Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unicorns aren't real, hermit crabs are.I have a bucket full of change,an LPS village,sticky pathetic grits,and some water for you to puke in

I am not looking up tv shows to watch instead of writing this not. ..and I haven't been doing that this week when I could have been active or writing this then, surely not.

We had a pretty mellow week. I have enjoyed it.Seems a few people want to pull us in this direction or that , but I have enjoyed kicking around the house-well, until Saturday,more on that later.....
With the freshly clean backyard and the invasion of Little pets. It has been crazy rainy and stormy for the most part anyway(-well, it threatens to storm, clears up and then pours), it has been nice hiding out in here .
I have not been sleeping well, and Rory gets overtired and unappreciative- but what's new ?

Monday , I cleaned the kitchen and made fig muffins while Rory rocked out to lastfm
Ri came home from nalus talking about some old high school friends he met up with at the reunion and how they wanted to come over and catch up(finding normal not druggie /alchy adults in putnam county, who knew?)
... I pretty much said no, but then changed my mind. I have been feeling soo hermity, I knew it was stupid, yes- his freinds should come over. We actually had a really great time chatting about all sorts of things for hours - and traded them some muffins for some cupcakes. Rory played online most of that time, glad I was allowing her to play for so long.

She fell asleep after watching a Dora episode with a unicorn. Then woke me up late Tuesday crying "Unicorns aren't real ,mommy!"poor thing. She said she had a wonderful dream about unicorns, but then realized they aren't real.She later remember that ponies are real...but now she wants a pony. -sigh- what shall I do with this child?
It was a nice day Tuesday so we did get some nice outside sunny time in. Rory chased butterflies and I caught a few grasshoppers for her to look at.
Oh- took some pics of my hair for ya:

Then Rory stole my camera

She takes better pics than me.

It started to get that icky sticky prestorm humid- we ran in and hopped in the tub. Rory had a nice bubble bath

Ri came home with another Littlest petshop playset from his mom. She found it in a thirft store, missing a few parts, but in good working condition.She had tried to desribe it to me, but I wasn't sure if Rory had that one..
Nope. There was much rejoicing and we could barely pry her away from it to get her to eat.

In fact , She spent most the rainy wednesday playing with it.
It was a NASTY day Wednesday. The dog followed me whininy and scared ,seemingly blaming me for it.
Rory was in a great mood though.

I made her some chips with the corn tortillas we had.We sat eating and rolling change. I have no idea why she had the idea to count the change bucket, but it sounded vaguly entertaining and educational so we spend the afternoon doing that, I rolled up 50 dollars worth before Rory lost interest in sorting- and we didn't even put a dent in the bucket !!! Now I am really curious how much is in there. After that I caught up on some internet gossip and timesucks while..
SUDDENLY the living room seemed to shrink around me.
Rory started getting playsets out of her room.. within minutes the one LPS playset turned into a freaking village. She had soo much fun though and was so content, couldn't sumon the energy to think anything other than "How cool!":

Then she fell asleep in it. sort of.
.I made beans and rice for dinner. When RI got home he cooked up the tortillas in to taco shells and prepped the rest for us into a cute little mex dinner. Rory got up and grubbed and then returned to her playing.

Thursday was Ri's day off he had an early dentist appointment . He thought he had a cavity, but when they examed it they discovered it was just discoloration and gave him a through cleaning and new set of xrays. He came home with LOADS of breakfast food from his older sis' restraunt right as me and Rory were crawling out of bed.They made us soo much, and Soo many carbs we just munched on that all day!Though , Rory was not impressed by their "sticky disgusting grits" ..lord.what have I done to this child she is soo southern .

I know Ri sort of wanted to do stuff on his day off- but he was just soo tired. He slept on the couch in the nasty weather most the day, and he looked soo content I didn't have the heart to bother him. :( We did get dressed and make a quick trip to the store for the basic things we needed.but other than that it was another delightfully lazy day. I am loving it... though I feel funky for it. You know the overtired groggy lazy funk.. better than the usual " I haven't slept in months and look 10 yrs older" funk though.

