Monday, August 10, 2009

I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by

Don't let her fool ya- that child is a hellion fighting sleep. Laying on her poor exhausted daddy- after he got off early and surprised us showing up with Chinese food and a littlest pet shop toy while we were in the middle of cleaning the house ♥ .
Lissy wrote me and called asking what our Saturday plans were..
I was cleaning the house knowing that Ri has Saturdays off - and not sure what we had planned.
Lissy didn't really want to go to the spings with her fiance Boo and all his buddies, and we both sorta wanted to see mom ...Mom mentioned something about the beach but -cringe at the thought of a summer weekend beach day-
by the end of a LONG day we had left that pretty much unresolved what plans we had .

...or So I thought. It seems little nephew Nico* was making plans while I was fast asleep:

(*Nico- or Nicco , is the nickname he apparently gave himself, saying it over and over in baby speech and then nodding when Lissy asked him if that was his name ) .

Ri woke me up saying my mom was here. I guess they tried to call but I was out cold
.. yeah so I sleep in until 2pm..It's normal anymore.-sigh-
Well ,they showed up in bathing suits ready to go to the beach.
Mom, Lissy,Nico, Amy,&Amy's BF Aaron . I tried to talk ri into following them to the beach in our car but he really didn't want to go out on a crowded Saturday. So he opted to bum around the house while I crammed into mom's car with Rory's giant carseat.Mom had bought me a new long dress- really pretty , but ugly print- so I tossed it on as a cover up.
We rode to the dollar store for some refreshments and then on to the beach- I am soo sand shy about my camera... but Lissy is not and got TONS of pics AND videos,
now you can feel like you are there,

hanging out in the back of the car

My hair looks soo cool in this pic!

Despite the fact that we had to go to a different on ramp- because of the soft sand,
and it was crowded with tents full of beachh goers- It was a really really nice beach day

Rory told me it was a three person float, not for me. :(

...So I stole the baby-
HE nodded and WANTED to go,
sure scared his mommy though:

LOL- that vid is hilarious I have watched it over and over -he doesn't even get his wittle hat wet but Lissy was worried.

The big sand bar made a nice deep tide pool with little waves coming in- it was nice,laying on a float in there.

When did I get soo tan??

What happens with cousins explained in three pics:

1st, they hang out and are best freinds

2nd they help each other out, even getting each other into trouble

Then the hair pulling starts.

...Nicco REALLY wants to eat Rory's hair. Every chance he gets he goes for it.
Lissy got some really pretty artistic pics

Amy barely looks preggo at all. If you didn't realize how skinny she was before you would have no idea.
She is around five mos preggy with a baby girl.
and some vid- its like an entire video blog of the day- must watch to hear my sleepless ramblings..and Lissy saying I sound like Jack Sparrow just because of my hair...

I did get SOME pics too

My mom is adorable

Amy and her BF are sorta cute too

Rory kept going back in the sand as we packed up, knowing she'd get to jump back in the water to rinse off.

...but hooray for Lissy being a cam whore(it was joke based on the myspace pose Lissy!!)-so you don't have to READ my ramblings you can just watch the vids. Thanx Lissy!!

So , eventually- and we did spend a pretty long day at the beach-
we headed back. Rory was soo covered in sand she could have disappeared

I had to strip her down and put her coverup over her..but she was sad and embarrassed to ride home with no panties, she fussed about it before passing out
Nico had a harder time fighting sleep, and fussed about it being bedtime,and watched Rory sleep before sleeping himself.

I tossed Rory in a bath at moms. We even rinse Nico off with her.She felt worlds better with some clean clothes,and returned to eating junk and playing.

Dad came home with his Brother and SisInLaw-John&Judy who where down visiting.

Chatted about the babies and our tallness.. and weirdness.
Dad is still saying I need a "disowned by Sam Hogg" tattoo- for the hair and the piercing...because tats are ok??

Ri had spent the day having MAN DAY, with his buddy Harvey.
Which I guess ended up being more of whiny support a friend day as Harvey spent the drinking video game time complaining about his relationship.
Ri eventually dd show up to pick us up and take us home though.. we were close to giving up on him coming to get us .

Rory ate nothing but junk all day. I didn't manage to get anything healthy in her. .. she she was extra hell the next day, and to get to sleep that night.

..and extra tantrumy the next day..But I tried to help. I got as much healthy food as I could in her, she spent the day outside blowing bubbles, we went a bike ride, and we even walked to the store for ice cream when she remembered it was "ice cream sunday".
It was way way to hot out. After she finished her push pop she fall asleep .
I tred to wake her but my head and belly hurt, so I gave up and napped with her the rest of the evening...we both really needed to catch up on some sleep,it felt much nicer...even if Rory was still being grumpy ,overstimulated and disobedient when she woke up.
jeez- artificial colors are evil ,I swear!
Lissy said she went and saw Grandada in hosp., and he is sore and grumpy but doing alright.They are still trying to figure out what exactly is wrong . She went to Aunt Marlas and saw a BUNCH of our cousins.. I am super jealous she didn't take us.Rory probably would been hell though.
We need more detox.
..and I have cramps.
Well-I am really glad that Ri should be home a bit earlier tonight, I am going to google some tv shows and start dishes...after I find some ibruoprophen .



✩Molly✩ said...

wow, you really have a lot of great pictures in this post. You are so beautiful. Your friend who is pregnant is very lovely too. I loved the videos. It was funny to hear your friend get all worried about her little boy in the water. Made me laugh (that would totally be me, lol)

:) glad to see you are taking advantage of the summer and sun... just dont forget the sunscreen! :)

babyhellfire said...

Aw thanx. :)
That vid is my fav I have made everyone watch it, it is too too funny.
oh- sorry- they are my actual factual full blood sisters..The blonde, the red head and the brunette-it is very odd.

speaking of. I need to find a sunblock . I have been unable to find one without some form of ingredient i am allergic to and have been using shea butter

Libby said...

I luv that pic of Nico and Dad.
oh, and the pic of Nico and mom.
I tagged those vieos "hot chick" and "dreads." Every time Nico watches the one of him swimming he kicks his feet. He loved it! He loves Rory too! He tries to eat me and his dads hair (face/head) like that; baby kisses!
I was thinking the same thing . . . OUR MOM IS ADORABLE.