Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost weekend-week vid wrap up

Woo-hoo I am soooo excited it is Friday!
Are you?
The weather is warming up a bit , and it has been a nice day so far too!

Today is P day = PJ/pizza / Polar express ! at Rory's school....which means it is the LAST day before winter break. I am excited and also sort of sad, How am I going to deal with her home all week?

Yesterday- was silly hat day and they did a cookie exchange and candy tree decorating.. Ri & I went to her class to help/watch them decorate trees. I think it was the 1st time Ri has been in the classroom like that. It was a bit overwhelming.
I didn't realize the trees were going to be icing covered cones with candy decorations- LOL- Rory took full advantage of that...Most the other kids made simple trees and ate lots of candy. Rory went ALL out and made an entire candy village on her plate. Seriously, a work of art....Or an attempt to bring home copious amounts of candy. It did look awesome.
They also got stockings- every parent brought in little things to put in the stockings. dollar store trinkets.(we gave them holiday erasers)- lots of cute little things :)

Well. It IS Friday, Time for my vid post-
I cheated again with a longer vid. i am still back and forth whether I want to turn my week in a minute to just a Friday vid blog. Todays vid hit a whole 3mins and 33 seconds:

and in case you missed it buried in my last post- more cute niece with her 1st birthday cake- Cutest vid ever!

Hopefully, I will make time to be back with a bloggy post again soon!
I gotta run though.


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Anonymous said...

LOL There is nothing more entertaining than the kiddos at Christmas time. All sugared up and excited...gotta lovem!! <3