Sunday, August 2, 2009

Famous people wear hair extensions and talk to themselves ,too...right?

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

my children made the front page of loldogs!
Lissy has been uploading pics of Noobs to her account for me(I can never seem to upload pics for some reason),and a bunch of people captioned that one-I wouldn't even say thats the best one.
You can see more- and add caption to Noobie & RictonJames pics here

Luckily for you weekends on the internet are made of suck...
or I might have continued my small blogging break. :p

Oh wait!....
,I could always go browse facebook some more..nope.Ran out of that, too.

Yeah, if the net doesn't die completely on weekends it will clear out the rest by three am and don't come back until very late Sunday
I have been completely boring..Plus, I lost rechargeable(irreplaceable) camera battery for days , and I don't have a load of the usual pics to share.

Some crazy stuff and some boring stuff- Mostly boring.
- The Stuff you might actually wanna know about..hmmm....

Oh! Amy(my preggy babysis) went in for her ultrasound, you know to make sure it was the boy they were all adamant it was with their premonitions...
ITS A GIRL. -woot- score one for pessimism. kidding kidding.

I dunno what she plans on naming a girl - I started looking through Rory's old things, but I gave most everything away. Really, I think that is the biggest plus about having a girl- people love to buy girl clothes. Make known that you welcome it, and spend your money on other things.

Grandad has been in and out of hospital still-not great condition but last I heard he is doing alright.
Mom has pnmonia though so I haven't heard much.

The sky has been 90% crazy electrical storm. the other 10% has been rumblng threating blistering humidity.We tried a bike ride and side walk chalk monday ..other than that we have kicked around the house. Mostly cleaning.Watching Tv. a few crafts and weird art projects.

I finally found that baggie of Rian's hair.
" But babyhellfire, why do you have a bag or Ri's hair??"- actually- this wasn't even the bag I was looking for!
Years ago when Ri went on Maury-yes, really:
Photobucket .. to cut off his long hair to give to locks-of-love they let him keep a small braid. I wanted to dread in the braid...
.. Instead I found a heavy baggy full of hair...the hair he cut off when I was preggy for fear his long har was starting to look like a comb over.His mom cut it off , and he kept it - to give to L-o-L again, but forgot.
..."Ok...but WHY would you want a bag of Ri's hair?"

Why,dread extensions of course
..And since when was his hair darker than mine??
-yes. this counts as one of those weird art projects I mentioned earlier.Took me forever to crotchet and palm roll Ri's hard to tangle hair into dreads - and then attach them.My hands still hurt.They are too long- now I am actually hoping for the shrinkage that was plaguing me before.
.. I really thought it would gross more people out, I admit there is cringe factor to it... but I also think it is sort of sweet and want to keep them longer now that I feel like it is part of him. Surprisingly the people that have seen them-Val, Jen& Terah seemed to think it was flipping awesome. :)!!

So- anyway.We didn't do much either of Ri's day off. Thursday his dentist appointment made him groggy and we lazed around the house, grubbing on food he got from his older
Sis' restaurant.
..something did make me sicky late that night and into Friday tho. I am not sure what or why.ugh. I starting to feel a little icky again this morn :( .
I should sleep regularly.
anyway .

Yeah- I did find the camera battery eventually, it was under the couch..the fourth time I looked?

-Rory did her own hair and was quite proud of it.

I have been feeling pretty creative lately. In between bouts of insomnia, over sleeping,a few stomach icks -

I finally started working on the photoshop project for another blog(still not near close to unveiling - and fearing I may never make it there)..

also, got around to melting down all of Rory's old crayons - to make rubbing crayons. Which she loves!- thought it took us all freaking day to peel ,break , separate , melt and clean up after.
Rory did a bunch or projects as well..I can't even think of half of them. Cool drawings and art things though. She is getting really good at people.

Saturday-today,no yesterday..earlier- something dammit.-
was really the only day we did much of anything on Ri's day off.
Rory woke up and begged Ri to take her to buy me chocolate to show how much she loves me!heart Pictures, Images and Photos
Ri let me sleep in ridiculously late, and took her shopping.Came home with those new fancy premium M&m's(which are very tasty), and some soda.

Terah called and said she was going to stop by with Lynnix - We all sat around chatting while the girls played. They both have a love for Littlest petshop- yeah, they had an excellent time. Rory was sort of whiny about sharing but otherwise I think they had fun.
Terah went to walk the dogs and left Lynni here for a little while... So they played dress up, and I set them up with a tea party it was the CUTEST thing, and you know I forgot to take a single picture. I cannot tell you how I am kicking myself now.

They rushed home before the evening storm got too nasty. Ri made dinner.
I barely ate and felt sorta queasy so I jumped in the shower.. which Rory stole from me .

We figured we would stop in and visit and chat with Val since it was weekend(Val is one of those normal people that goes to bed at a normal hour- and wakes up in the daytime)

Seth and his cousin were staying with their grandparents, but Jen came over and hung out too

-so Rory had a blast playing with her "future hubby " ,and Baby Nova


We hung out a little after Jen left - Rory was raiding Val's fridge for junkfood.
I swear,everyone we visit.

Ri's buddy picked up his shift at Cowboys tonight, so he should be home really early tomorrow. YAY.
Tarah wanted to hang out, as did Val-
we will probably do something. Maybe.
..we'll see.
I need a nap.
and to wake Ri up for work



LindaN said...

love the lol-dog and the plus of having a girl was also fun *lol*
oh, and what's wrong with saving hair for extension yourself? nothing if you ask me.

Tina said...

Wow, he was on Maury? cool. The dreads are interesting. I am loving the dog and kid pic. Love the caption too. Have to go venture off to see the rest.

sandra said...

I LOVE the hair... Good job..