Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not falling for October

Hey Folks.
there is much to rant about...but we shall start with overdue pics.
Ri did NOT manage to make up for Saturday night he took off on Tuesday.. So when he got home early (from the morning side job he does for the owner) We called Tarah and asked if she would meet us at the beach(she lives close by Flagler Beach- and every time we pass we kick ourselves for not calling).

It was forcast a high chance of rain and storm and a very nasty day,
it was windy and a little cloudy-but VERY nice.
Take that weather man!
(pls ignore the giant swelling zit forming on my cheek-stupid stress)

We made it to the beach before her and played in the sand a bit. The sand was really odd- all kinds of stuff kicked up on the beach. I searched for shells- ended up cleaning up just as much trash as i found shells.I did find a starfish(already dried out and all),a sea sponge,beach glass,and some nice neat shells
Terah decided to bring her dog and leave her youngest (who was napping)with his dad. We haven't seen Terah in a LONG time - at least a year.Rory and Lynnix are only about 6 months apart... I remember that used to seem sooo far apart.Now they seem the same age

Rory and Lynnix had the same reaction to the sea sponge- they wouldn't touch it.

Lynni did NOT want in the water.She did end up getting in for a little while though...but she wasn't a fan.

Ri was soo jealous of Terahs dog not running off all over the beach -Like Noobs would if "off leash" were to ever occur.He is really playful though and scared Rory running right into and knocking her over.

The tire tracks are from the 4wheelers the beach patrol uses.
Of corse- the battery on my camera ran out right when the girls REALLY started getting along- playing tag

We had an absolute blast- and should really hang out more often. so nice to hang out with some one with similar age kids- and see Terah. Its been too long.

Terah also brought us a big bag of food she said was going to waste in her house ,she had got from the food bank. Stuff like dry beans and rice- saying she is the only one that eats it at her house.Dude! Its a staple at our house. Awesome.
She also had presents she had got way back for Rory's birthday. Some playdoh and a ball that said "Aurora" cute. Rory was thrilled. The girls both were tired and fussy by the end of the day. We stayed way later than we usually do on the beach. The ride back was GORGEOUS in the sunset- and still battery in camera dead - ugh!

We(mostly ri-after he got home from giving his buddy computer help) made some YUMMY thick totillas with guacamole, red beans and rice.

Oh holy crap- it is October.
I am beginning to dislike October, Pressure month. I feel ill prepared.
I am not ready for another year to pass, for the holidays, for the crap I should have already done.

-I have not prepped for the "Everybody is having a Yardsale" party. .. I don't want to. I might need to, but I don't feel like it,and it just doesn't feel worth it.Despite the weight of the excess junk in my house pressing down upon me.
I had planned on having Lissy help but she has been a complete bitch ,lashing out at anyone who tries to care about her- so no. no help either. Ri will be working- and the bulk of the yard sale would be early in the day at the park-no one will come down my dead end road anyway.-sigh-
-Then there dentists appointments- which I had rescheduled stupidly (poorly) ending up with 2 for me and one for Rory in the span of the next month- sigh-.
-Somewhere in there is the family reunion ,too.
-And, Halloween. Despite my efforts to REMIND myself this year to be ahead of the game costume/planning wise. We are no were on that front.I don't know what we'll do wear or go. yes, there ore options..but no idea if Ri will be off or what-
AND BTW did I mention I HATE last minute planning for stuff like that.
I want to either know ENTIRELY what I am doing so that I can plan accordingly OR be completely spontaneous and go some where excellent.. dammit.-Hell, that is part of the reason we eloped.
I really hate "oh,afterthought- it Halloween and we should have done something" .

Then on top of all that is the looming sickness of another year ending. Another year in Florida, another bunch of stuff we should have done.About how old we are getting.
(pssst-Did you know , Ri got emailed info about his 10 yr reunion next summer... I laughed, until i realized that means we will have been together 10 yrs around the same time! OMG already, we are OLD!10 yrs,can you beleive that?!)

Add A bundle of confusion about what we will do.
-will we put Rory in school,where? Will we stay here or move-where? will I go back to work - or school?Will ri go back to school change jobs? and so on and so forth.
I don't like October.

So anyway- I have been battling insomnia like mad the last few nights.Maybe partially my caffine intake, and that october stress. :( , on top of the crappy mood I was libby put me in yesturday -being her rude self.-grr .

Speaking of reletives. JJ got himself an awesomely awesome car, a 2008 mustang- all big black evil, and beefy looking. ..and he got it for a crazy nice bargin price.
He stopped in the yesterday to show me- he missed Ri though, Ri would love to see it.We chatted for a bit- Rory was whiney.
Rory was whiney ALL DAY yesturday.
I kept thinking she would nap- it never happened.Well at 10 pm she did fall asleep for a bit- and I should have went with my gut and went to bed too. Instead I ended up awake over hungry and disgusting feeling-even after Ri came home and went to bed. :(.
Ri ended up waking up this morning and making me pasta.I heard him dealing with the fuss pot.ugh I am losing my pateince with the tantrums. Every single thing is a power stuggle,and arguement or an overtired battle.

sigh...I should get back to dealing with that now actually.



Jess said...

I LOVED the pictures, thank you for sharing! Those girls look like they had a blast :)

North Carolina Mom said...

I love the pictures of the girls playing on the beach.

I know what you mean about October, I love fall, love cool weather, love cold weather, but the other day my dh said, "What are we doing about Christmas?" *groan* Everything costs, and we just put the girls in ballet/tap or acting so everything is tighter.

Anyway, you guys are an inspiration for making meals at home! I need to do it every night, not just 5 a week!

sandra said...

I LOVE reading your blog, always have interesting things to say... I love the beach pics, the first one of the girls they look like twins. I hope that one day we will be able to visit with you there :)