Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bright Side of Funk

So, when you lift your ,mopey, woke up on the wrong side of the bed , with "weird dreams", self out of the funk,
and tell yourself " its a gorgeous breezy sunshiney day",
decide to take the kids to the park -
What can take the wind out of those sails???
...realizing none of your nice jeans fit. :(
We dressed sort slovenly and headed out Friday. Took the dog for a nice little (-drag me down the road pull my hip out of place, I guess my fault I don't walk her enough-) walk. Rory decided to bring ALL of her little pets in a backpack :)

Rory's play jeans- are actually my FAVORITE fitting pants of hers- of COURSE they got bleach stained in the laundry somehow,grr.

WHY does she look so big?!!

I didn't want to stay out long with the draggy short leashed dog.
So we came home and added to the fairy house- surprisingly STILL standing in the backyard.

I found a weak dying butterfly- and we carefully laid it there for the fairys to help.

I have been in a terrible funk.
The house won't get clean enough.
My clothes are too tight.
Rory has been VERY VERY VERY tanrtumy- spoiled and/or " WHY"ey , and hard to handle,
our sleep schedule is HORRIBLE.
Oh, and aunt flow is a heartless bitch
I am loathing my location , my money situation--
and most/worst of all-myself.

I am trying/have tried to shake it, sort of- I keep finding my mind in very negative places- not sure why.sigh.

The people in my life have been wonderful.I have had damn nice phone calls, and internet connections the past few days-despite my funk.

On the bright side-
Val called and offered to take us out for Halloween,
and Ri says he might actually get off work-how awesome would THAT be?
Libby had her ultrasound- and saw a penis as she suspected(tho I still haven't talked to her since our argument).
Last night I made black eye peas ,and collard greens, and Ri actually managed to make a decent textured eggless corn muffin.
Rory is sleeping right now!!! woot.
The family reunion is tomorrow- which I am half looking forward to , and half nervy about... and HOPEFULLY, Heidi and katie will come visit.

Well, Ri just came home- I am going to lay here and try to sleep while Rory is asleep.



Jess said...

The one of Rory in the swing is classic :)

All I can say is be patient with yourself, my dear! This too shall pass!


Flames said...

I am in a perpetual funk when fall comes around. but then again I live in New England and it gets really chilly and dark during this time of year. *shrug*
Rory is freakin' adorable and youre a damn cool mama... I dont know if comments like this from a virtual stranger make a difference but I hope they do...