bubbles, getting attacked by gnats.
- listening to the guys ramble on about things that happened over 10 years ago. and mock each other.

It stormed pretty good for awhile there-I was watching the lightening strike the beach. Looked crazy.
then ,I looked out the window and it was Pink!

I am sooo going to use this as a photoshop pic back ground

squeee!sky! and the electricity still in the sky bouncing from cloud to cloud. I grabbed the camera and ran outside. lol. So did everyone else.

we all sat trying to get shots of the lightening up in the clouds. I didn't catch any.

I did get some on video- filled with obscenities though, I made a joke I was videoing" so everyone be obscene"..since when do people listen to me? I may have to replace that audio with music--
maybe I will upload it one day.

Rory played inside until she was soo exhausted she started tantruming about everything, or nothing.
She was really really sad to go. Overtired crying at least half an hour in the car before she crashed on the way home.

Had a pretty good time though... and yes. As much as a jerk as I remembered George to be then he does seem to be a decent person now.
Though...I Still sort of wish Kenny would have taken him up on that offer to hit him and let Ri video tape it, that would have been funny.
and youtube worthy!

Kenny is a vet tech Ri wanted him to look at Noobies paws,but by the time we got home she wasn't limping. She had been limping since he had her run with the bike Thursday morn.- She had scrapped or burnt the pads of her paws. I was planning on making her a Vet apt if she was still hurting by Monday.
- Thursday and Friday I had cleaned them and put antibiotic lotion on them and put socks on her.

Tell me that is not adorable?!?! She actually left them on and wore them all day it seemed to help,plus I think she is a sucker for me following around saying "Aww cute puppy Noobie!!!"
.Her paws seem fine now. Though I did worry about it on the ride today .-

Rory and I crashed as soon as we had came home Saturday night Way Way early.
I woke up covered in hives. I thought they were bug bites but by the end of Sunday they were moving up and down my back and arms. Mostly on my torso. I have no idea what it could be or what it is from- did I eat something? get hives from the water in the beach- red tide, shrimp??? I dunno it is weird. Almost seems like poison ivy but there is no way i could have gotten into that?
yeah. Monday and tuesday were spent pretty dosed up on Benadryl. Rory even seemed to get a patch of hives under her hair.ugh.I am better now, spotty though :( .

Oh- yeah-
My last post writhing monthly pain.- was followed by Ri's day off. When Rory and I finally woke up really really late in the afternoon We headed to Ri's moms house for dinner and a swim. I did NOT want a swim in that I just watched and took pics.

Rory found out she could touch the bottom.Yay :)

I swear, the closer she gets to being able to swim the more timid she gets. Every step forward is another back.She is learning though.
We had mannicotti , garlic bread and salad dinner. Very yummy. It would have been a much nicer time if I wasn't tired,bloated, sore and crampy.

Ri's mom has some stray cat in her yard that just had kittens. Feral kittens she is trying to pawn off on me/Rory. Rory answered that "RichtonJames is having kittens" for her," aunt lissy said so"
- which is a really great way to say no... but "wait, what?!".
Now everyone is trying to pawn kittens off on me. I DO reaaally want a cat (Ri does NOT)..but a kitten is not a cat.

I am afraid of Noobie being too rough for a little one... so then, mom calls and tells me she knows a woman with a cat that is used to dogs- squeak." Riiiiiiiiii pleease! I need a kitty! "
I am terrible.

Where was I on my bounce around of a timeline here?are you still with me?

Monday night, another of Ri's old high school buddies called to say he was in town and invited Ri over.They wanted Rory and I to go,I did half want to - but I chose instead to hide out at the house coating my hives in hydrocortizone loaded on benadryl, washing all the sheets and clothes that might have touched us.

Yesterday, Rory turned into a crafty bookworm. She made me read a dozen books ,before finding one about making construction paper jewelry- and then did that all night.We were covered in paper rings and bracelets.
Then we cleaned-
I had thought Ri's friend was coming over to let his boy play with Rory when Ri got off work.. but by the time Ri got home they went to bed.oh well.
Rory was really heart broken though, and had helped me clean the whole house.
So Ri brought her oreos. Aww.

I made a HUGE batch lentils and Rice for dinner last night.
In fact I have been putting off turning the leftovers into lentil loaf to finish this.. so I should really go.
should be sleeping, I never do that anymore- but that won't happen.

Ri wants to go to the beach tomorrow after my dentist appointment (yuck)- but yay.


p.s.- sort of an after thought that shouldn't be an after thought-
Grandad is , last I heard, out of the hospital. Honestly,if you are my fam looking for info on that you came to the wrong source - call gram. I am not entirely sure what happened or how well he is doing.( he has been in and out of there a bit lately :( )
But I was told he is home and I am glad to hear that.


LindaN said...

Understand your worry now.good he's mellowed out but i agree, it WOULD have been fun to video him getting hit ;-)

Anonymous said...

you can have boo if you want a big kitty...he scares me a little around lily, but hes never had a problem with bigger kids.

✩Molly✩ said...

I love the quote for the subject line of this post. I also love the pics of you and the clouds, those cloud pictures would be really pretty blown up and hung in a kids room :) I wish I had the patience for dreds, I really REALLY do!

thanks for your comments on my blog, I really enjoyed going to that movie on my own the other day, I would HIGHLY recommend it :D

babyhellfire said...

Thanx :)
Yea would have been awesome to get on vid .

I think Boo is scared of Rory too Sari

Ooo Good Idea molly, I stll plan to save it for a bg. I really want an alone movie date that sounds cool. I might have to do that.