Sunday, July 5, 2009

" A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark."

Dante Alighieri- (wrote that quote, sorry I am too lazy for a more clever title)

I don't want to blog. I don't entirely want to do anything. I want to sit here and be grumpy, mopey ,groggy and lazy, and stew in my post social anxiety mode.
I want a maid, and a chef , millions of dollars, and a new house- and I don't want to type anything out , or forget anything ,or edit it..

I just want it to spill from my fingers and be perfectly legible and allllll there.

I DO want to share some pics. I should explain some of them.
and I will want to have recorded the super cute events of the past few days
... wah.
Responsibilities i haz dem....
plus, my other responsibility of finishing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen sounds much less fun. darn.

Well, anyway some whines and wishes aside we shall backtrack.

Thursday, we borrowed Ri's nephew Jade and had him mow and clean up the yard some more while Ri sprayed for bugs.Rory rocked the house with me, she found a new fav song...a completely inappropriate Will.I.Am song "I got it from my moma"-oh my.
Ri needed WD-40 to change the stuck lawnmower blade, and we needed a few little things so we went shopping with Jade.Rory loved that.They finished the whole yard just in time for sunset - Ri found Jade some old clothes and pointed him toward the shower before letting him in his car soo dirty, then decided we should probably feed him ,too. lol- He couldn't believe how awesome Ri's real homemade pasta sauce was, and yet ANOTHER person who has never heard of S'ghetti pie?! Ri took him home after dinner, where I hear he made his mom jealous bragging about dinner.

I had stupidly scheduled a dentist appt for EARLYEARLY Friday morning. I had asked Lissy to take me, but last minute mom said she would instead. It worked out really nice- I had a torturous filling and Rory sleepily cuddled mom in the freezing waiting room.
We went to breakfast , stopped by a store where mom sprung to the LPS playset toy Rory has had her eyes on for a very longtime
then on to Lissy's house.Just in time for Cole to be waking up

RickJames REALLY loved playing on the floor with Rory's toy- which is about the cutest thing I have ever seen... though RickJames did NOT seem to appreciate having her picture taken while being cute.

We hung out for awhile while Lissy got up and ready- then we went thrift storing a bit- Plus, Lissy needed some basic household items.

Cole and his new dolly- "look someone elses hand to chew!! "( Lissy was getting him out of the stopped car, hense the undone strap).

We went back to moms for a little bit - I was groggy and starting to ache.
I think I may be mildy allergic to the numby stuff my dentist uses- the day after dental work I get feverish and groggy. grumpy too. Rory was also being tired and playing the "repeat repeat repeat " talkathon. We crashed when we came in the door - it was only around 3 pm-
I thought I would never wake. .. in fact, when Rory woke hours later I laid on the couch and napped after setting her up with her new toys ,some food and a movie.

I was out of it most the day before peeling myself off of the couch and cleaning.My new filling hurt(s) more than I feel like it should.

Wooo HOooooo Saturday 4th of July Indepandance day - celebrate !!! ...
Yeahhhhh.. I still woke up feeling groggy and grouchy. -with a new side of antisocial after being groggy and grumpy in public and around family members had put me in more of a foul mood.
So,we didn't really know what to do. Lots of people wanting us to go different places, the normal HUGE fireworks displays on rowded bridges - or big backyard BBQs... I didn't really want to do that, I didn't really want to be around anyone.
It was 1million degrees out and swimming sounded awesome
and Val said she was just gonna blow some shit up in her backyard,
That sounded lowkey enough, we packed some stuff and headed to her house.
Val's sis Jen and her fam was over.. we sat out chatting and watching the kids run around- Rory loved babying Jen's one yr old daughter .
Val gave the older boys some little Popper things to throw , Rory sided up with Seth against Jen's boys Brad and Damian and of coarse started throwng them at each other lol.
Good and hot we all jumped in the pool- WISH I would have got a pic of the guys throwing the older boys in the air. I couldn't beleive how hight they went!! Rory was a bit freaked out about swimming this time and refused to get in without her life jacket.

We chatted , watched the kids play and waited for sunset.
The boys played ball for awhile- Rory was being all divaish about sand getting in her shoes. - and ended up pretty much sitting out on the fence panel we were going to use for fireworks..
That's when the flirting started..
The older boys told Damein(3) to kiss Rory. He kissed her on the forehead- THREE TIMES :0!
He said he was going to leave his other girlfreind "the starwars video game " for her

Pretty serious if he broke up with Starwars.
Rory says he kissed her , so when they grow up they are going to get married! I'm not ready for that :0!!! LOL. I guess it's better than the crush she had on older boys.

It got dusk and the guys lit some smoke bombs and a few bottle rockets- Seth had a whole war game worked around the fireworks

I guess Rory got over her "i don't want dirt on me!" thing ,quick.

Rory found a comfy spot to watch

I love this pic of Seth!

Time for fireworks!

and sparklers

The sparklers looked better with my cam's firework setting than the fireworks

Rory shared her cheetos with Damien - Oh dear, it must be love
They are not allowed to look or act so big.
We finally ran out of fireworks- sometime between me almost losing my hearing and going blind, and before anyone was injured.So about perfect?
More sparklers though

I tried to get pics of Seth doing it but the door was in my way- I did get awesome pics of Brad spinning with them:

Damien(god, I really hope I am not butchering the spelling of the kids name) did touch the hot end of one after it stop sparking, - :( I don't think it burnt him badly, just was still a little hot.
Can't say there were no injuries though, it just wouldn't have been the 4th if I could have said it.
Ooo I got vid of Ri trying to blow up the batmobile..

Damien has the cutest quiet little voice and went through all the picture I took, telling me which fireworks scared him, which pictures he likes and who was who- while Rory and the bigger boys played in Seth's room- I was really expecting to find Rory in there crashed it was sooo obvious she was overtired.No, she stayed up- even after Jen and all her kids left. Rory and Seth played a board game-Seth tried to talk us into letting Rory stay the night, I might have considered if Ri didn't need to be away all day sunday- but Rory was far too tired and pretty rudely said "i had fun but not with Seth"I think she just wanted to go home to sleep... but I hope Seth isn't too sad that she may be outgrowing her crush on him, or have replaced him with a younger man :0.
When we got home Ri got a spooky sounding call from Harvey, asking him to come hang out but hinting that he really needed company.Ri wasn't going to go- but I pretty much made him. R was gone long enough for me to watch a tv show and eat, but yes, Rory was somehow still awake and GRUMPY. Lately, she will not under any condition go to bed until Ri is home.He sat down, she cuddled him and they passed out together in minutes..
I would aww more, if I wasn't so annoyed at how she can be THAT tired and not sleep.
...wait...What am I saying?? I think I stayed up another two hours after sending them to bed.

Today. I did BLISSFUL nothing. Mind numbing nothing most the day. Rory and I did play outside a bit, I did manage to bribe her into cleaning the floor and I did vacuum. ..but mostly I did nothing. and it felt reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally nice.Ri called this afternoon and apologized for not leaving us the car seat so we could go out with someone seeing as it was Sunday, but I thanked him for not.. I really just wanted to veg online- watch tv and laze with Rory.
Rory was being a gymnast today though, and spent the day going "Mommy, watch this" "Look at this!" ..and then spinning or standing on her head.
Ri was WAY late home from work, Rory probably would have went to bed early if not :( . Oh well, everyone is asleep again now, I really should be too, but I will probably stay up and wash those dishes.

Ps- there are occasionally pics taken of me
thanx Val


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