Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Oops- I just messed it up" "what mommy?" - "my brain,Rory, I messed up my brain"

convo while posting this , and trying to thinK up a title

So- its been awhile. I 've Been a bit busy doing glorious nothing with Rory most days.

I am gonna flip this and start filling you in backwards :)
Today, I cleaned and and cleaned and feel like I got no where.The kinds of deep reverse cleaning that doesn't seem like I did anything...but I caught up on laundry pile in the bedroom, and seriously deep cleaned the kitchen(even if neither room looks cleaner than they were before-and I STILL need to to the livingroom/vacuum).
All while trying not to eat all of that peach cobbler I made at 3 am- for whatever reason.
Rory has been watching the Tinkerbelle movie,she is all excited to be Tink on halloween. She has a few fairy costumes and last night I made her a pink tutu...I can't say she will look very much like tink from the movie- but she will be cute!

Yesterday was Rian's day off- Started off a boring lazy day. I wanted to go out and get some exercise and figure out Rory's costume. Rory said she wanted to go to the park.
So we plied into the car. Not sure where we were heading. I had remembered that target had decent looking costumes( I HATE cheap walmart costumes made of papery unwashable fabrics).

We ended up in St.Augustine...exploring downtown.
It was a perfect day there. Made me reminisce and miss living there. :(
Lightner Museum

Giant fish!
We got moving so late it was 5 pm(yes, our schedule is crap again we have been waking up at 3 pm!- terrible!)

We headed for a drink and snack - and passed on of Ri's coworkers on the way- looking at pumpkins at the church.-Rory really wanted a pumpkin...maybe later in the month.

This is Florida's 1st Presbyterian church- I think? - Something like that.
It has a gorgeous garden- and great architecture we explored around it for awhile.

We used to ride our bikes /walk from our apt to here- the kind of stuff you take for granted when its gone.

Love this dudes dog! It is sad though, that street performers have been kicked off of the MAIN Street-St. George street- ridiculous.That was always one of our main draws to come out,there used to be soo many , sidewalk acts,and sellers.St.augustine has sold out bad.They think these things HELP the business' /and city- but tourism has slipped between this and the new over priced parking meters- it just isn't what it once was.

The oldest school house..(I have honestly always found it a bit creepy)
We explored a few stores,but were mostly just walking and people watching.

Crossed the street- to let Rory play "on the BIG hill"
In front of The fort(Castillo De San Marcos)

We didn't go in or anything(it was closed)- but I love walking around outside the fort.

I LOVE this pic- You ca see the Lighthouse acroos the water ,too!

Rory said this was a podium JUST her size.

Rory made me take this picture.She loved the fountain- and wanted to play in their nearby playground( a church and private pre-k)

I WAS SORE after walking all over like that.. and TIRED. We decided to stop and get burger king- VEGGIE burgers!

Loved the moon.Can you blame me for missing it?

Rory BEGGED to eat inside at the BK-but was terrified to go much into the tube playground thingys that she had wanted to play on sooo bad.She did like pretending to be a hamster,she tried, and made it pretty far with Ri's help,but said it was too scary.
Over tired ,we took her into target and started looking through target making our way to the costumes.Rory had a complete melt down over not getting a Little Pet Toy and FREAKED-
MORTIFYING-OH YOUR GOD! We had THAT kid in the store.We left before we even made it to the costumes.

Rory cried and fussed all the way to wal*mart. I wanted to send Ri in by himself,but he begged Rory to behave,and made a deal one peep and she would be headed back to the car with me.
She looked at the costumes with me.. And really wanted a 20 dollar poor quality supergirl costume.We left the decision up to her- she could have a little pet and a homemade costume(fairy,angel,pirate-or any other idea she had) or the supergirl costume.

we decided to stop in the walmart in OUR neck of the woods to get tulle(can you believe st.auggys wally world doesn't have a fabric section?weird.)- and glitter for Rory to be a fairy.
She had napped by then and was in a much better mood.
Thank goodness- target almost traumatized me from being able to take her out in public.

UGh.she has never been THIS kid before- Lately tantrums are soo many,and I get so furstrated because she fucking KNOWS better.she KNOWs it won't get her anything,she knows to use her words ... so patience I might have had for this behavior- LONG GONE.Too big for this.
Sooo anyway..
Monday- was Columbus day.And Rian's day off. Which mostly meant anything we wanted to do- I wanted to make sure would be swarming with others who had the day off.LOL
We wanted to take the dog out for a walk. We drove to the baseball park - but there was a game(and a TON of people). So we went to a nearby nature trail(ri tried to talk me into going to mud springs for a nature walk,instead of blue lake- I am not a fan.)
It was long and buggy. I am out of shape. ..and was very glad I had the thought to mist us all with bug spray on our way out the door. It was really pretty out- I DID bring the camera,too bad I had left the sim card in the laptop!-DOH!
We walked to the lake and Noobie jumped in (pic off the camera- I didn't have space for many)

- it got stormy looking and we felt some raindrops so we headed back.Trying to get Noobie to come along and ignore the teeny frogs coming out, and the animal den she found.

Then I heard someone call my name
HUH- in the middle of the woods?

Boy scouts? My friend Amber(from the net) and Val were their with their boys and their boy scout troop.How neat is that? Talk about a small town. Their troop leader used it as an opportunity to remind the boys to ask when approaching someones dog.
We headed home - I was way overheated and tired- I was a step away from having to dragged out of the woods when we made it to the end.
Me and Rory made a bird feeder with a pine cone.
Ri made veggie loaf for dinner - YUM! Rory even ate some.She ate really good.

On Ri's work days things are pretty boring.Rory has been watching less TV- she is infatuated with just playing with her pets all day, and I have been trying to make sure we get at least A story time everyday.

Oh- tea parties. Rory seems to really love having a table in the kitchen for tea parties while I clean/cook.

Sooo ... I have lots more cleaning to do. Sunday I have to go to the family reunion in the morn and then some old friends from St. auggy are talking about coming to visit. I haven't seen them since Rory was a baby. I am excited- and nervous. Typical.
I NEEED NEED NEED TO figure out how to unload all the junK in my house, I need to organize BEFORE the big yard sale. I can has personal assistant???

OK.I'm gone -forgetting plenty,but at least you have the pics.

I will leave you with a very short vid of a thunderstorm... and I cannot remember If I posted it here or not:


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Camille said...

Well, I don't feel so bad now sleeping with Mia until 11. lol.

Rory is adorable as usual. That church is amazing! We don't have anything that size around here.