Friday, November 16, 2007

A bunch more stuff no one will read:

So,The long awaited period has arrived in full force, late on the 28th day:
Of coarse,it came on after, peeing on a stick-a test I knew would most certainly have to say "not pregnant"- waiting the 3 minute long eternity for the words "not pregnant" to appear as I'd knew they SHOULD...
So,it came-
heavy this afternoon ,leaving me crippled with pain.I could barely move.I actually cried waiting for ibuprofen to kick in .I wish I knew what was up with my body.

Yesterday ,I did end up taking Rory to the park-to make up for not going (when Noobie got out).
She woke up bright and early(Ri was at work) and said "I want to go the park,in my stroller".
I took her to the lake park 1st(I always seem to forget the bugs are so bad there).We found an empty turtle shell, I had to explain to her "what happened to her head?"-......
I chose to be honest and explained a larger critter probably got it,that "that happens sometimes".She thought it was interesting and she told every person she saw for the rest of the night.We stopped by the other park on the way home, then rushed home to get ready for my family to come over.
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My fam came over and with ice cream cake and soda -Rory was in heaven. Amy seemed to like the sweater I got her for her birthday.I can't believe she already 15.Damn teenager, makin' me feel all old.Rory bugs her,'cause Amy is kinda quiet, and Rory will repeat until she is responded to-so she repeated A LOT to Amy-
Well,I thought it was funny at least.They all took their showers, and hung out.Rory really liked them here-she's been telling me about her "friends" all day.I meant to take some pics-but I didn't :( .

Ri came home pretty early last night-which gave us a chance to talk(Rory crashed early too) -we kinda got in a spat the other night( over him being out all night,when he said he would only be gone "a minute",and not calling -and admittedly a bit over my own resentment that he GETS to go out and do such things, while I sit here and play housewifey).- Anyway, we ended up stayed up pretty late catching up.

Today,it is FUCKING FREEZING,so ,crippled with cramps ,I didn't do much.Supervised Noobie(the escape artist) & Rory (the overactive)in the yard & played with adding silly captions to pics. I did end up having a convo with my MIL -about not us not planning on having any more children,,,a conversation RIAN should have had ,not me-great.ugh.Won another pair of pants on ebay. and cuddled.Rory has got me through being a sweety cuddle bug,though a needy one. and too much of a nudist for this temp.

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Ice cream face pose :)

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