Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is the longest you can go without sleep?

and do you get extra credit for blogging in half sleep

Delirious insomniatic rambling blog post: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HERE WE COME!!!

We haven't been up to a terrible lot.... and I haven't taken ANY pics- so forgive this posts lack of visual aide.

Noobie did give me an AWFUL fright a few nights ago ,catching a critter in the backyard.
Weird dog ,walked into the backyard cool and collected ,then SHOOK some poor animal like a rag doll, went pee and came back in,cool as a cucumber
-all, while I was trying to muffle my high pitched screaming and distract Rory!
When the dog came in I saw a big pile of dead looking something so large in my flashlight I guessed it had to be an oppossum...
Well, when Ri came home I had him distract the mutt and child for another peek , and it was gone.Playing 'possum after all,I hope it wasn't hurt.

We have been eating the CRAPPIEST crap. Yes, we eat our veggies- but on top of them I have ate way more dairy, and downed way more soda than I have consumed in MONTHs- in just the past 2 weeks!
Plus, what the hell was I thinking I made more cupcakes with the last of that guava nectar and a whole bunch of coconut.( I mostly just tossed a basic vegan muffin batter together and poured in nectar and coconut, and hoped they held).
..ugh. I am gonna get soo broken out! may be the very reason I am insomnia zombie typing this.
And yet,
All that I have craved lately is cheese and tomatoes. I have rediscovered the simple joys of grilled cheese and tomato soup- and tater tots with loads of ketchup.
Rediscovered a lot of childhood joys. Its like "blast from the past week"- or perhaps "mommy is a kid ,too" week.
We watched ghostbusters one day with our soup and grilled cheese
- then yesterday , we watched the wizard of oz with it.(my grilled cheese had some leftover roasted pablano peppers on it,yum). Ah,to be a kid. :)

(a little something I photoshopped)

So, onto more interesting updates.

That "everybody is having a yardsale party" I lamented about not planning for- and missing- Turns out THIS year it is the 1st weekend in NOV instead of OCT- THERE IS STILL TIME! woot.Still, not hopeful that I will sell- or get rid of jacksquat tho.

Michelle Obama calls me three times an effing day to either remind me to register, or thank me for registering.... STOP CALLING!!! When she isn't calling its someone trying to get me to do volenteer work for them."No , I do not want to go out to peoples homes at dinner time and hand out flyers ,TYVM"

Rian's work has switched to Winter schedule -being closed Mondays and Tuesdays- cutting him down to AT BEST five nights a week.
Could be much worse though...Most of his coworkers got cut down to ONLY 2 work days!
So yeah, we are broke and the winter type hard time has shifted in
-Seriously have been sick over it. We are already barely making ends meet with his summer hours.. I am not sure how we we'll get by now. I told you October sux.

Had my dentist appointment- which was much fretted - having to put it on credit and HOPE it was a CHEAP appointment because we REALLY did not have the money, it was fine though and they say they are done. I have a cleaning - and I am not sure I have anymore fillings left.Or just one or two if I do!!! Can you believe it??!!! I do still need to get a very pricey implant, I will be hoping THAT dentist takes payments.

After my dentist appointment(monday,Rians day off) we took a little nap before heading out-
Momo invited us over for dinner . Momo is really the sweetest.
Rory had a blast playing with cars and chatting up a storm with them.. but she was very shy at 1st. We had uncomfortable moments of avoiding political discussion(think VERY religious, and WAY upper middle class ,type of avoidance)...and Rory had moments of being VERY tired and hard to deal with.I love Momo she is awesomely awesome and one of the nicest,most caring person you could ever hope to me.. but yes, in that 'in law" way I have mentioned before- she makes me nervous.We brought her a disk FULL of pics and videos , she made us here WONDERFUL asparagus casserole- and sent us home with a car full of left over dinner and other food goodies.Rory went on and on about her little pets- to the point when we emailed MoMo she wrote back and asked which playset it was Rory had said she wanted.

The next night after gorging ourself on leftovers we went went on a super quick shopping trip and Ri picked up peppers- he wanted to try out some Southwestern Recipes from a book Momo let him borrow.Turned out really yummy.. but Ri drank too much before he ate dinner, and me and Rory ended up finishing dinner and eating pretty much alone.

... I am hungry now, thinking quesadilla with left over calbacitas ,black beans and salsa on top...
Its a rainy dreary day.
I need coffee... and to lay off such stimulants at the same time.

Ooooo One more thing to share, because i love it soo:

-POP is a noise not a beverage!!!!

Gonna go kiss Ri before he heads to work


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