Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tinkering with costume ideas

(forgive the mess- I swear I JUST cleaned this room, -and she just had a bath, so also forgive her hair all over the place)

Neither of us is in love with the top. I love the print(it brings the whole outfit together) - but its too small..
Rory says she wants something green-more like Tinkerbell. Gonna see what I can find.

She also says she wants her hair "in a big circle- with some down in the front" like Tinks-but I don't think she has enough hair-
I need to adjust the tutu a bit.
I also plan on painting a purple butterfly on her face :)

...any suggestions?

---- also looking for CHEAP suggestions on what we should DO this year for halloween. Anyone local wanna kidnap me and Rory for a party CALL ME


North Carolina Mom said...

I love Halloween! She's very very cute and in that one picture, let me see which one--- in the third picture of her face close up, it feels like a preview to me of what she will look like when she is an even bigger girl. Such a cutie!

Flames said...

Rory is so so cute :)

Veronica V Photography said...

Hmm, I don't have any great ideas for costumes, but she could wear a paper bag and look stinkin' adorable! Maybe you could get her a leotard to go under the tutu? I doubt those come in Tink Green though! :)