Saturday, August 15, 2009

Open confession is good for the soul

A weeks worth of confessions.

I confess
This week ,Rory and I have still been keeping terrible hours. Napping in the middle of the day, or night, sleeping in till afternoon- awake with the sunrise.

I confess we have also been drinking too many caffeinated beverages,
to survive such , and probably encourage it.

I confess we have been watching too much tv.(Weeds was really good this week)

I confess that the above confessions ,added to my guilt over not enrolling her in prek, has made me feel like a failure in the parenting dept. Rory has been blissfully adorable and well behaved, Ri says that should combat that unnecessary feeling - but it somehow makes it worse.

I confess that, the last few days my daughter has been PAINFULLY cute and adorable and I have had to fight the urge to kiss her to pieces, yet I have failed to take even a single picture of her.

I confess that I have been completely slothful - We have not been outside much, I have done minimal housework ,
AND I haven't put together another ps pic, edited the 1st poem, or set the layout ,or title for my new blog project.

I confess that the only real housework and cooking I have done this week was the result a sort of OCD panic attack , that was pathetically set off by a combo of someone attacking me on the internet, and the above mentioned feeling of parental guilt... but the banana muffins and sparkling bathroom did seem to improve my mood.

I confess to spreading dread.
Posting this weird armless picture
has resulted in a few of my friends considering dreading their hair. One who has actually started. another who I think plans on doing some temporary synth dreads. lol.

On the subject of hair.
I confess to having dreads yet, NOT being a pot smoker. -despite seemingly popular opinion-
I DO confess to not yet quitting the black and milds..

I confess that I have been googling crazy things -
like how to make futurama costumes for Halloween. Rory wants to be Leela and I WILL figure out how to make an eye with visibility. I am also thinking of making myself a Bender costume, and hubby a Dr.Zoidberg costume.. and my baby nephew a Nibbler costume.
I confess I may chicken out and go as a pirate again.

-teh crazy, I has it

I confess to feelings of violence ,whilst being forced to spend over an hour in a freezing waiting room , watching fox news next to loudly opinionated old people...
..and I also confess to now having more fillings in my mouth than teeth.

I confess to sleeping all day while Ri spent his day off getting groceries, and pizza and playing with Rory.

I confess to putting the sugar in the fridge, instead of the soymilk
- when even a shot of coffee could not save me from the delirious grogginess I get after dental work.

I confess that we neglected to let the dog out one night this week, and she pooped on the floor... which somehow turned out good, because I don't think I would have noticed she had worms otherwise.-gross-gross-gross-
She is getting medication later this week.

I confess to wasting water ,and taking extra baths this week.

I confess that my abuses of teh internets seem to have given me carpal tunnel- and my wrist and thumb ache 24-7 .

I confess to stressing about Saturday - the day, which at this hour has already begun.
Tomorrow is Val's 30th birthday party, THAT I am really excited about..
... but WHY do people always seem to want to pull us in different directions on the same day? We have been invited to a few other places...
I confess , that we most likely will not go to those other places, despite a small twinge of guilt that we should...
I won't confess the details,HEY! I never said I was confessing everything folks.

I confess that I have let Rory make some wonderful messes in the name of rainy day creativity.. and I still haven't cleaned them, even though I have put up the artwork. ..
I confess , that all the while she was wearing a frilly winter dress up dress her AuntMel got her.

I confess that I still have a patch of ringworm on my belly.I have done everything to try and combat it and am completely embarrassed by it :( - This antifungal seems to be helping but if it doesn't clear up soon I will be making a dr visit.

Finally - I confess that it is 4 am and I should be in bed.. or at least headed that way.
Hopefully I will have some pictures next post
... ..but dude, my last post had enough to cover this one,right?



peas and carrots said...

HA! I love this!!
What to know what I confess too?

I confess to thinking:
Poo on the 'one' who has attacked you on the internet...only thing this shows is how unhappy he/she is with hers/his life is is utterly jealous your awesomeness.

I confess to have started my dreads...I also confess to not sectioning it like I should... :oS
You are my "bad influence" or what I would like to call "inspiration" to do something that I have considered about doing for years but was afraid of what others would think...but I don't care what others think anymore. The only people that care are the lemmings who think everybody should look like everybody else.

I don't think you have any reason to feel guilty about not getting Rory registered for Pre-K.
I am almost positive you can get her signed-up at any point. They can't say, "Sorry you did NOT sign up on July 31st before 12:31p. Your child can not learn and be educated by us. Phooey

Wanna know what I DO NO confess to?
smoking pot. (well in high school) Although I am excited to see how the PTA moms react at the elementary.
I DO confess to pipe smoking...SHHHHH, it is for "medicinal purposes" and a "hobby". :o)(Don't say anything on FB.)

ANd the costumes??
FOr the eye try a screen, mesh thing. I think you could find a bendy screen stuff at a hardware store. ;)

I think are da' bomb and I am inspired by you woman of the wee hours of the morning...
You are beautiful!

much love.
MC a.k.a Qtipqt a.k.a Rochaleeney.

babyhellfire said...

LOL I love you Chelle!
Yes, I very much agree about the net villain- jealousy is clear.and I should be proud to bring it about.
I didn't section my hair perfect myself, because I did it by myself- but I tell myself it is more natural that way :p
Yeah, I might put Rory into summer prek, if we find some we are excited about... if not she might go straight into kindy... it just feels weird to skip it.

oo and yeah , someone eles online made a leela eye with white screening materiel- I see a trip to lowes in my future.

Thanx soo much!!You are too awesome :) I am soo excited to watch your hair dread up too :)

Anonymous said...

I confess that I am 49 and have been seeing a 21 year old girl kind of secretly nothing sexual and not forcing her but I do envision her that way. Just friends but lately want her more and more. She has been responding somewhat to holding and hugging when we watch movies together. She is also my closest friend on the internet there is nothing she will not tell me and the same with me. She has been over once a week for a year now.

babyhellfire said...

aww. thats a big one anon.. best wishes