Thursday, August 6, 2009

....but hermit crabs are actually very social

-Whoa. August is here with all its grand back to school consumerism, reminding me that I still haven't figured out what to do about Rory's prek this year. ...
We are actually thinking about writing the whole thing off for now.Pre-k out here is barely even glorified Day Care. That or Sunday school. Ahhhh!
I DO want her in the social aspect ..but then again how much do I want her to be social with the average local's kids??hmmm. ..
Then there is the whole "voluntary Pre-k enrollment round up" which requires getting five tons of paperwork and going to some odd location (like the skeevy local mall) ,
waiting all day (" wait time cannot be determined ,we cannot predict how many people will show up") - to get MORE paperwork ,
all in order to then apply for a skeevy local "school"( read:church, ymca, or day care)
. eww. no.
Why? Why can't I just go up to the school I want and register her?

So, now we are thinking No Prek.We will wait it out and hopefully be in St.Johns by next fall in time to enroll Rory in the kindy at the school of our choosing then.

.. Until then, I am probably going to get hell from our friends and loved ones,I get to be the neglectful, antisocial, snob mommy , I guess.

....but we an be pretty social sometimes..

This week we have done quite a bit-
Ri got off work early Sunday and we went to Val's - she got the pool fixed- Rory and Ri went for a swim.

Wrestling, boy tossing, pool battle..

Followed by another battle when they got out

--Somehow.after all that we stayed up pretty late that night, Ri made some curry style dinner stuff that was awesome.. and after staying up so late into the morning , I had trouble sleeping- so I snuck out of the house at dawn and rode my bike around the neighborhood. Rory woke up early too as Ri was heading out for work, so I didn't manage to get much sleep at all :(.
Ri came home early Monday with fish tacos for me- and a plan to go out with Harvey and his step daughter Miranda(she is about a yr older than Rory) the next morning.He traded his day off Thursday for Tuesday-
So, the next morning( ..on a bit less sleep than I would have liked) we squished as best we could into our car-
with the two car seats and poor Harvey smashed sardine style in the middle, I tried to fit, I really really did- I can now thank my parents for these birthing hips keeping me in comfy seating
- and we headed to Alexander Springs -
We stopped and got subway on the way- and the girls rocked out to Hannah Montana. They both knew all the words, super cute.
The spring was far more crowded than we had hoped... but we had a nice time. The water felt great and that spring is just shallow enough for the girls to swim easy.(yes, my hair extension dreads survived intact)
We ate and headed for the trail.

The girls shared the pink towel and said the trail was spooky

We raced back hoping to rent a canoe , but it was too late in the afternoon.

So we just jumped back in the spring, and worked some more on our sand/mud snail shell castle..before the daily summer storm rolled in. We started to wait out the storm, knowing it would pass like every afternoon, but it got pretty nasty so we raced into the car in the rain. The girls were tired ,and getting grumpy, by then anyway. Rory had managed to bump her head on a column thing running back for the canoe rental- and was extra grumpy and a bit embarrassed by it :( .
----She bumps her head on EVERYTHING lately, I told her it must be a growth spurt that made her grow and inch and made her run that new inch into stuff :)

We stopped by our house to change and separate out all our junk(towels, sand toys , clothes)

They played so nicely we didn't want to separate them- see aren't they cute an innocent playing with all the girly toys....well,

-maybe not completely innocent ,giving each other make overs.

Rory and I crashed for a long nap when they left- Woke up to Ri telling us Terah was coming over with her daughter Lynnix and son Lyric to play.

Rory had sooo much fun playing with them. Lynnix is soo sweet and Lyric is adorable- and I was having so much fun coloring and playing with them that I again failed to take pictures !
.. I WILL remember next visit!! Rory really wants to go to their house next time.
Rory said it was the BEST day ever.

We have been recouping since.Hiding out, catching up on stuff from the net- watching the this

and this...

I have felt really overwhelmed tho. Lazy and grumpy but with conflicted by feelings of needing to get stuff done.. like laundry and cleaning- which I have been doing for the most part, but Rory & Noobs being buttbabies has made it REALLY hard,my personal space has been nonexistant.ANd both the critters got sent to timeout for being rude.
By the time Ri made it home tonight( or last night ,at this hour) , I was weepingly frustrated by it all.
He brought me soda and candy to make me feel better. -aww, sweet.
Well. I am gonna go clean up some more- maybe get headed for bed.

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LindaN said... grateful they didn't do like (according to mom) and use a bottle parfume each..