Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hey look! I do have friends!

Here I am again...way behind on my blogging. Ah,so many things I will surely forget, and I am not even sure where to start.
The pic is of a ballerina outfit Rory picked out herself. She is still very girly lately. It's ALL about pink.
and Noobie being a very good sport in the name of left over Peanut butter triangles.
My labret piercing seems healed, I can't wait to order my new shorter one-the length is driving me CRAZY.

Oh- the money from the cabin in ridgeway came out of our account- when we swore it had already..We were wrong. It was our mistake ,but it still sucks -SHIT SHIT SHIT.Now we are VERY broke because we THOUGHT we had more money.
Ri has been working almost NONSTOP it sucks soo much. Rory is endlessly getting upset and saying " I MISS MY DADDY" it is heartbreaking.

We have been talking about going vegan ,more and more,but currently there is still a gallon of milk,and a few sticks of butter in the fridge.. We are eating less dairy,I guess that is a step.

I talked to mom her doc says she has to have both Chemotherapy and Radiation. Scary.She seems ok with that. Please cross your fingers it goes easy for her.

Ben came over the other night and had a few drinks with us.He says Rory is just the cutest kid ever and makes him want kids.Rory barely leaves him alone climbing on him,poking him and talking nonstop.

I had a drink or two -Ri and Ben had quite a few,we drank and chatted /
Rory went to bed ,and we tried the cigar he had bought for us at Disney.I went to bed at 6 am,when they were just starting to play GTA on ps2 ,they stayed up well past that.The both looked pretty hungover the next morn...and poor RI had to go to work.

After RI went to work me and Rory met up with my friends from online- Tiffany and Amber ,at the park:


We had soo much fun.Lots of laughing and playing.
Rory did bump her head on a swing and was very upset,wanting to go home,but Ambers son comforted her it was the sweetest thing.The cutest sweetest kids I have ever been in such a huge group around.
Rory had insisted on bringing a few of her little toys-actually she wanted to take the whole box of little toys,but settled for the few she could sneak in my bag.

Yesterday, was Ri's day off FINALLY.Despite not really having the money to do so -we went grocery shopping for the few regulars (pb,produce,bread, tortillas,salsa).We went to WD ,and again ,I got offered a job-and I dunno if they are serious,or if I'd take it.
Ri did find dried new mexican red chillis,he did the happy dance over them. ...and mde some really yummy dinner.
For dessert(besides the fried plantains we had with dinner) Ri and Rory made cookies together, with that instant scoop and bake cookie dough.. Ri let Rory eat a scoop of cookie dough and play her Dora game, while me and Ri went out front to smoke( I know,we still haven't quit and it is horrible :( ) .While we were outside I heard a lot of commotion from Rory yelling at Noobie.I looked through the window to see the little sneak had stole the remaining tub of dough out of the fridge and was eating it with a spoon while playing her game! ! We had to laugh.

Our schedule is SHOT- we tend to go to bed around three am..and wake up at one. Actually,Rory tends to go to bed around 1 am.We really should go to bed too..but we get soo little time together.

I am thinking about taking Noobie for runs in the morning while everyone else sleeps in. It would probably do us all some good. I am getting out of shape,Noobie is being held hostage inside for fear of escape,and I can just use the me time away from mommy duty. I think I may need some tennis shoes.
We should also all work on all getting up early ,as well .

Today,after cleaning up the humongous mess child had made (while me and Ri laid in bed as long as possible),
I took Rory and Noobie for a walk.We went to the lake park...but on the way it seemed like every dog in the neighborhood was out, and following us,it was kinda scary.So after the park, we went the long way along the sidewalk back. It was actually a nice walk.Noobie walked soooo good on the way home.

Rory was OVER tired by the time we got home -and VERY FUSSY. I was trying to plan a get together with a friend but I missed them-hope to catch breakfast with them.

Tomorrow, we are planning to go to the beach with Tiff and Amber.. and, HOPEFULLY, catch breakfast before that with another friend before that.I hope Ri won't be HATING it when I wake him up for breakfast ,then run out on him to hit the beach.

Hopefully, I will get more pics :) ,
and Rory will be in better spirits.

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