Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunny fun -then rain

Soooo, Yesterday was such a busy day it felt like many days all smooshed together.
I woke Ri up to catch breakfast with some friend from the net-Otter and her fam- who are in town visiting.It was short ,and not great, But Rory and Heidi seemed to have a great time chatting
...hopefully, will catch them on their return trip through ,and a more casual visit will go better. & I WILL get pics, dammit!

We rushed home thinking I should get ready for the beach-but had plenty of time to spare..Tiffers and Amber are apparently as much of a late rising bunch as we are. So we squeezed in a nap...good Rory doesn't do tired well lately.So we loaded up in the car-we road with Amber-Tiff & her hubby followed. Crescent beach has grown soo fast-and is still the same.Amber was surprised how much the road there has changed.

Rory did great,with all the other kids.It was warmer than I thought it to be( I thought it would be freezing),we had a really great time.Their kids are soo cute, and soo funny ! Soo sweet to Rory.I think Rory may have a crush on Ambers son.
Tiff & Amber- and Tiffany's hubby Nathan are so comfy and hilarious to hang out with. We had made plans to to it again today,but it has rained all day. ..hopefully tomorrow.
Rory crashed on the way home she was sooo tired I sat in the back so she could twirl my hair. I cleaned up the whole house and got dinner started.Ben was gonna come over but it was late -and I thought I had to wake up early and Ri had to work in the morn... He will prolly come over tonight instead.
Ri's mom called today and dropped a bombshell-Sari is 5 MONTHS pregnant -SHE JUST admitted it to her mom.She hasn't been to a doc & she says the baby is already moving.She told her mom she wants to have the same dr I had,and plans to go to that hospital.WOW...just wow.We still haven't spoke to Sari ,so I guess ther isn't really more I can say about it now.

So ,Rory is fussy today! We spent the day cuddling and watching tv in the nasty weather.I tried to make vegan pizzas but all my crusts were freezer burnt :( . .. I am gonna make Ri get more from his buddy at the pizza place.
I am gonna go wrangle my fuss pot..and find something else for dinner :)

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