Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm whiny

HEY.I have been negative lately.Going through moments of bad body image and feeling like everyone hates me.It's silly,and I guess everyone gets like that sometimes.~sigh~

Not much had been going on just hanging out with Rory and Noobs,and spending bits of time with Ri.

Last night was halloween.Ri had to work me and Rory just hing out and gave candy to the few people we had come.I was BORED senseless , but I DID dress up.Rory thought it was really cool,even cooler that I let her eat LOADS of candy.I was such a dork in my granny costume,some of my trick or treaters actually laughed at me.Rory handed out all the good candy though, lol.
Rory is such a good kid though, she still ate a full breakfast lunch and dinner.She actually ate REALLY good yesturday.She is eating less like a finicky tot and now eating more full meals and snacks,its a VERY nice change from the days of feast or famine.

Ri joined a gym in st.augustine.He hasn't gone yet,beyond joining.I hope it works out well though.It isn't TOO expensive,it is still an expense I told Ri my concern,with adding expences while I am out of work-but let him make the choice.Right now though,he is getting more work -he is now working two jobs pretty much,so we aren't REALLY on a tighter budget.heh,I just dunno if I will ever get to see him between work and gym at this rate.

He IS looking better and his health is definitely better,I am really proud of him.

Though, I have started to ponder my own physical health.My shape isn't as firm as I'd like.Areas that weren't target areas of concern for me are starting to be..I need to tone up all over. bummer.I am going to actually have to start working on that.We have all been eating better,forgiving our halloween diet..I would really like to go vegan though.Such a drastic dietary change (and it would probably be pretty drastic for me)will have to wait for Rory to wean,so i don't have to worry about toxins released in breast milk.

oooh,One more thing.I used to last of my shampoo last night.So I will be poo free soon.

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