Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tales of,poo ,giraffes and escaping dogs

-----Oh yeah,my much neglected blog.
Sorry,I knew this would vary with my mood ,and my time, when I began.Besides-life is pretty bland these days.Still wallowing in hormones from the period that never began.(I think it has now-yay ,or something-) ,Still, being bored ,and trying to distract a very verbal storm ,of demanding toddler.

I am doing the weird shampoo free thing ,and alternating between loving my hair this way and hating it .Today, I hate it,the other day it looked awesome. -I included a pic of a day I liked it though. _-Here is a link if you are interested:

Oooo..this morning I got my new -old- fav jeans in the mail.Ri looked up my favorite pair of jeans on ebay,and found me , a new pair! These jeans I have worn out soo much,yet , I still wear with holes in the knees of!! I am thrilled!He has also begun cruising ebay for similar MUDD size 7s :) I guess I don't have to worry about all the stores only selling fugly straight legs as long as there is ebay!

The flipside-I will admit being a bit worried about our spending-seems like everyday Ri is off we find an excuse to shop and spend money.I feel as though, we should be saving more, but Ri seems to think we are alright.I hope it's true.

The other day we went to walmart-to buy a water filter and a few essentials,Ri gave Rory a dollar to buy a toy with.She looked over a few things and picked a plastic giraffe.When we checked out she paid the cashier-the woman asked her what its name was.Rory quietly said a hard to pronounce word that may have started with a "B".LOL When the woman asked her again, she got shy and said "Its just a girl ,It's name is girl" --So she named it Girl,sometimes she calls it Girly and has made a point to tell everyone about her
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mom& Dad's bathroom is under constuction-I don't even want to imagine it.Libby stayed the night last night to have access to the potty..everyone else has stopped over for showers as well-ugh.I do hope they get a hotel as they were discussing-I would, its not even a question to it.I do not potty in a make shift outhouse,unless there is a gun to my head.

Rory liked the company.Libby says she is a great hostess.She likes to show everyone around and introduce them to her new,fav toys.It was cute when she woke up this morning and realized libby was here, Ri and i just heard "oh,HEY!" from the Libby could have stayed another night but she was getting sick and didn't want to be here sick.
So,Today,Rory and I decide to go the park,as I am brushing her hair I catch sight of something at the window-it's Noobie! She apparently decided to escape through a weak spot in the fence(she has had ample opportunities before suddenly today she just decided she would escape.I thought I could trust her about it, because she had been so good) ARG!!! Rory and I call her-follow her a little,but if you follow her she just goes farther.UGH!
For hours, I could hear her running into the neighbors yard.Mom and Dad stopped by,and almost got her to follow them in-but she bolted off again.They left,and for a couple more hours ran she ran the neighborhood ,I kept hearing neighbors yell at her.I feel like such an ass :( .
Finally, I looked out the bedroom window to see Noobie surrounded by five people-all the neighbors had her and were trying to figure out where she came from.I went over and explained.Luckily, they were "dog people" and the woman managed to get her to come home by offering her bites of bread.I think that woman thinks my dog hates me Noobie refused to come to me at all..I am looking up invisable fencing now.I am soo irritated.Glad she is safe -but damn.Stupid,stupid dog.

Tomorrow, Mom says she will bring Amy and everyone here for Amy's birthday-we were going to go there but we aren't going to with no potty.We asked Rory is she wanted to have a birthday party for amy-and of coarse she wants to have a party! ,for her,presents for her,and cake and ice cream,for her LOL.Hopefully,she wont mind a party for Amy tomorow night.
--I haven't been taking as many pics-Rory seems perpetually filthy,or naked.
Some more pics of a butterfly Rory found in the yard with a broken wing:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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