Friday, August 28, 2009

Of cousins and critters

A Super Quickie while I rush to get me ready for the trip to universal studios(yes, we are going despite my need to feel frugal and responsible-Ri is promising we will buckle down after wards..not that We haven't done that before)

Anyway. Rory an I didn't do much while Ri was working this week. Cleaning and playing..

We are still keeping horrible hours.. you wouldn't even believe me if I told you.
kalani stopped in to visit Wednesday night(Ri had got off early and spent the day surfing with him)- kalani used to be our neighbor and have Noobies litter mate sis Mitzy(but Misty passed), he was eager to see Noobs... We didn't expect Noobie would be eager to see him.But. Oh my god.
She jumped up and practically climbed in his lap the second he came in the door. I ave NEVER seen her do that to anyone but me and Ri(and she doesn't even do it to me anymore because she knows better than to jump)!
He stayed and chatted for a bit.had some birthday cake.

Thursday We finally took that HUGE load of babystuff to Sari and let Rory play with Lily

they were soo cute calling each other

Sari has a black &white kitten.. Can you imagine how in love Rory was?

Then we stopped into visit Lissy to.
Rory made Lissy a birthday card she was excited to give her.

Oh and we had to meet Lissy new dog-- Rosco
I expected some larger pit bull mix mutt- but instead its this little guy and judging from his paws he won't get much bigger.
We guess he is some sort of Jack Russell /pit bull mix- he has more energy than a room full of sugared up toddlers.He tremmors with pent up energy when made to lay down. Poor dog. Lissy is gonna need a tredmill just for him

Yes SHe also has kittens. She put and ad in the paper bt no one has called. She is going to put up flyers too.- and fix her damn cat.
Rory really wanted a kitten. Lissy had grey and white cats that are sooo soo cute, and little black cats. Rory got really broken hearted hearing that Lissy was going to give away the kittens.
( ..and because she really wants one. ) We explained how we were afraid to bring home one so so tiny, and how she is the one that said she wants to go find a fully grown "oreo color cat" and that would probably be best, and we should wait and see about moving 1st... but she tantrumed a bit.
...yes.that was very hard for me. I didn't want to argue with her. I wanted to grab up the sweet faced black kitten she said liked her and run home- and hope it got along with Noobs. Ri played with the kittens but just kept shaking his head no-no the whole time.

Ri made dinner.and brought me a fountain soda and some chips( I was starving)

oh. and I stayed up until sunrise. And we smoked too much.

Now. I have dishes and laundry to do. and Rory is trying to pack her entire room into a bag for a day trip to her Grammy's house(lets not talk about how nervous I am about that) a floor to clean , hair to fix and A memory card to empty.
-fingers crossed- I should have a ton of awesome pics next blog post


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✩Molly✩ said...

I hope you just have so much fun! You deserve a break. I am sure that Rory will have a great time at Grandmas, esp if she can take all of her little petshop with her, lol.

:) Cant wait to see the pictures and follow-up post. If you have lots of fun at Universal Studios, maybe I will take my husband to the one here. :)