I spent Friday reorginizing Rory's room - in hopes of moving the LPSvillage out of the middle of the livingroom. I swear I reorganize Rory's toys monthly, it feels so fruitless. I did it, and laundry.
We tried to play outside with sidewalk chalk, but a storm rolled in , and washed our art away :( .
Jade stopped in, in hopes of picking up the 10 yr old radio ri said he could have.. but I wouldn't let him take it in the rain, and pretty much shoed him home in the weather. Jade did say he wants dreads, and asked how- saying his mom says he could. I am tempted to get him a residue free shampoo and backcomb his hair.... maybe if his hair were a bit longer.I am a bad influence!
I tried to make it sound difficult and that his hair was too short, though. Really.

I got Rory's blankey out of the dryer and handed it to her.
Warm blankey fresh pillow she curled up right in the middle of the living room and

at ten(which is crazy early for her lately) . I should have taken it as a sign something was wrong. But I didn't. I just figured she was tired from helping me clean all day.I curled up on the couch and napped a little.
Rory woke up really early in the morn. Bounced around the house ate everything in sight and played awhile before falling asleep for a nap at 7 am.
I was tired, I went to bed too.

We did have plans Saturday. Ri had the day off, and we had been invited to do all sorts of things.
An old freinds kid was having a b-day party. Ri's coworkers kid was having another b-day party.
Ri's mom had been asking us all week to please, please come over and let Rory swim in the pool.
Plus, Ri's other coworker had finished building bikes for us, Ri sort of wanted to drop Rory off at his mom's and go for a bike ride around st.auggy.

...but we slept in.
Rory was sleeping fitfully and odd.When she finally woke up she asked for a glass of water, I handed it to her, and she puked in it.Well, glad I didn't hand her a sippy cup.
There goes any idea of going anywhere. Poor girl spent the entire day looking pale puking on everything.
Nothing stayed down and she didn't want anything but lots of water.I put her in the bath, and she sort of freaked me out her eyes were soo dialated and she was so quite, she just sat there waving her hand underwater and watching it ripple :( .

Ri got dressed and ran to the store for fruit , crackers, soup and anything he could think of to cheer her up. He picked up his buddy tristan for company and went in search of this specphic purple crab toy Rory has been saying she wants. Rory was clammy and rufused clothes or blankeys all evening.I think she prefered Ri not being home for most of that, she has finally become a little more modest about nakedness.
Ri did not find the toy , but he got her a differnt one he knew she would love.and lots of snacks and food. He made us soup - Rory laid on me for awhile , and made me a big useless mommy pillow, I was glad Ri was home to help then. ... course awhile or of being an immobile mommy pillow ,Rory puked on me.

At 7 o'clock Rory suddenly jumped up and ate some crackers. Then asked for something sweet- it's the maricle reece PB cup cure! She started playing and talking and had color back, asked for some clothes, and was starving. She ate crackers and cheese, spegghetti and garlic bread, tomatoes and mangos.. and just about anything offered. I have no idea what she had, or where it came from but I am glad it was short lived.Now.. please cross your fingers I don't get it. Impending aunt flo is putting enough hurt on me ,Thank you very much.

I was wiped out after all that though, and crashed on the couch for a good long nap.Ri made wonderful s'ghetti and garlic bread dinner. At Rory's request of garlic bread.
I am sorry we spent yet another of Ri's few days off hiding out .. but I am realllly glad we didn't end up at a party with a puking kid.
Rory seemed great after that, very cuddly made me read a dozen books to her, and a bit poopy- but she bounced off the walls and went right back to playing with her pets and introing her new pet a seal named Sealia to all the others.
Ri crashed before midnight on the couch while Rory and I played, and snacked.

We had to get a pic her Little pet city in it's new location.

Can you beleive this kid was pale and ill just a few hours ago?!

I am amazed how quick her spirts bounced back.
...she is mad I couldn't get a pic that encompassed the entirety of her collection.
I don't think there is a setting for that on my camera.

Well, Rory crawled into bed with Ri , I should have went in there with them.
I should probably get the carseat out of the car - just in case- ... but Rory might be contagious , ,and between you and me and the suddenly huge laundry pile- I really don't feel like it. Ri might end up off work at cowboys tonight anyway.

Night. I'm off to get more sleep.



Camille said...

Rorie is so cute! I love the pics of her sacked out on the floor! :-)

✩Molly✩ said...

Sick kids are the pits. Her petshop collection is enormous, amazing, and entertaining. Isnt it funny how kids will just go to sleep anywhere? My most successful plan is always to never make any :)