Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of old friends,family,CUTE kids,luau karaoke,and a circus diva

Ok. I have been a busy busy bee this weekend
- much to blog.I should start typing...but, but I think true blood is on! -sigh- responsibilities .

I had tried to get a hold of Lissy all day Friday in hopes of figuring out if she was going to a party an old friend/neighbor(s) of ours was having.
Three sisters that got together down here from across the country.. or world actually . The oldest (and preggy) sis had surprised their parents coming all the way from Germany!
I wanted to go almost out of obligation to friends I hadn't seen in years that had come sooo far, but we haven't been the closest in recent years,
and .well. everyone knows I am not great with the social anxiety.
Lissy called Saturday morn saying she planned on going with everyone, I asked if she would pick me and Rory up
( Ri didn't really want to go he wanted to rest and slack before Val's Luau) .. Though when Boo found out Ri was getting out of the party he wanted to hang out with him. Lissy had borrowed Mom's car thinking it would be the bunch of us and carseats-
So she ended up driving the huge boat all the way back next door my parents house with just us and two carseats :p .
It was really cool to see people I hung out with 10 yrs ago.I was really glad we went, and now sort of wished we had made time ,or planned to stay a little longer

Could we have imagined at 14 or 16 yrs old, our children playing together in ten years??

Rory made fast friends with Dakota - gah, I haven't seen them in soo long ! I still imagine her as a baby and now she has two little brothers!!
Soo cool to watch them play

Awesome to see Mel's baby who I have only seen in videos
and to see Sheila preggy.
It was sooo muggy and sort of drizzling . We hung out a little while, but we had to return moms car and get ready for Val's big 30 luau party
(which I planned on dragging Lissy to-and hoped Val wouldn't mind.)

super short cute vid lissy took
Somehow on our stop over at Moms,Mom and Amy managed to get a bit of real food in her.
... candy bribery the vid suggests. Thank goodness though because I hadn't get her to eat any of my friend Christie's awesome potato salad at the 1st party, and she found more sugar at val's... though ,I think she ended up giving all that candy from Grammy away to the boys when we got to Val's

Nicco hammed it up for everyone once he finally woke up.

Rory and Damien spent pretty much the whole party in the pool

Lissy got to meet the boy Rory says is her future hubby- and who Lissy thinks is a little Matt Damon.

Pool monitoring

..yes, I know I wore this dress last weekend, but it was just too fitting for a luau.
(I did have a flowery Hawaiian printish dress for Rory to wear, but she didn't really wear it until we left. -shutup- so , I like themes ..we also may have got Val a themed hello kitty hula stamper.... )

..and Val was really happy to finally meet Nicco . She said he is as cute as the pictures.So, if you are wondering, he really is that cute :)

..and there was much teasing Val about not being trustworthy anymore

Awww!!! Happy Birthday Valerie! My Sister In Law. :)

My parents even know her as my sis in law , and many people over the years including Val's parents considered Ri her brother. So, I did marry into a good family :)

Oh.. So Val, Forgive me for posting that video I am about to post.. sisterly love ;)

Did I mention there was BOOZE...
lots of booze???

and karaoke???

good times, good times...
especially when you get everyone to sing along to Sir Mix A lot 's I like big butts:



( I did not imbibe much in the booze or karaoke.. I am almost certain you'd need one for the other)

Rory was getting fed up chasing the boys around. Val's neighbor had little girls at her house and we walked over to bring back a playmate for her...

Rory was in heaven after that I think. ..
but I am not sure why they ended up laying in the middle of the floor??

and the girls babysitter is also dreading her hair- (the ballsy neglect method) she was interesting to talk to :)

there was some rain too, that sent most everyone inside to chat
Rory still keeps up with the big boys though

They tried to talk Jen &Ray into singing Folsom Prison but they wouldn't do it.
( Somehow Ri also avoided such ,
though Val did try to trick me into singing Bitch)

I managed to get Ri and I pretty soaked under the tent, pushing on the puddle that had gathered over our heads-Ok, I never said I was the brightest bulb in the box!

Rog (val's dad) - I love this pic of the of them so much I stole it from her myspace-
He continued his decade long tradition of calling me any A name except Angela,lol.

--How did I still manage to get a pic of him smiling when it was late and he was getting sleepy?

They left about then, with their normal person early schedule and all .
The little girls also went home.
Jen sent her little ones home with their younger sis, too.
Rory spent a lot of time inside playing Monopoly JR with Brad and Seth. She is pretty good with the big kids and even came out and held a few sparklers with them

oh, and got a tattoo.. but she had to make extra sure that it was "JUST a rubbing tattoo!"

The night wore on and the company grew pretty intoxicated. There were LOADS of funny, sweet and/or CRAZY convos going.

We jumped in the pool with the kids for a bit...
When we got out Val had already left the outside party and passed out in bed, so we headed home,
.... well ,after Rory raided the goody basket.
We had an awesome time. I know I am forgetting to post stuff- -but yeah ,we were wiped out.

Ri threw together a quick dinner and we all crashed out after eating.

Can you believe we were in bed before 1am!?!!?!
Ri says he didn't actually sleep well, and had to wake up really early for work :(

Nocturna-child tried to stay in bed and sleep in.

Oh ,she tried! ...and she really was as COMFY as she claimed to be when I tried to nudge her awake ,and she just snuggled me and rolled over. She asked if she could have PB toast and tv in my long as she was somewhat awake I let her.

Am I building a diva?

When she did finally get out of bed it was to gather up all of her luau goodies, and ask if we could go on a bike ride.
She looked soo cute in a Hawaiian print skirt and all her gear-
That we did a picture day

Do you remember picture day, getting in line by height(or alphabet) and being handed little unbreakable combs - and posed awkwardly???

...yeah, that is not really how we do picture day

She was being the daring young girl on the flying trapeze , because it was too hot to sit on the swing

I told ya she has been extra cute

It was far too hot to play, we didn't stay out long.
Came home melty and red faced. I put Rory in a cool bath WITH a popsicle- ah! I am building a diva!!!
She did try to take a short nap after getting soo overheated and having a two hour swim in the tub- but I didn't really let her . We snacked and watched disney musicals instead.. and yet, she is still up after Ri came home with chips and soda.

the devil.
Let's add that to my previous confession post, add that I messed up my vegetarianism eating gelatin in my gum, and a Hawaiian jello shot while you are in there ok.
that and a fear I may have lost an extension throwing the boys around Val's pool in the dark,I am paranoid about that,but
..probably not.surely not... -eek.

It's three am, Rory wants to cuddle, and I need to get ready for bed.

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Ok you are drop dead gorgeous and Rory looks just like you. I LOVE your style. I love your dreads. xxx