Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring is here!

IT is SOO spring now:
The orange blossoms are on the orange trees now- there are three HUGE orange trees in m
y yard,but they are USELESS as far as fruit.They have some growth -that makes them sour.The only thing of value to them is their blossoms,which smell beautiful right now.
I doo have a tree full of seedy,but edible little mandarin oranges(which is what I used to make those orange spice pancakes),and two trees full of japanese plums -which are really yummy.Rory loves to pick the fruit with me :) .
The wild blackberry vines are also blossoming and should have some blackberries soon!

Rory sat outback with me today and watched a HUGE butterfly drink from orange blossoms- she thought that was cool. She says she doesn't like the smell of the orange blossoms.
We DO NEED to get our grass mowed SOON though... where is Jade when you need him?

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