Monday, March 17, 2008

Rory Logic

Super Rory MAX to the rescue:

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Saving the Pink WORLD!-Thats what she told me.

Invisible Tattoos:
My Mom got Rory some stickers,and some temp tattoos(which mom thought were stickers ,or wouldn't have bought them). The temporary tattoos were of the "fantastic four" .Rory had pulled the clear protector wrap off,So Ri decided he should just put them all on her at once.She was SO funny about it ,lifting her shirt showing everyone that noticed the one on her hand. I was telling her the girl super hero was called " invisible girl" but she was VERY confused. "she is not invisible!She is right there!" So when her tattoos washed off,she told me "NOW, they are Invisible!" Anytime the subject of tattoos comes up. She will show people her "invisible tattoos".Pointing to where they once were.

Broken Drink:

When we were at my parents house visiting, My Dad asked Rory to :
" Take this cup to Grammy and tell her to fix me a drink"
Rory brought the cup and said .
"Grammy, This drink is BROKEN!?"

He is wearing a diaper?!
When we were at disney,- I was taking Rory to the potty.While we were washing our hands we heard the mom next to us changing her boys diaper-saying "Now that you are three you should use the big potty,do you want to try here?" he said "NOOOOO " . " I didn't think so" She laughed.Rory's face was PRICELESS hearing that. She turned around and looked and said "HES WEARING A DIAPER!?"-I guess ,not understanding a boy bigger than her would still be in diapers. You kinda had to be there to see the look on Rory's face,it was funny. Luckily,the Mom was really cool about it,and just replied "yes,girls are always much easier to potty train than boys"-thats seemed to be a reasonable enough explanation for her.

pink,magenta,and purple,

When we met up with a friend for breakfast Rory and the friends 4yr old ,got in a bit of an argument over the best colors. Rory said her favorite colors are "Pink,Magenta,and Purple"
and the other little girl said "My favorites are "Pink,blue and violet. -and then they both repeated over and over-as if trying to persuade the other .It was funny,because they were almost saying the same colors.LOL.

Sexy Song,
I don't know why Minnie sings "sexy" or where exactly she heard it. But every time she shows someone her Minnie she tells them "Minnie sings sexy";

"the beach had sand,right?"
-Thats what Rory said when I asked if she wanted to go swim at the beach,she said no,she didn't want to swim in the waves but-

When I grow Up ,
Today, While Rory went pee, she told me.:
"Boys,like Dada, pee standing up. "
I said "yeah"
"When i grow up I will pee standing up"
I told her" Only boys pee standing up"
so ,she replied
"then,when I get big I will be a boy,and pee standing up"

Swinging while you're singing:
I guess That is Rory's ear bug(song stuck in her head) -ever since watching an episode of "Mrs.Spiders" where they sang it.
So ,randomly-for MONTHS now,she will start singing "Swinging while you're singing" some times just that line over and over. (Sometimes its "swinging while you're singing ,helps you keep your rhythm") Often in public, lol.

-- I am sure there will be future versions of this.. and I am sure I have forgotten loads of good stuff.

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