Monday, August 24, 2009

Gene Simmons,Elvis Costello,Tim Burton,Billy Ray Cyrus,Rachael Ray,Claudia Schiffer ,Rachel Bilson & my hubby walk into a bar
I don't care if you don't like this pic, baby - it's recent...besides, you are old ,and stuff ,so I should be making these sorts of decisions :p

lol .
I love you :) Thank you for being my best friend,an awesome daddy and a great hubby.

Updates updates updates.-

We ran out of food... well, no that isn't true.
We had all the bulk stuff beans , rice frozen veg and all, but we ran out of staples and convenience items fresh fruit/veg, milk,butter, bread, snacks,coffee,...

...Wait,more coffee? yeah, I went though a whole big thing of Colombian when did I start drink soo much coffee? I think it was somewhere between napping at 9pm instead of going to BED for the night at that hour..
So- yeah we had the basics. Stuff to make stuff. The beginning of the week we made soups & had some evil junk stuffs from the convenience store .
.. I even followed this crazy urge to walk up to the store with Rory in search of coffee and candy. lol.

Ri even got off work early Wednesday and brought us Burger king instead of planning a grocery trip
-naughty naughty-though I think it was more a pre apology for running off in the woods with his buddy to act like teenagers ,bitch about life ,man bond, and celebrate his birthday....
Tell me is it some weird thing when men get to feeling older they want to be more childish and irresponsible for a day , and women do the opposite..
or is it just me?
with the anxiety of a sick nervy chihuahua , the last thing I want to do to add to my feeling of not having it together at "this age" is go out and be less together.I don't get it.which frustrates me.. but I am not really mad at him about it.

-He still wants to go out and do something this weekend .
Val's talking about renting the Vimo(van -limo)and going out somewhere. Ri is thinking Universal Studios ( they sent us some locals discounts),... it would still be pricey and we would need a sitter... and again I am feeling the opposite urge to be responsible,parental, and get the eff out of putnam and get shit together .,wasting money partying without Rory just seems like the wrong thing to do right now.
I dunno.
Yeah, maybe we could both use some sort of stress releif break.
---------thought interrupted child climbing on me making annoying noises and fighting her tiredness at DAWN and making this post near impossible---
What was I saying?

' We did finally tackle our LONG grocery list Thursday.. bringing to the store the most nonstop talkative child ever. She spent the entire day running nonstop commentary.. maybe she is tired.

Or my fatigue babble is contagious . She was extra cute and behaved we spoiled her a little picking out all sorts of snacks she would like

... but she also made the trip reallly difficult for us as we tried to remember what we needed from the two stores we have to go to in the small "city" just to get groceries.
The snack buying must have worked, I don't think I have ever seen her eat so much.
we have went through soo much food since our grocery trip.-sigh-

Lissy came over Friday night one her way back from visiting out parents with the baby-
She also found out the stray dog that has been hanging out in their yard is still there and planned to bring it home.She has been wanting a dog anyway and this little mutt took to her baby right away. -fingers crossed- that all works out with the cat , she is still trying find homes for that litter of kittens.

Anyway, we got some quality time with Nicco.
He is still after Rory's hair I had to put it up

He is getting soo big.

Lissy has not been online , until she gets the cable hookup because the decided at&t is the devil(perhaps so, but they hold the monopoly on phone companies in these parts)..

Lissy chatted awhile but didn't stay terribly long. We sort of talked about doing something the next day (Saturday) , like the zoo..but it ended up being really nasty out.
We just ended up kicking around the house really bored

... until evening when Harvey's girlfriend(er.ex gf?) showed up looking for a party Harvey told her he would be at.. turns out after their man bonding time Harvey up and left(well, he sort got kicked out too), word is he is hanging with a very bad crowd and she is worried. Lord .drama.
drama drama drama.
We still haven't heard from him. And sorry ,Ri I had no idea I was to be planning a party that night, lol.
After not getting any sleep Saturday I was sort of hoping to go out Sunday with someone.but Mom was busy and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. So Rory and I kicked around the house watching Dr.Horrible's sing a long blog again, and playing... Didya know Barbbossa and Davy Jones sat down for tea??

Too cute. Sometimes I just want to take pics of her toys.
Ri got off work early- but he went to the beach surfing with kalani instead of coming streaight home. Jealous! ,but I can't blame him.
Plus, He came home with the best pizza on earth from the little pizza place we used to live near.
God.I miss St.Auggy...
and lately Rory has even been sayng she wants to move near the beach(last month she cried at the thought of leaving this house).We must move back.

Today , Ri had to work all day , I played school with Rory and taught her all about her favorite letter Lower case n . - She also likes lower case u ...but Ps , Bs , and Rs are her favorite to write. She surprised me knowing how to write so many. yes, I am still sort of feeling guilt about her skipping prek ...

Later ,after a littlest pet shop play break,and snack- we spent the evening making cards.. we made Ri a birthday card. More of a heart shaped pink valentine,and I made one for Rory.
Valentines in August. It was fun and cute.

Ri came home with cake his mom made him from scratch and we sang happy birthday.I still haven't had the chance to get him anything :(.

-Ok. the rest of the updates and linkocity
I am IN LOVE with this song

(concert vid ,so not great but the lyrics are adorable)

My hair is still crazy, yes?

yes. But I love it, and it seems others do tooo. which is such an odd surprise.

We still keep shit hours, my attempts to fix it this week seem to have made it worse. I am seriously considering putting Rory on a small dose of melatonin, to see if it would fix her poor sleep cycling. Seems Like I consider such monthly but then she seems to right herself and unright before I buy it. ..and Ri doesn't like the idea.

My BABY New blog has been given a name and location it isn't open yet I am still working on the 1st post, but PLEASE go ahead and subscribe

(and yes made that header from scratch by myself,drawn in photoshop)

While you are subbing stuff, I am also on twitter and plurk and pretty much everywhere as babyhellfire..(facebook and myspace too)

Including this site called dailybooth I just learned about and joined despite reeeeeaahhhllly not needing another internets social site

OH! except at youtube I am Rianward ..because I stole his account.
..and why would I give away all this info??? Because I am addicted to the internet-join me..
and now, to go watch tv online and smoke instead of sleep.Yeah.still have not quit.



sandra said...

Where did you get those ties for the end of you locks, the ones that you put at the ends of you hair when you first started them? Are they just tri colored strings? Thx... Oh and Happy Birthday Ri.

babyhellfire said...

wraps, they are just hemp strings- from wally world even. :)

sandra said...

Awesome, i just so happen to have that lying around in one of my craft bins... Thank :)