Monday, March 24, 2008

It is all the eggs fault.

Catching up,catching up.

It isn't that I have been a busy bust bee...
I have been hormonal as all hell this cycle,and,honestly a little down... ok maybe a lot down... rock bottom down.
Maybe ,that huge bright full moon is partially to blame.

On top of-It is really hard to not feel terrible, and guilty when you lose patience with your child, and much more so, when you feel like other people are critisizing you for it.Ri is usually very helpful..but I was having a hard day last Tuesday.Rory's new fun habit of throwing tantrums when she is tired, or hungry,(that really have nothing to do with anything) is TRYING. I mostly just ignore her,but sometimes I lose patience and yell to "cut it out" -which I know doesn't help,but damn! Ri who is not home often,will sometimes cater to her in it-which really irritates me. I am NOT going to teach her THAT is going to get her anything. I don't think Ri "gets" it because he is not here all the time to know.While He is just adamant I need a break-which is probably true,as well,and a big reason my pateince for it is much shorter than it should be. It hurt more that he didn't understand,than that Rory threw a tantrum,or that my patience was soo tested.I don't think we even really talked about it till Wed or Thursday..

Wednesday was a much better day...Rory was still acting out a bit though.
-We went to Ravine Gardens and walked Noobie- Noobie was VERY good,she even got petted by a very sweet little girl at the playground. Noobie did keep trying to push Rory out of the way to get in front ,though.

Our schedule has been CRAZY.I keep trying to get Rory to bed early-but even when I do I end up up late waiting for Ri and Rory still sleeps in till 2 pm. We really need to start getting up earlier-and going to bed ..but I am not even sure how. I end up spending afternoons exhausted napping on the couch while Rory destroys the living room. ..then I spend the night cleaning from it.Also,Ri gets home soo late-between his work ,the gym and whatever else he ends up doing after work-like shopping
,and i really do want to spend SOME time with I stay up and make dinner.

I still,haven't once this week got up early with the dog,I have been SOOO tired. :( .
I did,however,clean the bedroom out and do yoga,and stuff, in there while Rory plays in the living room. I NEED to get in some sort of shape..I fear I am starting to look like a stay at home mom,and I really do not want to buy bigger clothes .

I am trying to remember interesting things that happened all last week-but can't.Why I hate waiting to blog this late.I am sure Rory said something incredibly clever,and I can't remember.
Friday,Rory spent most the day pretending to be Wubzy(a cartoon character) I let her lay outside ,the weather has been sooo nice.. She found her toy tonka trucks,dug a HUGE hole and got filthy..
I made a vegan loaf with textured veg protein.Rory tasted it this time!Ri came home and made pirogies filled with TONS of dairy ..very good..but very not vegan.-sigh-

I hadn't mad any plans for Easter.Choosing not to really celebrate it this year. I knew mom would get Rory and us a basket of candy though.Sunday after mom got off work,she picked Me,Rory and Noobie up to go to her house.We ended up doing and egg hunt and everything.So I guess Rory did get a sort of easter...much more than I had planned.
Rory was in a VERY talkative mood ..and told everyone about EVERYTHING,multiple times.

Mom got her a bucket with a bunny,my little ponies, and candy:
She named the bunny Casa bunny -but then changed it -

She hunted eggs,
Noobie seemed to enjoy hiding and helping find the eggs.

Rory had great fun breaking open the eggs filled with candy ,and all the little baggies of candy into her bucket.Lissy got her a wooden spoon and she "cooked" it all together,she even snatched a gummi out of Lissy's hand when she tried to get one when "it isn't done,YET!"

Rory also explained how going cross eyed helps you see in the dark.,,which I guess it does.More of that Rory logic.
Rory had a stuffy nose ,and seemed kinda out of it and groggy a lot of the time we were there.
Mommy didn't feel well either. -She starts Chemo tomorrow,and is just getting over a bit of a cold she has had.
We stayed a bit late- I wanted to watch the end of the Futurama movie,and so did JJ ..and he was our ride. Noobie was done by that point.Dad came home a little tipsy,and his dog pouted to him about Noobie being bossy.

mmmmm I got easter candy!
I STILL did not get a chocolate orange GRRR I MUST get one- I KNOW they will disappear after easter ,and I will not see them again until xmas. I know whetstone in St.auggy makes them,they aren't quite the same...but I may have to go get one.
Rory is wrecking the house with her stucky hands from her easter stew

Ri said last night that his sis is trying to get a hold of her father,to tell him of her pregnancy.He was hoping she would.As much as he hasn't been involved in Sari's life he should probably know he is about to become a grandfather. Sari is having a baby girl she had her dr apt and the ultrasound was very clear. .
I think they have picked the middle name Rose,and maybe the 1st name Lily.. I haven't talked to her myself yet ,so I am not 100 % sure.
I guess they are going to stick with that crappy dr though.. I just hope she has a good birth..she will most likely have a C section with that guy,I guess she doesn't care though UGH!I am having trouble believing she is 5 mo preggy..already and has only went to one apt and thinks it is perfectly fine to be that irresponsible about her pregnancy. :(
I hope if anything,having this baby will teach her about responsibility.

I am feeling much better now that AF has passed this month.. I just hope my hormones do not send me on such downward spirals every month as this. .
.and Rory gets better about her fussy tantrums, as well.

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